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  1. Would travel insurance purchased through RCCL be credited also?
  2. Any ideas about travel insurance credit if we purchased through RCCL?
  3. Would the drink package continue during a quarantine period?
  4. So for us cruising on RCCL and are going, do you think there are any strategies you will employ to minimize risk and still enjoy the trip? For example is eating in the buffet more or less risk than the Dining Room? Early vs Late? Use steps and not elevators to avoid close bodily contact? Any other thoughts?
  5. As a lot of us are past the time we can cancel for a full refund, do you think that there are strategies that can be implemented to minimize risk and still enjoy the cruise? For example, eating in the Buffet v Dining room? Same risk? Using Stairs vs Elevators to avoid close contact? Any other ideas?
  6. My daughter worked on POA and they receive training on customers and alcohol consumption. Bartenders and servers can flag anyone at anytime.
  7. RCCL could make you sign a waiver that if you were found to have violated the rules there could civil/financial penalties, but I agree its is difficult to enforce.
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