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  1. Happy days! So many memories but as you say definitely doesn't feel like 10 years. Glad you've got your floor sorted (all looks lovely👍) and keep well. 😘
  2. Happy Yorkshire Day Kalos - however you choose to celebrate! 🤔. Just been to check, my neighbour is fying your flag so there's a little bit of Yorkshire here on the S Coast. Spotted it last year and had to research it. Good to read your messages and send my best. Have a good day. And whooo hoo for Max!!!!! 🎖️🎖️🎖️
  3. You're right of course the comparison should be made using equivalent measures. Iirc Marella serve 40ml measures. But it prompted me to try to determine the spirit size served by different lines. In general I failed! Cunard and P&O are upfront with 25mls (1 ounce is apparently approx 30mls) I'd be really interested to know (just because my interest has been piqued now) if anyone can unearth the figures for other lines as that would be the definitive comparison. Apparently Utah is the only state which specifies - a single being 1 ounce, otherwise it might be between 1.25 - 1.5 ounces in the States. . Doubles could be over 2 ounces - 60 mls!!!!!!! I wouldn't need many of those! 😆
  4. Just done an average for me - almost all other lines were just about double the cost of P.O! Long time since we sailed with Celebrity and NCL and as we're not big drinkers, although i knew they were significantly more expensive, I'd not really bothered to do the maths. This is an excellent tool to make comparisons and to assist in making an informed choice. Thanks for posting it.
  5. Thinking of you and sending my very best wishes. Take care 😘
  6. Pretty overcast some short spells of rain but brighter now though we are 27m East of Portland so may have been a bit better to the West. At least the sea was calm today! Dont think it would be a great day for excursions tbh.
  7. Just saying where i heard it.......... not passing judgement.
  8. Don't think the tone was in the vein of a 'bad news story' either from the programme or me! I just hadn't realised that the excursion bit would apply to this particular situation. Simon only mentioned it in passing and was quite upbeat about being on board and didn't say anything negative. He was actually on the programme to answer a few questions from viewers (not incidentally about cruising) and it was brought up in the context of where he was. Of course you're right about an influx of 1,000 cruise ship passengers and how the locals may view it - although the passengers have all been tested which is more than the massive influx of visitors we can expect here or indeed they will have in Weymouth/Portland/Lulworth etc from non-cruise visitors during this summer.
  9. There's just been a report on Rip Off Britain with Simon Calder on board Virtuoso - they are 'floating around the Channel' currently. Due in Portland tomorrow he said but can't get off except on ship's excursions (didn't realise that would apply to ships with UK passengers, sailing from the UK to UK ports) and said it will cost him £43.
  10. Looks as though Virtuoso is off Le Havre at the moment. Was due to be in Portland at 07.00 but looks like the weather has different ideas! It is wild down here! Guess the folk on board will be enjoying themselves whatever and excited to be on board but what a pity she couldn't make her first port. Correction: Sorry, that call at Portland is tomorrow 22nd. Just assumed considering the distance it wouldn't take 2 days from Southampton to Portland 😄
  11. In that case, I do hope it all goes ahead as planned for you You are prepared for some modifications to the norm should that be necessary so you are going prepared. What a lovely way to celebrate your retirement. Norway is magnificent and sailing in the Fjords are an excursion in themselves. Enjoy!
  12. As a special retirement treat you may still wish to take this cruise at the time planned (restrictions permitting and any on board constraints being acceptable to you). As others have said, worth pursuing a later balance date. Another option to consider though may be deferring your cruise into next year - at the moment you can transfer to any cruise in 2022 without charge. Details on transferring in the link below. https://www.pocruises.com/travel-health-advisories/flexible-cancellation-policy
  13. Excellent! And a man of many talents. He did a series of lectures on astronomy on one cruise we did and at the crew talent show did an impersonation of Freddie Mercury (complete with fish nets, prosthetics and Hoover 😆) and was a knock-out! Has a very good voice too but perhaps the most surprising and interesting fact we learned from him was that he originally trained in ballet! (Iirc)
  14. There was a video on the local TV coverage the other night. Hairy! About three cars tailgating the first one with a valid ticket - then when the next ones had to stop, they waited for the firm's 'lead' car to re-enter the car park on a 15 min ticket and repeat the process. At least 6 cars escaped charges based on that 15 min ticket. Biggest wonder some cars didn't get damaged. I'm surprised the penalties weren't greater - customers being ripped off big time and misrepresentation of the service being offered. I think the moral of this is tale is - avoid this company.
