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  1. Greetings, I appreciate your help. I booked it today and went with the guarantee rate. I also took the promotion that included drinks, an excursion, and a specialty restaurant. In doing the math we would be even after the specialty restaurant and excursion. While not alcohol drinkers I think we would both enjoy other drinks. This is my second go at Holland America on the Konigsdam to Alaska. The first was canceled because of Covid.
  2. You just sold me in the signature suite. I was looking at noordam. Now decided on the konigsdam to avoid long flight from anchorage.
  3. This was very helpful. The two sinks is a selling point for us. And extra space is beneficial too.
  4. I am planing a cruise on the Noordam . I have settled on trying to book an aft balcony cabin for a cruise to Alaska. I am amazed that these cabins have an actual tub in them. Is the tub also the shower like in a hotel room? Or is the shower and tub separate? I looked at a couple of diagrams and could not figure it out. I have looked at the signature suites, it and it seems to me the main thing you get is a little more space and a choice of pillows. Am I missing details with this? If a signature suite is significantly better than a balcony cabin, then I will consider the upgrade.
  5. I think the glacier bay is explanation is it. I was comparing celebrity to holland America. Glacier bay is not listed in the itinerary nor is college ford. It does go by Hubbard glacier. this was helpful in that I wanted to see glacier bay.
  6. I’m looking at the August 5th departure out of. Vancouver. If been casually shopping cruises to Alaska and was surprised when this one was cheaper. The review of the ship says it’s a good ship and celebrity is a good cruise line.
  7. Between the drinking and the motion of the ocean this will create a mess for the Cunard staff to clean out.
  8. I can do a bit of that. What is a "tranche of FCDs"?
  9. The pictures of the balconies are helpful. Thank you. The sheltered Balcony reminds me of the Cove balcony I had on the Carnival Dream. Based on the probability of experiencing rough seas at some point during the crossing a lower cabin would be more stable IMHO. I suspect in extreme conditions the crew takes steps to prevent access to the balcony like Carnival does. Please forgive me for the Carnival references. I know the service and product are way different than Cunard. My experiences with cabin location on the Dream could help me understand the location of these cabins on the QM2.
  10. I am looking at doing this trip in July/August of 2022. I started looking at prices for the July 29th departure from Southampton. I observed that a sheltered balcony, which is listed as about 20 square feet larger than a regular balcony, is almost 1,000 dollars cheaper. Does sheltered mean blocked by a life boat?
  11. You are most likely correct. I made assumptions that were not accurate about how Cunard handles dinner seatings. After researching something else, I noticed that there is no anytime dining on Cunard, only set seatings in Britianna class which is the class I would likely be traveling in.
  12. I appreciate the feedback and experiences that all of you have shared. I looked up the Hilton in Southampton and it appears that it is more convenient if you are driving than if you took a bus or train from London to Southampton. Questions: What are the temperatures like on a crossing during July and August? What did you pay for business class using Cunard air?
  13. My take on this is that I would bring a book to read when I eat. It would be impossible to prevent single travelers from interacting with other passengers in public areas on the ship. There would be plenty of opportunities to make friends. Does Cunard have anytime dining in their dining rooms like other cruise lines? If so, singles can make friends during the day and just show up as a group to be seated at dinner. It would be next to impossible for the staff to enforce this.
  14. Wow!! Lots a great feed back. I am grateful for your efforts. Those pictures really got me going. I like the idea of staying in the Hilton Double tree since I am a Hilton Diamond member. I am an experienced Amtrak traveler and would be very comfortable with riding Amtrak from Chicago, my home town, to New York City. I have ridden this train dozens of times. Adding it to a crossing would be awesome. I met someone who was traveling from Seattle to NYC on Amtrak who was doing a crossing in the winter. It was fascinating hearing about his plans. All but one of my cruises have been in the Caribbean on Carnival. I did a Baltic's Cruise on NCL's Sun. That was a great cruise. The Sun was probably the oldest ship I have been on, and I enjoyed it's nooks and crannies. We had an inside cabin on this short interior hallway that made it very private. I have not experienced rough seas. On the Caribbean cruises I enjoyed the gentle motion as we crossed the gulf current. The Baltic's cruise was also smooth sailing. Beautiful weather each day. So I know my first Crossing will be an entirely new, exciting experience. I appreciate your patience with my newbie questions. One thing that I did do was review the dress codes and I will plan accordingly so that I can enjoy the ambience.
