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  1. Very sorry you feel that way. I sure am not in the "popular" category. Never was in high school and not here. I think this board is for Everyone , and along with a few others, have said that. You are more than welcome at my table. I know I didn't pick a lot of people as I don't know them. If I haven't seen your name post much or recently, I wouldn't think of you. You could pick a table of folks you'd like to meet and maybe bring in more people. I didn't originally pick, several that I now would like to (CintiPam, Jeanine, Petooyna) as they have written to me so I now know a bit about them. I don't think Flatbush intended to exclude people and he and I have had our share of differences. So who would you pick?
  2. I have wanted to see the area as I love water, trees and cooler temps. What I've read sounds wonderful. I have been trying to get a friend to try cruising, but she went to Oregon instead, Her family thought it was great! I suggested cruising that area☺️ Friendly people are a delightful bonus.
  3. Jeanine, I am a transplant. I was born in Negaunee, (Upper Michigan). As Flatbush makes a distinction, we true Yoopers don't like to be associated with downstate! Superior is a pretty spot. My husband's cousin lives there. I have always wanted to get to Oregon. Seems like my kind of place.
  4. Well, at least you know your place. Ironically, on our first(and now only) O cruise, we spent my bday in Sicily. Cruise went to Naples, but not northern Italy. Hope you get to enjoy your Northern Italian dish! I need to get there.😪
  5. Thank you! You are welcome at my table. Meant to say that after your post about joining. Flatbush is almost Italian,too.
  6. I took this as hypothetical as well as we always ask for a table of 2. I thought of the question for me as people it would be interesting to meet.
  7. Not sure I fit in there. I only invited FF to my table to be polite as he started this. (We wouldn't make it to appetizers). I wanted to take you and hear about chocolate 😊
  8. And here I resisted commenting on Sicilians!! My dad is turning in his grave. It would be her picture for Vinnie.
  9. I was thinking that you and a few regulars would have a harder time as you at least have written each other for awhile and may even have met. I still want to hear FF's picks as he started this.
  10. My dad spoke Piedmontese (sp?) and dialect is nothing like Italian proper, but I'll give it a try. Mi padre e di San Martino de Canavese. I wrote a response in your original post. Who would be at your table??
  11. I was included with you and a few others by Nonregdaduck in another thread today. I first felt like you about not touching it, but I was honored to be included and thought if might be fun. I don't think anyone means to hurt feelings and it's understood that only 8 can be picked. You and others could always put more that they'd like. As, I said I don't know anyone.
  12. Not many answers to the original question. Flatbush, you need to answer as it's your query. I don't know anyone so doubt I'll hurt feelings: Clo, Paulchili, YoHoHO, Hawaiidan, LHT, Mura and FF if we don't kill each other 🙂
  13. Never mind FF. Found it. You didn't get many actual answers.
  14. Where did you write the original FF? I looked back to page one here and didn't see it?
  15. Oh my, and Nonregdaduck was putting us at the same table? It could be interesting now that I know you are Sicilian. I can't believe you were holding out on "Vinnie" from us all this time!!
  16. Finally received the remaining refund on Mar. 31, 2020 also! We had gotten 2 refunds within about 2 weeks of them cancelling Mar. 16. Nothing since, but were told it could be 90 days. It was just short of that. Oddly, one check was $198 with another much larger. So it took 4 refunds, but we got it all back. Also, got Aer Lingus flight and AA so only disappointment was United. Nonregdaduck, I'm not sure what the table of eight reference is? Sorry, I looked back several pages as I haven't read in awhile, but couldn't find it. Glad you and a few others have posted refunds received. Some good new these days is certainly worth hearing!!
  17. Right there with you on the patience virtue(not about cruise, but in general). It actually makes me feel better knowing you had same experience on same cruise. Weird that people with Apr. cruises have refunds. Hope you get something soon.
  18. You are right. I'll give it a try. Hope you get yours!
  19. We have not filed a DOT complaint. UA rep told us we could write to CS on the website. We didn't think it would do much good, but may try it now. Thanks.
  20. Very happy to hear of the folks who got full refunds. O cancelled our Mar. 31 cruise on Mar.15 and we still don't have it. We were told 90 days, but received 2 refunds to credit card in a couple of weeks. That was great, but they still owe us $1022.38. We are willing to wait, but it's 69 days and others have posted of full refunds with cruises after ours. We asked for refund Mar.16 and had paid down payment and final payment on same credit card. No air, or optional charges etc. Doesn't seem to be rhyme or reason to refunds.
  21. Just had a 180 change from airlines. I originally posted that we called AA in Mar. to ask for a refund as O cancelled our Mar.31 cruise. They would Not give a refund, and said we'd have a voucher for 1 yr. from date of purchase. I pointed out that would only be 2 mos. till May 2020! She said sorry, but all they would do. My husband called back in Apr. and was told they'd consider an extension to fall. He subscribes to the "let them tell me no" policy so called back in May. He boldly asked about the status of our refund, and was told it would be on our credit card in 10 days. We GOT it today!! Very happy for the about face by them. Had the opposite from UA who told us 4 times we'd get a refund, but as shown in prior post, they only gave a voucher. So it can't hurt to call and ask again for a refund 🙂
  22. And now I've talked to a 4th agent as no money went back to cc. Was on hold for an hour waiting for the "refund specialist". I never got to talk to them, but rather the agent came back on and told me I'm not eligible for a refund. I pointed out that they cancelled my original flight and he said they have changed the rules since Covid! After I gave my complaint, about DOT rules and that 3 supervisors told me I'd get a refund, he said I can write to customer care. Guess I'm not getting a refund from United, AA and waiting on Aer Lingus.
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