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  1. I think we were on the Infinity on the cabin crawl but there was just one of the beds down. Thanks for sharing the picture and Essiesmom!
  2. Papa the cruise we are looking at is for April 17, 2022 so that gives us approximate two years. Hopefully God willing they will have a vaccine by then. Royal Caribbean didn’t have any on the itinerary that we were looking for. The celebrity cruise that we were wanting goes to New Zealand, Fiji and all of those islands as well. We could do a back to back which would leave out of Honolulu to go to Vancouver but we want to stay in Hawaii for a bit. Who knows they may change the cancellation policy as well.
  3. Thanks Essiesmom! I know this is a different ship but now I know what I’m looking at when I see a picture. i’ve seen the beds when we have been on cabin crawls but I never thought about it or looked at it that much.
  4. Mark I guess on this cruise I have to double check and see what the cost would be to get the amount to charge for booking the whole cruise. It’s an 18 They cruise out of Sydney which ends up in Honolulu. For years we have booked through travel guard and prefer that over booking through the cruise line. The travel agent stated that she was going to check for us. Hopefully there will be a vaccine by that time. But you never know this particular strain may mutate. We have always been playing it on the safe side by getting cruise insurance because you never know if you have to be air evacuated or for any other reason. I really do appreciate everyone’s input.I really do appreciate everyone’s input
  5. Papa/ Charles We usually do not purchase the insurance for the whole cruise until we make a final payment. The main reason why I was asking was for the deposit. There are two other couples that are going to be traveling with us and I’m doing all the planning and I wanted to make sure that all my bases are covered. I was mainly asking for the deposit which each of us will be placing to hold the cabins. Each of us will be placing a deposit of 900 per cabin. When we have booked cruises before we usually make sure that we purchase the refundable insurance, but we do not purchase the insurance (for the entire cruise) until we make final payment. The TA had suggested purchasing insurance for the deposit and it varies depending on the age in the state that you’re located at. Charles I understand completely what you’re talking about as far as being concerned. The reason why I don’t want to wait is because I wanted to lock the cabins in that we prefer. I’ve been planning this trip for quite a while for my retirement. And I just wanted to make sure that everybody was covered. Thank you both for your responses. I guess I should’ve been a little more clear on the insurance for the deposit.😄
  6. Pardon me if I’ve missed this but does anyone know if a deposit was placed on a cruise (we are booking April 2022 to Australia) and the cruise line goes in the bankruptcy, would we get our deposit back? I talked to our TA and she suggested getting insurance for the deposit until we make final payment. When we make final payment we would get additional travel insurance for the cruise itself. Any ideas or thoughts?
  7. Thanks Essiesmom for the info on the location of the bed!😄 Wino that is good to know about those cabins. The one thing I do like about the hump rooms is that you have a sweeping view to the left and right. The one thing about the cabins you suggested is that you wouldn’t be able to see off to one side. But that’s really good to know for future reference on the balconies. I know you’re getting excited about the cruise from Hawaii to Vancouver. We are going to stay three or four days or so in Hawaii after we finish the cruise. It will depend on how long the others want to stay. After all I would be retired.😄
  8. Thanks PTC I try to be positive and I'm excited about planning this cruise. I've been thinking about it for some time. 🙂
  9. I was wondering if anyone has stayed on Celebrity Eclipse cabins 8234,8236 and 8238? I'm planning on a cruise out of Sydney Australia on April 17 2022 for my retirement cruise. There are going to be 2 couples traveling with us and our plan is to book the above cabins. They are hump cabins and it appears that they have the bed the extra bed that hangs down from the wall (which we will not be using). There are 2 per cabin in our group. Does anyone have any reviews comments (good or bad) on these cabins. I know it's a ways out (I've been looking for quite a while), but I was wondering your thoughts. Our TA stated that there is an over hang on the balconies with is good for shade or rain but I was wondering about how it looks. Pictures are wonderful. I've also seen videos of some of the different cabins on the ship. I've noticed that the bed is pretty tight along the bottom near the wall but I don't think that would be a issue for us. Any ideas? Thanks!
  10. nekzaadvaki That sounds wonderful. I don't mind the 10% of the balcony showing. The hubby does not like to sit out in the sun so that would give us the coverage. dougocam we have been on the Alaskan cruise 3 times on different lines so we know the waters around that area....it's pretty calm around there. I was wondering about the waters going to or from Australia. It's nice to know how that ship handles going through the inside passage as well. :) Thanks!
  11. Dougocam I was wondering if you had any problems with the motion from being on a higher deck? I'm asking for those who may have an issue with motion. nekzaadvaki The pictures were awesome! I noticed that there is a gap between you balcony and the edge. Is the gap a walkway that people can walk by? I was thinking for privacy. You really lucked out on that cabin. I've always been nervous about booking a guaranteed cabin so I've never booked one. I like to know what cabin I have. One of these days I may try that. Beachlover in the past when I've checked to see if we can open the balconies between us they have never allowed that but I've heard that it just depends on the cruise/ship. From what I've read on the CC it's a hit and miss. It sure would be nice to do that though. :)
  12. Essiesmom that's good to know about those ships. Thanks for the info.
  13. Essiesmom that's good to know about those ships. Thanks for the info. Bengaltiger I'm hoping that there are no rough seas on this cruise. I've only been on 1 cruise where the ship was rocking but I noticed that Princess does not like to use the stabilizers as much (to cut cost). I suffered from motion sickness for 1 day on that cruise. But that was down in the Caribbean. TKline a cruise to Scotland/Ireland/Iceland/North pole is another cruise that's on my bucket list. It was between this cruise or the Scotland one I was struggling with. But due to the time of years (me retiring in Feb 2022) going to Europe would be a lot cooler during that time so I picked this one. :) DPcmh I can understand the water issue on the balcony. The aft cabins that we have had usually have partial cover which is nice. I remember a corner aft cabin that we had which was really nice because you had a sweeping view. I'm loving all of the reviews/comments. :)
  14. BeWaAbG I usually do the research on the on CC and a few years back they changed the format on this site which made it not as user friendly. It's harder to search for specifics at times. I use the website Sxx Scxxxxr (I know we cant share the name) which come in handy when looking for the different decks, cabins and most of all it lets you know which ones are available so you don't have to search every web site. I'm not firm on the cabin but I'm putting out the feelers to get some ideas. The C-1 is just one that we are interested in. Does anyone know how the seas are during that time period? I'm not sure if they are pretty rough at times that far out. I know that if someone is prone to sea sickness they need to be mid ship mid level for the best place. I know this is off the topic but I was just curious about how it is during that time of the year. Work2 travel That sounds wonderful. :)
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