  15. Thank you for the information about the trains and the suggestion to use bus transfers. I would have one larger bag with wheels(a spinner) and a smaller bag attached to it. I think the determining factor for mode of transit is the location of my hotel in London. After reading the suggestions I am now leaning towards a westbound crossing. The ultimate deciding factor will be the dates of travel though. If I want to travel on certain dates, and eastbound works better I would do eastbound. I can always do a the other direction on another trip. I suspect I will like this and want to do it more than once.
  16. I just came up with another rookie question. I have several cruises on carnival. Would this lead to any extra benefits on a Cunard cruise?
  17. Greetings, I have been reading posts on here for several years. A crossing on Cunard is on my bucket lists. I have established that I will book either an outside view or balcony in the Britianna class and that I will use Cunard's air. I found threads on here that helped me make those determinations. My questions: 1. How does one usually get from Southhampton to London or vice versa? I am a rail enthusiast and would probably take the train if it is not too difficult to get to the cruise terminal. 2. I understand that westbound crossings are considered better than eastbound because of the extra hour gained each day. Does this advantage outweigh the experience of leaving New York in the daylight? 3. I would be traveling during the summer. One of the pleasures of a crossing is experiencing rough seas. I understand that it is impossible to predict exactly what would happen on a certain cruise, but does a summer crossing mean that there is less of an opportunity of experiencing rough seas? Is it possible to use Cunard's air to travel to/from a city in Europe before or after a crossing? For example, I arrive in Southhampton, take the train to London. Spend a day or two in London, and then take the Eurostar to Amsterdam and then fly home. (Please note that I have visited all of these cities before to do the museums, so I would primarily be doing this to ride the Eurostar because this would be a route I have not ridden. ) Thank you for your assistance.
  18. I appreciate the detailed reports. I am in the early planning stages of doing a crossing. I would probably do one in the summer because I am a school teacher.
  19. How do Future cruise credits work? If I paid 2000 for my cruised, does that mean I could apply 2000 towards a future cruise? Are there restrictions?
  20. It is a non-refundable deposit. I suspect the best thing to do is wait and see.
  21. Thyme2go, your description of how all of this started was very helpful and informative for me. I understood in general that this was serious, but your explanation helped me why it was serious.
  22. I have 800 dollars to pay for the final payment on 4/23/20. What happens if I cancel now? I am assuming I will probably lose the deposit. What happens if I wait until 4/23 and then pay, and then the cruise is canceled by Holland America? How do future cruise credits work? What would you do in this situation? Are there things that i am not considering? Thank you for your assistance. I have never been in a situation where a cruise I was going on had a strong possibility of being canceled. I want to go about this in the most intelligent way.
  23. Booked on an August 1 Alaska Cruise on Konigsdam. We intend to go unless there is a dramatic change for the worst. I have two trips planned in the next month that do not involve cruising. I intend to go.
  24. Update: I forgot that I booked my cruise with a non-refundable deposit. The TA would have to cancel original booking and rebook this. I started out with an OO guarantee because I was originally traveling by myself. At the time the balcony rate was higher than I wanted to pay. Recently I decided to bring someone and the more I thought about it the more I wanted a balcony. So I called in asked. My thinking now is that the 200 obc cancels out the list 175 lost deposit. I might still go ahead and switch. I would be paying approximately 3500 for a category VC on the Mozart deck. Im absolutely NOT upset with the travel agent or Holland America. Both did what I asked them to do at the booking. And the non-refundable deposit was clearly explained.
  25. I’m excited. A balcony on an Alaska cruise will be awesome.
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