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  1. They do that so that you won't lose the reservation. 2 weeks does seem over cautious though. I bet you could press them to make it closer since you're probably on top of it.
  2. So help me out here with some strategy. We're flying out early on a Tuesday. Our cruise leaves on a Thursday. If I understand the timing correctly, this means that we have to get our tests done in San Fran (port) since our flights are quite early and I can't imagine any clinic is open at 5am. We aren't renting a car, but I suspect Uber, etc is always an option (even a cab?) but what's the best option for us? I suspect we're not the only ones in this situation. TIA
  3. Interesting in that the fares for our Feb cruise are significantly higher than when we booked in 2020. One might think they'd be about the same if the ship is so empty. My TA says so many are rebooking, along with credits from canceled cruises, that the prices don't look to be dropping any time soon. We've been watching since we're thinking of adding that "value" drink, tips, etc package. But the new fares are too high for us.
  4. I've read the same thing. What I find odd is that my in-laws got their 3 just now.. like about 4-5 months after their second. Now one is imunocomped other, just old with some comorbids. Yes she just asked and pharmacist said sure, here ya go. So I'm up in the air if waiting 8 months is more of a deal to avoid a flood (I don't see it, but who knows) or if it's truly a medical reason. I'm thinking of getting it a bit early to improve my shield for the Delta version. I'm at 7 months now. So why wait? Especially since some locations are close to having to throw away doses due to expirations.
  5. Hope I'm not multi posting here. I've lost faith in the CDC. I'll read and accept the numbers that they put out. But when it comes to advice, I pass. They seem to be just so risk averse. If my other posts show, sorry, but. I think the CDC would ban swimming pools if they could.. drownings, chemical exposure, sun exposure, slippery surfaces, etc. Yes, Covid can't be ignored. But prudent steps can be employed.. not extreme ones.
  6. I agree. In fact, it's likely safer than just about any activity one might do. Our comments/questions won't matter here, but I seriously wonder as to what basis the CDC is using for these warnings. Just compare cruising to flying or staying at any resort, or say, going to Disney. Makes no sense.
  7. Hmm, Our February itinerary still shows an 11pm departure. We'll keep an eye open though. And yes, we too have that Maui change.
  8. Since we're going in Feb, please feel free to share.TIA
  9. Same here for us in February. I suspect they need to line up new/modified operators.
  10. I think it was mentioned above, but I'm too lazy to start at the beginning. If one purchases a single internet package, one can still link numerous devices, correct? It's just that only ONE device can be on the internet at any time. I think that's what it was. I can't believe that they would limit it to only one link for the cruise. So one can link a phone and a tablet, but only one device can access the internet at a time.
  11. You've got my curiosity up. We're on the Ruby then, but I think the 20th is a sea day??? Do you folks board mid-cruise? Or did you mean Feb 10-25. I'm not trying to be a wise-guy, I just don't know if you're on for it partially, or the entire cruise. TIA
  12. Personally, I'm on the fence, but if a government can require a vaccine, can't the same government forbid a requirement to have it?
  13. Agreed. We'll be running some numbers and see if it makes sense for us. Not sure if I want it to make sense or not.......I know I'd drink a ton more with the package. AND this is for a 15 day with tons of sea days so it's not like we won't be on board a lot. Decisions, decisions.
  14. Hmm, it's been a couple of months, but we were thinking of adding it to a cruise booked for '22. Our TA said we could, but it would be at the new rate.. which is higher than what we currently have. This is before final payment. OP was asking post final payment. So, did you add pre or post final payment? I admit that we'll be asking again this year. However, we're still on the fence if it's worth it as spouse doesn't drink the alcoholic beverages.
  15. I'm curious, what type of mask are you wearing indoors and why? A 95 type may protect you some, if fitted well and new, but if other type?????
  16. It was when we were on her in Feb 2020. Better than ever.
  17. I noticed you mentioned Tardises before. It would be sweet to check one out. 😉
  18. Ok, I'll bite. (pun intended) 3. What does an ichthyologist study? Fish! Man, that really cleared some cobwebs from my old biology class.
  19. If you're relying on the mask for that 36%, you might want to make sure that mask is a 95 one at least. Even then, fit, replacement frequency, and touching all will impact your protection. I'm not trying to discourage mask wearing, but rather try to put protection to the wearers in perspective.
  20. Sorry I wasn't more clear. I was referring to excursions from the ship and not LAND excursions. I did use our gift cards to pay for some excursions (non-Land.)
  21. One might also using them to hold an excursion or two.... if one is booking any w/ Princess. If you change your mind, no issue. It's like a way to hold them for free since you have the gift card in hand.
  22. I respect your thoughts here. But I then ask where would you go and is the product better? It's like boycotting something. There are many reasons why you used/purchased something. If something minor changes, is it enough to no longer make that purchase? Most times it ends up costing the consumer.
  23. True, but no reason to think that many policies can change as the weeks go by.
  24. Valid perspective. But at the risk of getting flamed, the most loyal passengers likely are those that spend least per individual. I think for the cruise world, loyalty bennies are a headscratcher. It's not like airlines/hotels, etc. Ones that are newer to cruising spend the most. So, I just figure any perk thrown to repeat cruisers is a bonus. And FWIW, I wouldn't be surprised that overall, more folks save more with this perk as many would be signing up to wifi.. though not all. It may actually be a win for both sides. Users get a cheaper rate and it doesn't cost the supplier more per user.
  25. For like less than $50? Likely less (depends upon cruise length) Interesting.
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