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  1. I have sailed on the Splendor 3 times and Friday will be going on my fourth! An absolutely great ship - I always have a blast on her! Go and enjoy!
  2. Yes, I like the chocolate sampler too but the cheesecake is absolutely horrid. They have better cheesecake on the lido! I must say though - I thought the free wine was pretty good.
  3. Exactly! I know you will enjoy it! Tell us all about it when you get back :-)
  4. I saw the $30 sale too but when I went to look at airfare to FL the last week in November (which is when I can go) it was more than the cruise fare - yikes! Anybody else notice the airfare was more than the cruise?
  5. Hi! I have a history similar to yours - I started inside, then ocean view, then balcony, then suite. Afterwards I also had an opportunity to take a quick cruise in an inside cabin. I can tell you from experience I had an absolutely wonderful time and actually did another couple in an inside afterwards - no problems whatsoever! Go and have a wonderful time!
  6. Thanks all for the encouraging words! I will definitely go and enjoy the steakhouse. Have a great week ahead! Cathy
  7. Hi All! Hope everyone enjoyed this great weekend! I will be doing a solo cruise on the Splendor at the end of October. I usually go to the steakhouse the first night of each cruise, but I am usually with a traveling companion. This time it's only me and I feel kind of funny eating in such a great place solo. To my fellow solo travelers - have you ever visited the steakhouse by yourself? Did you enjoy the experience? TIA and have a great week ahead!
  8. Hi! When you get on the ship the steakhouse usually has a table in the atrium where you can make reservations. You can also call from your stateroom. I think the phones may have a button for the steakhouse. Also, if you want to do this beforehand - online in manage your booking, there is a link there as well. Enjoy!
  9. Hi All! My first Carnival cruise was the Sensation in 1996. Great memories!
  10. Hi I just came back from the Splendor and got a travel mug - coffee mug with lid - nice and large - I liked it!
  11. Sounds like NCL out of Boston has the more interesting itinerary. Either one is good though. Enjoy!
  12. Good Evening Everyone! Hope all are enjoying this weekend before Thanksgiving! I have a question I could have sworn I've seen addressed here before, but I could not find it in a search. I have a friend who wants to go to Puerto Rico for a week, then come back to NYC via cruise ship that would be heading back to NY. So I guess my question is: can you join a cruise in the middle of a trip? I kind of thought it was not possible but I wasn't sure. Thanks in advance and have a great Sunday!
  13. I know there is a new platinum gift that will be starting in a couple of weeks. Pretty nice looking tote from what I've seen. I was expecting the hat that everyone has been mentioning but much to my surprise (and delight!) I received the Tervis Tumbler. Just wanted to let you all know in case anybody was wondering.... Have a great day all!
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