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  1. We had the pleasure of sailing on the Summit in a sweet 16 cabin a few years ago and it was great and not noisy at all and we really enjoyed the larger veranda. Now last year we sailed on the Reflection in cabin 6107 and every port day the noise in the morning from the line handling or anchor deployment was extremely loud and the vibration was crazy. I would say forward cabins on M class ships are much better than those on S class.
  2. Can I also be added to your list of very grateful San Juan visitors to receive your map. Almona47@gmail.com thank you in advance..
  3. Sorry, I see Big G already answered my question..
  4. I was wondering, is there a food walking tour available and has anyone taken it?
  5. I also believe that each person should decide how much they want to donate, but seeing that you most likely paid for this cruise some time ago, and were happy with that agreed upon cost, the $700 seems to me to be a windfall gained on the backs of people who have lost everything.
  6. i think that’s a wonderful gesture by the cruise line, and if i were a passenger, I would gladly donate the amount of the refund back to a charity, as I’m sure so many will do.
  7. What did she do the other half, swim alongside?
  8. So, all the comparisons and comments aside, and going back to the original question, yes, I would love to see spiked seltzer added to the bars. And the Walmart’s here do sell food products and I just saw the case yesterday for $10..
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