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  1. Nice review. Some good up to date insights. Thanks.
  2. Current status of internet..is it the "older'' one or has it been upgraded? TIA
  3. Redwing55

    Would EZ air price change when refare

    So I'm a bit confused. I see two issues. Refaring when one gets some Princess air promotion... I would think if one rebooked, that promo is gone. However, I'm not clear with a booking when one has no contribution from Princess. So if one refares, are folks' experiences indicating that the air fare also gets reset to whatever is listed at that time..and in the future? So one may loose that lower air fare that was originally booked? TIA
  4. Redwing55

    Confused about the new Coffee Cards

    Ok, I admit I may be milking this. But since you had an unmarked card, did they give you free brewed coffee or just what one gets with using a punch? TIA
  5. Redwing55

    Review of dining venues on Emerald Princess

    Thanks. It's been a few years since we've been on her... back on her in May. I agree about the IC comment. I was surprised that on such a long cruise that you only did the buffet once for dinner. Do you recall if the buffet still has some theme nights? (German, Italian, etc?) The Royal has, but I wonder if it's fleet wide or only them. TIA
  6. Redwing55

    Coffee Cards

    So, I don't recall, but does this mean if one brings an unused, undated coffee card, that fresh brewed is then free? I know I can't change whatever Princess does, and we're not going until May, but yea, my curiosity is getting to me.
  7. Redwing55

    Coffee Cards

    I think many a cruiser will be in this situation. As a result, I wouldn't be surprised if coffee revenue actually goes down bit once things settle in. I mean, it's only a 20% discount and some of that % get's even lower due to time value of money. So people overall will purchase fewer specialty coffees. And frankly, we're not talking big dollars either way, so I wonder why they even changed it. I suspect that accounting wanted it cleaner and those paper cards are likely impossible to keep track of. I mostly understand, but still a bit disappointed.
  8. Redwing55

    Coffee Cards

    Keep in mind it also allows all the brewed coffee YOU want without paying anything more. Not sure how many "normal" coffees you might drink.
  9. Redwing55

    Regal - Coke zero??

    I so wish that Princess would add or sub in Zero for Diet coke. I suppose I'm in the minority, but Diet Coke is tolerable for me, but near the bottom when it comes to diet drink options for me. Oh well, the crosses one bares.;)
  10. Well, ours qualifies.. but no cabins. Go figure. I'm good with what we have though.
  11. Well, the dominoes are falling in place for us. The last (hopefully) question will be what the cabin fare will be. Our current booking has that Huge OBC deal. This one has some (and gratuities), but will cabin fare be low enough to justify the switch? We'll know soon. Here's hoping. Thanks for the links to the info!
  12. Redwing55

    Fort Lauderdale Terminal Questions

    I would also suspect that as the ships go through the ***** upgrade, those ships would get priority for terminal 2. Happened when Royal and Regal were in port at the same time. Regal gets Term. 2.
  13. For folks that don't want to use plastic straws, feel free. However, in the big picture, straws aren't a factor in pollution. China is a huge, major source of plastic winding up in the ocean. Then there are other much larger sources than straws. So don't feel guilty with using a PS. And by tossing it in the trash or picking up that stray one if you see it will work just as well. I chuckle a bit with these stainless straws. Can they really be effectively cleaned after each use?
  14. Redwing55

    Free tote bags

    Well, no matter ones value that is placed on them, I guarantee a huge thread if/when Princess eliminates them. I recall a bit ago when they became less consistently handed out.. and just wow!
  15. Delta has changed their policy on free bags for trans-atlantic/other flights. Depends on where and class of ticket. I think I've also heard (through my spouse) that Delta is thinking of amending it back to allow for 1 free checked bag. So, in spite of experiences noted here, who knows what I'll get when we fly next May/June. But, Delta has typically grandfathered policies, so if I know of a procedure to get the free bag, I'll follow it. It is looking like as long as our FF our in on the reservations (they are) we should be good to go.