  15. Thanks for the clarification re booking dates and FCO advice at the time. As I read it, can I take it that the StaySure covers you both and for Worldwide cover?
  16. Yes friends have cover for 8o+ - an extra £65 premium. As for cover for specific health issues, some will be included (I think they allow 2 issues from an acceptable list - known to them) but not if under active investigation and of course, some medical conditions may not be included on the 'list' and will incur additional premiums and if more than 2 acceptable 'issues' are involved it will result in an additional charge. As previously stated it's important to be frank with them - they are interested in chronic conditions, any hospitalisation or treatment in the last year, or on-going investigations. It amounts to a check list I imagine of how many and what conditions are involved with, clearly, a risk level (for them) applied to the additional cost. We've paid an extra £50-ish during a year when an additional issue arose. But must say with a joint account covering both of us for Worldwide travel, we are very happy with the cover at £13 p.m. plus extra age and medical issue premiums. Still less than I paid for a one-off when I developed a relatively non serious condition just before travel and our insurers (M&S Premium club at that time) wouldn't accept it as it wasn't on their list! Had to go to another company for separate cover for one week to cover it! (We were also able to take breakdown cover off our car insurance which saved us money on that so effectively reduced the cost of the travel insurance element.)
  17. Friends had 3 claims in 4 years - all for Caribbean fly/cruise holidays. Two cancellations were the result of developing last minute infections, the third a broken leg. All were paid promptly, no quibbles - and no increase in premiums.
  18. I think that's the way to go - you may have seen my earlier post - it certainly worked for me in that I avoided the postal delay.
  19. Yes, I did but chose the biggest one as it's very close by. The worrying thing though is that it is apparently being underused - not the impression i got the day i went but something two friends had commented on on different days. Anecdotal evidence suggests that anyone in the right age band could just walk up and get in - that may just gave been a few times when they were not busy, but who knows. Our MP was suggesting letting them come down the age ranges but don't know who has the authority to make that decision. Locally or not? The roll out has been amazing but local hiccoughs can and do occur. In fact our biggest hub closed early several days - a fact which made the press . This was due to the number of patients rather than vaccine supply. I just wonder whether this postal delay is causing a hiatus between letters going out and people receiving them and booking. I would keep checking - you never know what the supply and demand is at any time in your area or at your venues so you may get in before you expect to. Good luck.
  20. My friend's letter from the NHS to go to a local hub took 8 days from the date on the letter to when it arrived through the post. Since we have very late postal delivery and having heard of her problem securing a slot (they kept disappearing whilst she was trying to book one - lots of people on the site I guess) I decided to try checking the site each morning to try to beat the post! You just need to enter your NHS number and DoB. I was in the next cohort behind my friend so assumed it couldn't be too long before I heard something. For 5 days I kept getting 'You are not eligible - you will get a letter' - fair enough - it wasn't my turn yet. But the next morning - it let me in. I could have had any time and any day for the next week. So I booked. Upshot was - I had my vaccine a week before the letter came! I was obviously in the system - I had 'gone live' presumably when my letter was released but avoided the delay with the post. No problem at the hub - they just asked for my booking ref and that was it. I got that sent via text I think but just make a note of the ref when you book and that will suffice. No need to present the letter but helpful if you take your NHS number with you as they need that when entering your details on the computer. They confirmed my GP practice (came up on the computer) and said they would know I'd been to the hub. This worked for a friend too so might be worth a try. You're not jumping the queue as you can't do it until you are eligible but it may win you a week or so - and at least I found the availability of slots was good. Hope this may be helpful to those who are still waiting but think they may be due to be called imminently. 🤞
  21. At our hub we were asked if we had driven here and if so, invited to sit for 10 mins - that was for the AZ not Pfizer. Friends at different vaccination sites had the same experience. So perhaps just precautionary.
  22. Netley Castle https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netley_Castle
  23. Hi Kalos, yes I'm still here and reading every day following everyone's news and views. Especially pleased to hear of those who are getting their jabs, and those of you who are doing ok coping with health issues. Thanks for thinking of me - we're riding it out like everyone else, staying positive with hopes of better times ahead. Take care (l know you do) and keep well. I love to read your posts and send my very best wishes. 🤗
  24. So sorry to hear you're not so good. I know you've been taking great care and iirc are waiting for a follow up appointment - don't hold back on trying to chase that up and put a bit of pressure on. Your needs are as important as everyone else's. Sending you my very best wishes. 🤗
  25. Adding my best wishes too. Hope you soon feel much better and have only very mild symptoms.
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