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  1. Thanks Barbarah for your info, no I´m not planning to go on Thanksgiving, I thought if I go Beginning if August or Late November I will skip any chance of hurricane, but you are right I don´t want to go with a lot of kids so I think problably middle Nov will be the right date to choose, as per the cruise yes I see that Royal is better but also more expensive, I checked some very good cruises of Carnival (Valor and Liberty) and seems very nice and it´s like 200 per person cheaper than Royal.
  2. Yes but what about at hte beginning of Aug or late Nov?
  3. Hi I just need some help in pick what cruise and when. I want to go to Eastern Caribean (Puerto Rico, St Thomas, SMarteen) Cruise in August or November, when it´s better in terms of weather conditions? I will be traveling with my wife (both 32 years old no kids) and we would like to go either with Carnival (Liberty, triumph or valor) or with Royal C.. Wich one you recommend? Thanks
  4. Hey thanks all for your answers I really appreciated. As per your questions here we are: Age 34, No kids We would like to visit Puerto Rico - St. Marteen - St Thomas (any other anyone can recommend in the east c) but I am interested in visit this places but also I concerned about the ship My port of departure will be Miami or Ft Lau.... As per the dates I think I can do it from June to Dec... As per the cabin I am thinking between Ocean or Balc, will depend on the price......
  5. Hello I have plans to go with my wife to the caribean in cruise (East Caribean - Puerto Rico, S.Marteen, S.Thomas, etc) but I can only between July to November, what is the best date to go between this dates? What cruise line you can recommend? Thanks in advance
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