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  1. Not needed. Turn right out of the port, walk along the flat for 5 minutes. On the left, across the road before you go under a bridge is the elevator which takes you up to the Battery. There was a small charge to go up but free to go down. You are pretty well in the centre from thete.
  2. Done the Baltic 4 times - we think it's great and luckily have always had good weather. Apart from St P as someone else said all other ports are, in the main, easily DiY with some advice and research. Option 1 Baltic Charms 20th June - Oslo, Gdyniak, St Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, Visby, Warnemunde, Kalundborg Oslo - only been once and loved it - so much so that we've booked another cruise next year which has an overnight in Oslo so that we can have a more leisurely explore. The Vigland Park is amazing - free entry and accessible by tram or Metro from the centre. You can walk over the top the Concert Hall - very intetesting building. Lots to see. Gdynia - probably docked here for Gdansk. Perhaps best option here is to do half day trip into Gdansk which is beautiful. Flattened in the war but reconstructed faithfully using traditional crafts . We did that last time - this time may do again and then spend some time looking round Gydnia - but not sure yet how close the dock is to town - not researched that one yet. St P - just amazing. Only ever done ship's trips although read list of positive reviews of private tour firms. Top sites for me for a first visit would be Catherine Palace, the Hermitage (preferably including the Gold Room), the Church on the Spilled Blood. But most everything is worth seeing there! Helsinki we really like. I've heard some people say they weren't so impressed but we have a plan of things we like to visit. Take the tourist team from the centre (or walk - quite a way though) to the nearest stop to the Sibelius Park. Fabulous sculpture there of Sibelius then head out to the water's edge and look for the Regatta Cafe https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g189934-d1596888-Reviews-Cafe_Regatta-Helsinki_Uusimaa.html It's too difficult to describe but quite an experience! We had coffee by the lake 5hen went inside to look at all the 'stuff' inside. Eclectic doesn't cover it! Free coffee top ups - not the best coffee but the cakes were good and it's something very different, Then walk back to the centre via the Rock Church (beautiful - hewn out of the Rock- simple but impressive) back to Senate Square then to the Harbour. Interesting market there - fast food available. There's the Uspenski Cathedral close by . You wil see it standing high overlooking the harbour. It's an orthodox church which is so ornate and different from the Rock Church. Loads to see. Stockholm we like. The Vasa Musuem us excellent. The old town of Gamla Stan (quite small area) and Palace area are worth exploring. The sail away through the Archipelago is perhaps the best but for me especially if there's a sunset. Not done Visby. Warnemunde is a pretty seaside town - if you're berthed in Warnemunde rather than across the river (although I think they call that berth Rostock) you can just walk off into town. Pretty riverside with cafes etc. Wide expanse of beach too. The train into Rostock is just parallel to the berth so easy to do a DiY excursion there if you wish. If you do, don't exit the station in Rostock but go to the platform for the tram which will take you to the market square in the centre of town on your rail ticket. Kalundborg is a stop they use for Copenhagen. If you want to go there (probably the best option if you've not been there before) then I think you may be in for a ship's transfer which is about an hour plus journey. I'd do a 'Copenhagen on Your Own' one so you can use your time to do what you want. A river trip from Nyhavn is good but plenty to see here. Kalundborg is an ok town but doesn't compare with Copenhagen. Option 2 or Baltic Explorer 11th July - Skagen, Kiel, Tallinn, St Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, Warnemunde, Copenhagen. Not done Skagen Kiel - thought we'd enjoy the Kiel Canal but found it rather uninteresting with flat land to each side and nothing much to see. Kiel itself we went to the train station and went to Lubeck for the day. Nice town which we enjoyed. Can't comment on Kiel itself as we saw little of it. Tallinn - a gem. If thus was in the first itinerary I would have said that itinerary #1 won hands down. But thus is a beautiful old town which you can explore independently. Charming. So difficult call - disadvantage of #1 no Tallinn and not berthed directly in Copenhagen. Disadvantage of #2 no Oslo also Gdansk and Warnemunde in itinetary 1 are lovely and I'm not that enthusiastic about the Kiel Canal transit in #2 Don't know if that's really helped. Anything else I can help with just ask.
