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  1. justanothermommy

    Freedom questions

    THANK YOU!!! I thought so but it showed option to pre-purchase both. Thanks again!
  2. justanothermommy

    Menu on the Freedom

    [quote name='IPlayWithString']Looks like I'm the only one who actually likes the new American Table menu.... Please don't beat me with your ships-onna-stick.:D[/QUOTE] Hi play do you happen to have any photos the menu? I can usually find something on any menu, just getting nervous with all the comments about not liking the menu. Thank you in advance if you do.
  3. justanothermommy

    Freedom questions

    Good morning All! My girlfriends and I are booked on the Jan 21st cruise on the Freedom. I have not been on this ship and havent been on a cruise in a couple years. We are going for my 40th birthday and was trying to do some planning. I have searched forums and boards and havent seen the following. 1. Has anyone done the Cheers Drink Program? Does it include sodas or not? 2. Does anyone have the 4 day FunTimes for the Freedom? 3. Does anyone have samples of the American Dinning Menus that are recent? The ones I have found are from 2013 and I read they have since refreshed the menu. 4. Do you know if the boat still docks by 3 Amigos? Love that place! Havent been to Cozumel in Jan in a long time, do we need bathing suits or will it be too cold? 5. Fave Bars at the Pier? Thanks in advance and Happy Sailing!
  4. justanothermommy

    Magic Fun Times - Western Caribbean

    [quote name='soonerbaby']i would love to see the fun times from the magic western caribbean, 7 day. Does anyone have them who could email them to me? [email="thompsonke@cox.net"]thompsonke@cox.net[/email] :) thanks![/quote] did you ever get a copy of these? If so can you email them to me [email="tdsanders25@yahoo.com"]tdsanders25@yahoo.com[/email]
  5. justanothermommy

    Magic fun times

    Does anyone have a 7 day magic fun times for the western carribean? Also looking for the kids fun times as well. Thanks in advance for your help!
  6. justanothermommy

    place to eat in cozumel reccomendations.

    We love Tres Amigos Cantina! We eat there everytime. It is a lot of fun and the wait staff is always amazing!
  7. justanothermommy

    Carnival Magic review

    Could I ask a HUGE favor please??? I am trying to decide on the room to book. If you read this before you leave could you please please please tell me what the Lido deck observation area in front of the boat is like. There are 2 handicap rooms with obstructed views and wanted to see how busy that area was. The rooms are 10201 & 10203 just if you get a chance to help out I thank you in advance.
  8. justanothermommy

    Camp Carnival - Concerns

    [quote name='avandrie']On our last cruise our daughter comfortably fell into the 6-8 year old camp carnival group and she loved it. This go around she'll be 10, and graduating to the 9-11 camp. The fact of the matter is - we're absolutely too paranoid about allowing our daughter to check herself in/out of camp. Perhaps I'm biased, paranoid, and cynic but my daughter is beautiful, gullible and I'm not going to allow the opportunity that some freak might snatch her up, do terrible things to her and then throw her overboard. Did I mention that I'm paranoid and cynic? Perhaps it's because I'm married to a cop and hear awful stories every day. :rolleyes: So here are my concerns - it looked like (from our April 2010 cruise) the majority of parents aren't crazy-paranoid like me and allowed their children to run the ship. Is that the standard for kids in the 9-11 class? Will she be all by her lonesome with nobody to play with? Will she still get to go swimming - or is that even supervised? We'll be on the Pride and they don't have a pool nearby. Will this limit the time we have that Camp Carnival will watch her because they only cater to activities (scavenger hunts) that allow the kids to run a muck? :confused: Thanks for entertaining my questions, and for not thrashing me too hard about being a teensy bit over the top. :D[/quote] We just got back 2 weeks ago. My daughter is 9 and we allowed her to check herself out. I know I felt uneasy about it at the time but my neice (13) was with us and they did not even see anyone in their camp. Okay sorry back to the topic. We made each girl carry a walkie talkie and check in with us every 15 mins. All my girls did was walk around the shops and go to the cabin or to the slides. It took a good day to get used to it but they stuck together. I am not sure I would feel as comfortable had it been only the 9 yr old. The scavenger hunt had kids running around in pairs. I do not recall them taking the camp kids swimming though, but we were at the pools and slides with the kids during the day. Hope this helps a little.
  9. justanothermommy

    Cozumel Excursions...

    We have done the Playa Mia Beach Break & the Beach Deluxe. It is all you can drink. If you plan on drinking alot tip the waiter he will be back with fresh drink before you empty the first one. We did not do the Deluxe last year because we did not like the food and wanted to come back early the prior visit. We ended up doing the Beach Break you still get the beverages and the same treatment. The only difference was we paid for taxi and went on our time not the scheduled times. Just gave us extra freedom.
  10. justanothermommy

    Soda Cards

    they are can sodas
  11. justanothermommy

    New casino booking special - question

    I was already booked as well. But call the number on the card and they will accivate the casino cash for you. BUT DO NOT FORGET THE CARD! ONLY GET THE CASH IF YOU HAVE THE CARD! Fun Fun Fun! I am sailing next week with my card! Have fun!
  12. justanothermommy

    water slide height restrictions?

    We have been on the Ecstasy a few times with the WaterWorks Slides and hieght is 42". My 4 your old had a blast!
  13. justanothermommy

    All Things Splendor

    Does anyone have any info on the kid's stuff? I am thinking next Spring Break we try the Splendor.
  14. justanothermommy

    Which pier in Cozumel

    [quote name='Lady Vidora']On two different cruise lines we've docked at two different port areas in Cozumel. Does anyone know how I can see which pier the Ecstasy will be landing at on May 27th?[/quote] Here is the schedule from website [URL]http://www.puertamaya.com/port-schedule.aspx[/URL] someone may have already posted this.
  15. justanothermommy

    Too cheap for past guest receptions?

    [quote name='CruisinCutsie'][FONT=Georgia][SIZE=3]I heard that Carnival has stopped the past guest receptions that include free drinks and hors d'oeuvres. Is this true on all ships? Are they really getting that cheap? I won't comment about the pins that are no longer :([/SIZE][/FONT][/quote] We were on the Ecstasy on Jan 14-18 and they had Past Guest Reception we were too tired to go. It was held the night before we got back.