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  1. Sounds like this is going to be amazing. I understand that because I have some cruise history on Carnival I’ll be able to eat in the dining room on embarkation day. That should be relaxing.
  2. My understanding is that HAL is significantly better then Carnival and NCL. I never had complaints about Carnival. In fact only compliments because I had realistic expectations. I found NCL Sun significantly better than Carnival on a Baltic cruise. So I am looking forward to this. I like the cookies at the Dutch Cafe. They sound good. My big craving is Lox and cream cheese on a bagel. And pizza slices. I’m looking forward to eating in the steakhouse.
  3. Thank you for all the replies. It’s reassuring. I understand the frustration about cutbacks. I’m a railfan. I have ridden Every Amtrak route. The cut backs made to the dining car on some of Amtrak’s eastern trains are devastating imho. I am am excited about this cruise. Only paid the deposit on an OO guarantee. But as o make payments and it gets closer I’ll feel the reality. Lol.
  4. I booked on the Konigsdam on an Alaska cruise out of Vancouver at beginning of August 2020. I’ve been on 6 carnival cruises and 1 NCL cruise. I enjoyed them all. I am pretty low maintenance as a traveler. I will eat at standard dining times and graze in the lido deck, etc. On my 1st solo cruise on Carnival I would get up, eat breakfast in the dining room, nap and then find some activity or read a book if nothing was interesting. I booked this cruise as a solo because I am determined to check Alaska off the bucket list. Im surprised at the number of complaints about cut backs on service, etc. How will the Konigsdam compare with Carnival dream and NCL. These are my two best cruises.
  5. I appreciate the heads up. I’m not interested in a 5 hour bus ride period. I now plan to fly into Seattle Friday morning the day before the cruise. If the flight is on time then I will take the light rail downtown. I will have time for late lunch/early dinner. Then I will catch the 7 pm train to Vancouver which arrives at 11 pm. I go to the Hilton Metrotown. The day of the cruise I take the sky train to the port arriving early enough to board and still follow HAL protocol. If my morning flight is delayed i still I still have most of the day to get to Seattle to catch my train. I intend to buy cruise insurance. If flights gets get canceled it will be much more challenging. I appreciate the feedback.
  6. I’m familiar with the light rail and process for getting to King street Station. If I catch an early morning flight out of Chicago I Can go to Kings St., Station store my bags and then have lunch at Ivars seafood restaurant and then catch the train to Vancouver.
  7. Greetings, i am definitely flying in a day early. I think I am now going to take an early plane to Seattle and take the evening Amtrak to Vancouver the day before the cruise. Then I can head down to the cruise terminal at my own pace. I have the Hilton Metrotown boomed. I too too would rather get on the boat earlier rather than later.
  8. I’ve researched and determined that the cheapest to get to Vancouver is to fly from my hometown airport to Seattle the day before the cruise and then get to the port. My first thought was to fly in a day early and then take evening train to Vancouver and stay in a hotel there. Then I thought about the HAL transfer from Seattle airport. I could spend the night in Seattle and catch one on f these the day of the cruise. Questions: 1. What time do these start leaving the airport for the port? 2. How full is the bus? 3. Does taking the bus guarantee getting on the ship even if there is a unexpected delay? Thank you
  9. I was trying to make fun of myself eating at the buffet. My understanding is that the food on HAL is significantly better than some of the other cruise lines. It probably was not my brightest moment to make the joke in the first place.
  10. I went on the HAL website and found excursions with prices. I also saw the pre cruise hotel package of 400 plus US for the Pan Pacific hotel.
  11. I was thinking “ugly feeding objects” in the buffet.
  12. I was looking at those. I’ve eaten too much pizza and pancakes and am 263. The small print said people weighing more than 250 could get charged extra. I understand fuel and aircraft balancing issues apply because of smaller aircraft. I am not sure I want to experience an extra expense that I hadn’t planned for.
  13. The price is US. After booking I did research and discovered the size difference. I’m happy in an Amtrak roomette. So the smallest of these with its own bathroom is extravagant compared to a roomette which doesn’t have a bathroom. I wouldn’t miss the chair since I lay here n the bed a lot when I’m in the cabin. Of course for sight seeing I can go where I want on the ship.
  14. I got a pretty good deal on OO guarantee for August 1, 2020. I’m a solo cruiser and paid about 2900 for this. The per person cost for an inside on this cruise was 1799 per person so I’m paying significantly lower tha the normal 200 percent single occupancy rate. The OO cabins are outside on the main deck near the front. These cabins are for solos. The main deck is the lowest deck. They are under the show area. I have ave no previous experience with HAL but I have cruised enough to understand the risks involved with a guarantee.
  15. Thank you. I did set that account up. I’ll go back and look for excursions. It’s to early right now but I can start researching for each port. My must do list includes seeing Bears and Riding the Train in Skagway. Sled dogs are kind of cool too.
  16. August 1, 2020. I know it’s too early now. But knowing that I could helps. Is the cruise personliser the website where you enter in information to get your documents?
  17. Is it possible to book excursions ahead of the cruise? Some of these excursions in Alaska are expensive. Paying ahead of time would spread the cost out.
  18. I paid the deposit. HAL sent a welcome email with link and I started the check in process. The only thing that needs to be done is to add flight information and credit card information for the onboard account. I downloaded the app and and was asked for an 8 digit pin number. I do not understand where to get this number. Maybe it is something that I get after check in? What are the next steps?
  19. The HalFacts was very helpful. There are photos of these exact cabins. Cross referencing the cabin number with the deck plan helps and determining the relative size of the cabins. I would function well in this cabin. Anything else is gravy.
  20. Thank you for the responses. Since there are relatively few of these OO cabins and I have a guarantee I see there is a chance of an upgrade to a regular outside cabin. I would be happy with whatever I get though. I’ve had insides on a carnival fantasy class ship and on the NCL sun and was happy with those cabins.
  21. I have done additional research on these OO cabins. They are on the main deck at the front of the ship under the world stage. I suspect that this location has possibilities for noise and motion. I have noise canceling headphones if I need to go that route to sleep. I am thinking that since the main deck is lowest the motion won’t be too bad. Am I missing anything?
  22. The deposit for the fare that I am considering on the Konigsdam is non-refundable and non-transferable. So once I commit to the Konigsdam then that is what I would do.
  23. First, I would like to thank the people who worked with me on the Maasdam thread about the 14 day Alaska Cruise. While this is still firmly on my bucket list, I decided to go with the August 1, 2020 departure of the Konigsdam because this is more in my price range. I have a hold on the OO cabin which I have done a little research on and determined that there are only a few of these on the ship and that they are designed for the single traveler. This is also a guarantee booking which provides an opportunity of an upgrade to a full sized outside view cabin. I suspect this cruise will sell out and I will enjoy the OO cabin. That being said, What can you guys tell me about the OO cabins? Since the Konigsdam is one of the newest ships I am sure it has better restaurant choices. What are the things to look for? Thank you. This is exciting.
  24. I called the travel agent this morning and checked on the price for one person for an outside cabin. The price was 4100. This is a good deal, but it is a bit outside my comfort zone. I ended up putting a hold on an outside guarantee category OO on the Konigsdam departing August 1 from Vancouver. The price is slightly below 3000. Which is more within my comfort range of price. Looks like I went from the oldest ship to the newest. The 14 day cruise is still on the bucket list and it WILL be done some day. I appreciate the support. I will start a new thread with any questions I have about the Konigsdam.
  25. I appreciate the help from everyone here. I have spent considerable time on the HAL pages and have been interested in them for quite some time. This cruise has also been on my bucket list.
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