  3. Thanks. That's good to know.
  4. Oh dear, thats sad news for employees and another High Street store to disappear. Has anyone experience of how things work if you are booked with a TA which fails? Do we assume the booking will be taken over automatically by P&O?
  5. You are quite right - I've been checking and only spotted one. Don't think it's yours amajaa but I'll look again. We go end of October too. We have had some good roll calls in the past but mainly for longer cruises. But it's good to exchange ideas and info so it's a shame the roll calls aren't more popular. P.S. Can only find Oct 10th 2019 - but that wasn't started by you. What am I doing wrong?
  6. That's good and an option we'd use. Last time we went they sailed past the Fort with no chance of getting off. Perhaps they've changed their policy to be more in tune with passengers' needs. Good news! We're there next Spring so will consider train options now. Thanks.
  7. Not sure about cruises coming back to the UK but we are booked on a repositioning leaving Southampton and flying back to the UK. I enquired whether transport was laid on from Gatwick back to Southampton i.e. the point of origin and was told 'No'. I have known of that happening with some repo cruises in the past but this is one of the recently released new Oceana itineraries which were offered at very good prices so I'm not surprised they wouldn't provide anything extra from a financial point of view.
  8. Thanks. 😊 Talk about ships which pass in the night! We're on E007C so get on as you get off! πŸ˜”Still...... hopefully our paths will cross again sometime. Hope you're both keeping well.
  9. Well there's a blast from the past!! Good to hear from you. πŸ˜‰ Not on your sailing but off on Explorer for the first time shortly - so I'll try to remember to report back. Sounds as though you're getting on a week or so after we get off jenny. Pity we won't be able to say 'Hello' again. I think you must be doing the trip which goes up to the North Cape. We did it last year on Discovery and thoroughly enjoyed it and although we weren't too optimistic about seeing the Northern Lights, they appeared 4 nights running! One night was impressive although not the glorious colours you sometimes get and the others nights they were obvious but not so impressive. They were white but danced around the sky and were a treat to see. Our pictures showed them as green (effect of the camera lens) and some people had Apps which enhanced the Lights so they looked very colourful - but that's not what we saw with the naked eye. However it was very exciting and a real bonus to have seen them. Incidentally it was whilst at sea on the early days of the cruise before we crossed the Artic Circle. They were very good at Reception having a display board which kept us posted of the likelihood of them appearing and at which time intervals. Hope you will be as lucky and enjoy your trip as much as we did. 😊
  10. 😲😲 They clearly have a problem! I couldn't believe it when they weren't there today. Still like you it's mainly for planning purposes as we too will use obc. Yes, I would have been very concerned if it hadn't been that when I phoned them to get the P&O booking reference I was able to access my CP and therefore knew it was in hand with P&O even if I had nothing to hand! Our TA closed in town earlier this year and our tried and trusted agent left so our existing bookings were transferred to the next town and we had no personal contact there. I've not found them too efficient having to chase things up myself so decided to try a well recommended online site for the first time and had very helpful and efficient service on the phone - I just wasn't expecting such a delay in receiving the documentation. Our friends who book with them regularly say that it's not unusual so I'll know next time.
  11. Likewise! Thanks for the port info also the feedback from social media - glad it's not just me.
  12. A shuttle bus is needed to get out of the port. It now doesn't stop at the fort at he entrance to the docks from where the train station is a 10 minute walk to the right. They now turn left from the fort to the shuttle drop off (a car park area?) which is now further away for walking. We haven't done the DIY option on the train since the new shuttle drop off so can't tell you whether to walk (would be perhaps 15/20 minutes?) or if there is a suitable local bus. One bit of advice though - we found the train about 3 pm absolutely packed mainly with high school age children obviously commuting from Civitavecchia to Rome. We were literally pushed onto the train from behind. This was at the S Pietro station. We resolved to try a different train time or go to the Termini (where it originates) should we want to use the train again to make sure we can get on.
