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  1. Technically there is NO LIMIT.... I was on same cruise and had the package. They are aloud to refuse service at any time tho.... as per John Healds webpage they are supposed to check you first and then determine if more is ok but as he stated the ships are still learning and some are misunderstanding this. My Father in law was cut off several tiems and I was once at 15 but 2 other days I hit 17 as I saved all my reciepts to see the value of it etc..... if they "flag you" order from the servers not the bartenders and it would be fine and you can always bar hop and then you do not have to worry.
  2. The roof was closed and pool was heated just an fyi.... I was on the cruise also.
  3. Worked on the Summit way back in 04 and as I am sure it has changed alot... it is still I am sure an awesome ship!
  4. The Pride was well worth the "value" And we just tallied what reciepts we saved (most of them) from the cheers program and saved about 400$ we definately lost a few reciepts.... and with the ones we have would have had a bar tab at $1018.... and there are several days I counted 17 receipts (which means their is a limit) (but only when it is enforced.....) bartenders were more enforcing than the servers definately.
  5. No piano bar.... We spent most times at Serenity Bar, sports bar, the Cigar bar, and casino bar.... Bu I am sure it was fun bc even th worst musician the old electric guitar guy (sorry forget name). Was still very entertaining.
  6. Everything is what you make of it.... I have had problems on vacations of all kinds.... BUT never had a bad vacation.... I still prefer Celebrity.... but until my bank account can afford them again I will not have any problem booking another Carnival cruise and even the Pride out of Baltimore.... there are times in off peak seasons where you book balconies for under $500 a person so uh yeah!!!!
  7. Embark I am not sure we arrove at 1pm (because of some slow packers in our party) we were on in about an hr.... Debark started at 945 but we had a late zone and didn't get off until 1230.... it was very smooth though and well organized. Cheers: you are "flagged at 15" but if you order from a server instead of a bartender or go to another bar they give you another then flag you.... then go to another and flag you again.... etc etc.... they do not say anywhere onboard that there is a limit.... but they do say they reserve the right to not serve anyone..... we all tried to get flagged and hit 15 frequently.... but by the time we hit 15 we were ok and ready for bed. Have fun and enjoy yourself!
  8. We just got back from the 12-30 (New Years Eve) Cruise on the Pride. I didn't take many pictures but had a fantastic time.... Some odds and ends about The Pride, Carnival, and other things from a mainly Celebrity Cruises loyalist. The Pride is, for its age and all, is in excellent condition a few very minor spots of wear but hardly any... Our room 6293 (a balcony) was very basic but spacious and clean.... plenty of room and although I didn't get the introduction to my attendant, it wasn't necessary bc he did a great job. Room service sucked.... ordered it in Port Canveral (the continetal service one) and it never came... asked for it at 1015-1030... called at 1045 and was told it was on its way... but at 1115 we couldnt wait anymore as we had an excursion planned. Ordered it one other time (sandwiches off the tv menu) and told 30-40 minutes... came about 1 hr 25 minutes later.... ohwell... The food was very good.... Ate at Davids twice and the Mermaids grill every lunch and dinner once.... Main Dining room the other 5 nights with anytime dining..... Service was good in all areas and although some of the buffet items were not to my liking flavor wise overall it was better than I expected from some poor reviews I saw on here.... The MDR food was good - great, again better than most reviews stated.... As for Davids, totally worth it... so much we went twice. Food spot on and service perfect. Thanks for the tip (whoever it was that gave it) to book Davids on First night for Free Wine! Oh and the 11am-11pm pannini station was outstanding... fresh hot grilled sandwiches like corn beef, pastrami, etc was an everyday hit for me! We never waited with ATD for dinner within 2 minutes we were sat (we ate approx 630 everynight) We did Cheers.... it was well worth it for us. $691 for 2 of us to drink.... we saved our reciepts (haven't counted them yet) But I am guessing they will total over $1100... and we were really only drunk on NYE... it is expensive to drink and beers by the pool, then pre dinner drinks, then wine at dinner, then casino and late night drinks it adds up fast. Service was still solid with Cheers in my opnion. We didn't see too many shows... did Welcome aboard show (for those that were on the ship I was the man on his divorce cruise as I told kirk the cd at the show)(not really a divorce cruise and not sure how that joke was even made).... and Jazzin fairly typical of what you see on ships. Casino staff was very friendly Ports not the best but we didnt go on the cruise for ports. Embark and Debark..... Fairly smooth as I have seen some big disasters in other home ports.... The Baltimore staff is very friendly and engaging. Now to my biggest complaint.... The lay out of the ship... Now I know it was sold out but I felt like I was always bumping into people everywhere I walked.... lots of areas ( like by the sports bar and starry nights club or by the shops)(or the buffet the stations were nice but they were tight) where they are way too marrow of walking ways.... one less bar or slightly rearranging would have been slightly needed (not that they will now) Over all my expectatoins were low for Carnival but I clearly was surpassed in expectaions... For Value $700 for a balcony for a HOliday Cruise I got more than my Moneys worth and would do it again! Any questions I will happily answer... I am backed up at work so I will respond as I can.... but everyone answered my questions leading up to my pride cruise so I would love to answer all! Happy Sailings
  9. I also was on the cruise and loved Davids on the first night.... we liked it so much we went a second time..... sorry about your disappointemnet in Davids.... I will post a full review of my own later today or tomorrow so much work to catch up on first
  10. I cannot find on carnivals website the phoen numbers for the ships.... we own a business and need an emergency contact for our employees just in case.... I saw it on these boards before but cannot find it now.... I am looking for the website that shows when ships are arriving.... I do not feel like driving to baltimore if the ship is running a few hours late as it has recently. Thanks Yeah 1 day until boarding!
  11. well this is good news... we sail on pride on 12-30 and if a strike happened the passenger ships wouldnt be affected.... however my father in law who is a former union leader would not have crossed or alloud us to cross the picket line to get on the ship so yeah!
  12. wow i posted a question about what carnival might do but all I got was a cat fight basically over unions.... wonderful and very helpful... merry christmas to all
  13. What is everyones opinion on what will happen next week 12-30 with the pending strike/lockout.... we sail pride 12-30 just curious what all think will happen..... hoping for a solution or just a strike as a strike doesnt effect the cruise but a lockout shuts thbe port completely down Merry Christmas all!
  14. We sail pride 12/30. We are so happy with this. It is a Festivus Miracle!
  15. Thanks for the review... I cannot wait we sail Pride in less than 2 weeks for NYE celebration. Did here anything about the Pride getting Cheers soon ( I am sure it won't happen by then but figured I would ask since they aren't really mentioning when it rolls out until it is out already ) Also how was the balcony room... plenty of space for luggage etc... thanks
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