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  1. Pretty boring for me. I took most of it from my other sites. At the time, I didn't give much thought to it. I like the Detroit Redwings (hockey) and it's a great year to be born in.🤣 At least for me it was.
  2. Agreed. A rational judge would rule on that issue pretty quickly. Quite frankly, I don't know why there haven't been more suits on these things.. not just cruises. So many of the restrictions have indeed been arbitrary. I understand the lack of a basis when multiple "groups" are subject to the same directives, but when one group only has to do "A" and another has to do "B" there has to be a basis for it.
  3. No kidding. And I don't know of a hotel or resort practicing this. We own a place that we rent and at first the managers put 24 hours in between change of occupancy. Now it's been more than 6 months and they've dropped that turnover time altogether. Why the need on a cruise ship?
  4. I suppose, but IMO, that's a very conservative, or risk averse perspective. Consider that the vast percentage of people will not be infected. So, on a ship, how many will be carrying the virus? Then, an infected party would need to expose that vaccinated passenger. If one is concerned about that, I'm in the camp that maybe they shouldn't be cruising. Heck how could they get off the ship to explore a port? Everyone has their own risk levels though.
  5. Uh isn't PR the US? Or doesn't CDC have jurisdiction there? Whoops.. Guess it's covered above.🥴
  6. Maybe true.. maybe. But then how does that impact another passenger that is vaccinated? I know I'll be vaccinated when I cruise, but I truly believe I will be exposed to the virus in my day to day life for a bit. But, being vaccinated, I don't think that other's vaccination status will have that much impact on me. And frankly, I think the ports will be the highest risk... not that the risk will be that high anyway.
  7. I'm good with buffets being "served" to us. But I just have to ask why? I understand what the lines do with Noro outbreaks, but then, there is no vaccine AND Noro spreads by contact. Supposedly, Covid spreads through the air. So, how does being served vs self serve change this? AND, I'm no expert, but does anyone know if ingesting the covid virus is a route to get infected? Serious question. I think I've read so many times that it come in through lungs and eyes. Frankly, with all the attention this virus has had, I'm not clear if the experts have every determined the routes of transmiss
  8. Uh, masks in surgery are worn for different reasons than to prevent Covid spread. Also K95's do have some better containment- which most of us do not wear. Many of the masks we see day to day are improperly worn, bad fitting, or VERY likely soiled. Heck just watch ANY speaker and count the number of times they reposition the mask. Personally, your example is flawed as you're conflating purposes. Post what you want, but much speculation remains as to the most common routes for Covid transmission. Until that is determined, one can not know how effective one type of face covering
  9. I'm not advocating that. "do what they want." I am saying that we all have to choose what is most important or valued to oneself. One should obey regulations/laws, etc, but one doesn't have to accept the rational behind them. Like one might think they know that the speed limit on a road is incorrect, but they should still abide by it. Having an engineering and regulatory background, I've seen first hand multi-million dollar impacts that proved unnecessary due to too much control (wasted capital etc.) or not enough (damages occurred due to oversights or faulty assu
  10. There were also some entertainment.. comedian, etc. Like I stated, on the Princess, it does allow for a bit more of the Explorers lounge. On the previous same class ships Princess live was a smaller studio like venue.
  11. Reading this thread, and frankly many other comments from experts elsewhere, demonstrates how much misinformation is being accepted. I'm not going to specifics, but I will say that people can all have their own opinions. And ANYONE that says an absolute is just off base. Time after time, in many an area, a certainty is proved wrong and assumptions were demonstrated to lead to incorrect conclusions. So, what's one to do? Make one own choices based upon what risks and counsel one wants to accept. We all have our bias, and saying "science" says can be just as incorrect as "her opinion was"
  12. They may be data driven.. well I'll agree and say they are. However, there is much speculation as to how one uses such data. Also, if data isn't available... which is the case with tons of issue with this new virus, the CDC does issue guidelines usually based upon past practices. Suffice to say, there is plenty of room for interpretation... So, it's short sighted to believe the CDC has data to back up their guidelines. And I'm still unclear how they control cruises. I suspect it's some other body that uses CDC's recommendations? Point is, the CDC makes calls in a bit of a vacuum. i.e, t
  13. We don't typical go to Crooners so that wasn't much of a loss for us (Though I do enjoy sitting in that venue from time to time.) That space is now filled by a Spec. Restaurant. But we do use Princess live and Fusion (lounge in back of ship?) and they are better than Regal. Princess live is much better... kind of a contemporary Explorers lounge. And the way the shops/casino were situated are a bit different but I'm not sure which we prefer. All things being equal... we'd prefer Sky, but we enjoyed Royal(similar to Regal) a ton.
  14. Maybe, but consider that some cruising is underway in Europe. Also UK is starting some limited itineraries. And so much has changed since that order was issued. Point being, things are better understood than in the recent past. If the CDC doesn't change things up (though it sounds like they are) one would have a case to be heard.
  15. Well, I don't think it's the frequent cruisers that generate the higher revenue. If I were to bet, the higher revenue generators are first timers. I say this since they rarely know the tricks and or what they might value more. I know it was that way for us as well as our friends. Excursions, drinks, dining, etc usually are less for the repeat crowd.
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