  13. All the documentation came through yesterday! All fine now but it was the first time I'd used this agent so was a bit thrown by the lack of immmediate receipt for payment and P&O confirmation from the agent, although the CP was available so I could see all was in hand with P&O. I know they'd be busy but it has been quite a wait. Now I'm totally confused! The excursions were there a couple of days ago on my CP - I'd even selected in my head which we might do but looked this morning to discuss with my OH - and it says 'Excursions not yet available'!!!
  14. Great to hear it all worked out so well and that you had a wonderful time. Thank you too for reporting back. I often look for feedback from OP's and sadly that's not always forthcoming - even after being given lots of advice and information from other members. Most posters respond with helpful and supportive posts and although there will inevitably be differences of opinions from time to time, for me the essence of the forum is to exchange advice and information. I've been very grateful for the help and knowledge gained over the years. So many thanks for letting us know how you got on. 😁
  15. Nice to be able to get confirmation and make sure everything's as you want it. Sounds as though you've got a few to look forward to! 😁
  16. Your choice of dining and bed configuration appear on your Cruise Personalisedr and you can change it at any time (perhaps not in the last week or so before departure though).
  17. True - we were lucky and had a lovely evening.
  18. Elastic band to improve grip to get stubborn bottle tops open. Extra trouser hangers - and for those ships with smaller wardrobe space, hanger extension clips: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hanger-Connectors-Garment-Clothes-Connector/dp/B00UI1Z1RS
  19. Or the Tropicana excursion. Quite an experience!
  20. Are your excursions available to book happy v? I think from our previous posts, you are getting off as we get on ☹ but ours aren't available yet on the CP. I do take your point though - relatively late bookings do generate quite a bit of excitement (for me at least) as you're really into the planning and prep straight away whereas those far ahead don't seem so 'real somehow. Enjoy the planning - part of the pleasure for me.
  21. Exactly the same here - booked last Tues and no info yet from the cruise specialist TA. Sounds much like your situation amajaa - probably the same one as you. I have got this Oct Oceana one on the CP, but not yet on my account. We too only have a short confirmation of booking from them but nothing else as yet. I rang them up for the P&O booking ref and was able to use that to get into the CP for this cruise. Made another booking through a High Street TA on the same day (had to go through them as it was tied up with a cancellation) and I did get P&O booking confirmation for our March Oceana cruise dated on the same day. (I did have to ring the TA to ask for it though!! Having to chase them up is one reason why we tried the other firm for the Oct one). Although neither cruise is showing on my account, we have gone up a tier for our 2020 cruise on the CP so they must have picked them up both on their system. My post has just been and still nothing delivered. The agent I spoke to did say it may take a day or two longer than usual because they were so busy - also Bank Holiday may have impacted on getting stuff out. But I was pleased to see this thread and realise others are in the same situation so probably nothing to worry about.
  22. Or some cruises which aren't selling so well and they want to push.....
  23. And after several really bad experiences of train travel - reschedules/cancellations/re-routing/having to change trains when not expected, we've become much less likely to choose that mode of transport when going on holiday. Add to that lifting heavy cases on and off the train (8 times to get to Gatwick on one occasion) to say nothing of not necessarily finding luggage storage space, we've decided a taxi is so much more convenient. I'd definitely look at this option.
  24. I could be wrong on this, but as yet I don't think they have dredged a channel so cruise ships can approach without going through the Guidecca allowing them to go round the 'outside' - i.e. opposite side of the Guidecca. I think if they were able to approach without using the Guidecca given the publicity in recent years they would have already made the swap. So i think you may be lucky.
  25. Don't know about your berth or indeed the tourist tax in Venice but Marella have passed on the €8 tourist tax to passengers on our upcoming cruise calling in Amsterdam. We have been notified that it will be charged to our on-board account. Presumably if it is payable for your Venice call they will adopt the same approach.
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