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  1. ivrier


    Thankfully I finally received my full refund today, 2 weeks from the time of cancellation. I emailed them at casl.disneydestinations@disneyonline.com and they responded in less than 24 hours. I guess I was blessed. On March 30, 2020, reservation number XXXXXX received the following refunds: $376.58 to card ending in 3007$1,084.92 to card ending in 8009$1,074.00 to card ending in 8009$426.00 to card ending in 8009$1,500.00 to card ending in 6003$250.00 to card ending in 2009$315.72 to card ending in 3007
  2. ivrier


    Had to cancel our cruise from San Diego like everybody else. How long has it taken for others to receive their refund. It has been over 2 weeks for us and yet to see a refund. Thanks
  3. what was the wait time when you called DCL? I would assume that it would be hours.
  4. Thank you! That's great!
  5. Hello all. We are heading for the 5-day San Diego cruise this April 5. We have 2 rooms and are interested in booking the Greek Isle cruise for 2020. How many bookings are we allowed to create on board to avail of the 10% discount? thanks in advance
  6. If you exchange one of the cabin mates who has the gold status into their room and move one of their cabin mate with a silver status into your room and link them you will have the ability to book once your booking window opens. In our case, we had another family with silver status join (we have platinum status) us on an upcoming cruise. My wife was booked into their room and our friend's wife was booked in our room creating 2 rooms with platinum members and allowing us to book excursions and most importantly booking Palos simultaneously when the booking window for platinum members open . Of course our wives sleep in their own rooms with their husband resides.
  7. I believe that the only advantage of being a Platinum or Gold member allows earlier booking of port adventures and reservations in Palo and Remys without payment. They shouldn't have any increased privileges going ahead of a line though there is a dedicated line for check in for Platinum members.
  8. I totally agree. I don't want to take a cruise ship that looks like a mall. I can do that in any city.We have climbing walls, skating rinks and flow riders in our city. Why do I need that in a ship. I love DCL because they feel and look like cruise ships, they way they should appear.
  9. Royal Caribbean now has their own private Island, Coco Cay. Looks impressive from their ad.
  10. For 1st time cruisers, port days are almost always fun. But with port-intensive cruises such as the Mediterranean cruises sea days are much appreciated I would prefer SEA days over ports anytime that is, if my intention is to relax on the ship. Having done multiple caribbean and Bahamas Disney cruises, I wouldn't mind returning to one of those cruises on the Fantasy and remain on board and skip the excursions.
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