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  1. Wow, that's unfortunate. I guess we got lucky... just booked yesterday for a 2/21 cruise and we were able to snag that.🤞
  2. I haven't but my wife's card got an offer for ANY single purchase over $3000 gets her 3000 points(like about $300) So, not like the cruise deal, but if your fare is high enough, it might be worth it. Of course, some like using other cards due to travel insurance.
  3. Thnaks! The size of the Royal class ships is good for us. I do miss the promenade of the "Crown" but it's not a huge deal. Neither is balcony size on Sky. It is a true 14 day.. not one that returns to Ft Laud. mid cruise. I figured the Crown would pretty close to the Emerald. It's going to be a tough call either way... I suspect that in the end, either choice will be fun. I do admit that IF the itineraries were flipped, we'd pick the SKY 14 day. Such is not the case so the head scratchin' continues. And thanks again!
  4. Nice review and "story." Quite objective and informative. We're a bit torn with booking a 14 day Carr. cruise on Crown in '21 vs a 10 day on Sky. We're taking a 7 on Sky in '20 and have been on Royal Princess a few times. Also been on Emerald and Carr. Princess. Would you take Crown from a ship quality perspective? I ask since you mentioned Crown looked a bit tired. I've read a few reviews with similar comments. I was surprised since the DDock was just in '18. We know we'll enjoy both, but admit that we like the bigger atrium on Sky and a few other differences (buffet and Alfredo's) I don't want to hijack the thread, but thought I'd throw it out there. TIA
  5. UH maybe so, but the post clearly stated that Princess knew about it and essentially encouraged it. It's not like they were keeping it hidden. It was quite visible to Princess and they gave them the drinks knowing that they were going to more than one person. I'm good with it when it's done in this manner.
  6. Yes. Hoping I'm not spreading misinformation. If so, I apologize. It seemed legit when I read it last.
  7. I kind of get the issue of bringing ones own pop on board. Still, there is more than just than soda that is included. And I do wonder how those that bring it on board manage to bring the cold beverage to dinner, theater, or any of the entertainment venues, and yes 2 hours up at the pool. So, yes, there is a bit of a price for convenience, but maybe it's worth it?
  8. Uh, there has been some discussion that on the Emerald anyway, the person was allowed to share the drink package.. at least those drinks with alcohol, with others. Not sure how widespread this is or will become.
  9. She is indeed a Wheatie! Not sure what you mean with the rest of your post though. Wheaties are IMO a jovial breed though.☺️
  10. You mentioned that it won't apply for Feb cruises. In the past it has. I've actually been fortunate enough to save with that promotion. So there still is some hope. Still, it seems that lately, Princess sales have typically zeroed out..except that if one isn't going to use the included perks (drinks, OBC or whatever) one sale may be better suited for an individual vs another.
  11. Good catch. But, I don't know Carnival and do they have guaranteed cabins? Was it those people that had the GTY's that were bumped involuntarily? And I will restrict my comment to Princess, since I don't follow the other threads much at all. We do know that Princess overbooks since we see upsells and move over offers pretty regularly, but I don't think the GTY passengers are lower on the pecking order for possibly getting bumped. So, I still wouldn't use a fear of not getting a cabin on Princess as a reason to not book a GTY. YMMV
  12. Wow, heck of a range of opinions. Still, when someone can point to soft serve ice cream as a bad item... Uh ok.🤪 I mean what can one expect with that? Oh my.
  13. This issue does come up from time to time. However, I don't recall reading even ONE post where a GTY was booked and passenger didn't get a cabin....yes some have to wait to check in, but ALL have gotten a cabin.
  14. Great review. I guess it's just the way things have to be on the largest ship, but like the OP, I'm no fan of having to book ship activities ahead of time. I'm good with excursions and port things, but when I'm on the ship, I really want the freedom to decide then... even more so with folks other than us 2. Same goes with meals. I'm good if I have to book one, but really I like the option of having to choose as close to dinner as I'd like.. or at least that day. But I don't know how that can be on the largest of ships. It does sound like a fun ship though. I suspect I'll be sailing on one of these larger ships eventually, so thanks again for sharing your experiences.
  15. Maybe so, but I suspect the option to order from a waitstaff or bar will still exist.
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