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  1. Definitely close by but they still will likely have shuttles running as well.
  2. We used to book direct but switched to a TA a couple years ago. He is fantastic and I wouldn’t go back! We’re very low maintenance but he’s always very responsive to any requests or changes we may have. That would be my recommendation and I’d be glad to give you his contact info!
  3. Exactly why we’ll be spending most of the day at Reflexions on surf side beach. $6 each for chairs and umbrellas... I know things are more in Aruba but that’s a little crazy to me.
  4. Clo did one leg of our Navigator b2b a couple years ago before Cuddy took over. We found her to be enjoyable and had a good engaging personality. Wouldn’t mind sailing with her again.
  5. We’ll be onboard with them as well! I’ve definitely seen numerous steamers and power strips confiscated over the years. If it does happen, I’ve found running the shower very hot for a few minutes with the bathroom door closed and hanging items somewhere in the bathroom really helps out quite a bit.
  6. If you were sharing the WiFi access with another device and that was logged in your phone would the revert back to the cell service. Also, while we’ve had the internet on our sailings, there are times when I’d lose signal and not being on airplane mode would’ve started pulling data. I don’t have much that runs background on my phone aside from pulling email automatically but even that little bit can add up if the WiFi signal is weak or non-existent. You can check with ATT and they might help you out a little, but be prepared to pay unfortunately.
  7. There are so many parking spaces at Disney Springs there is no need to pay anywhere. Yes it’ll be busy but not really more than anywhere else Disney. Drive from the port should be ~80 minutes depending on traffic but it’s an easy drive down 528 and I-4 but just note there will be a handful of tolls on 528 but you can pay cash if you want.
  8. You are correct, it is $3.95 per day plus cost of the actual tolls. Note that the $3.95 "convenience" charge is only on days you actually go through a toll. That's actually not too bad compared to some rental companies I've seen.
  9. That port load isn't anything too out of the ordinary so shouldn't have any real issues getting transport. There are numerous shared shuttle options, but simplest would likely be Uber/Lyft. The ride should be ~45 minutes but could be more with traffic and cost will be in the $40 range. I've used Uber/Lyft many times in the area and it works well. Never taken the shuttles but a quick search on here should reveal multiple answers.
  10. Pool vs Beach has a completely different vibe/feel to them. Like others have said, I absolutely would give both a shot. We spent the majority of our time in September at the pool but were with a large group. When it's just me and my wife next week we'll likely spend more of our day at the beach as it does tend to be much more laid back.
  11. I agree that the speeds certainly were better on the island than the ship. We'll be back there next week on Navigator and while we have VOOM I'll try and do a check while not logged in and see what I come up with.
  12. When we were on in September there was the 70s party and also the Red nightclub in studio B. The lights were red but very few if any were actually wearing red. Aside from that nothing I noticed.
  13. Unfortunate about the time. A lot of local places both restaurants and beach clubs will start opening in the 830-9 timeframe. I would maybe go to a beach for a couple hours and then get an early lunch in town. My personal favorite not far across the floating bridge is La Boheme. Short timeframe sucks but you can still make the best of it.
  14. We loved Busch Gardens while living down there. However, as others have said the distance coupled with the limited time you would get isn’t worth it IMO.
  15. They really are excellent! I think we may be in the same sailing as OP in a couple weeks and we can’t wait to snorkel with Woodwind again.
  16. Not likely unless by some chance they aren’t selling. I bought mine for $35 this summer for our sailing next week and they haven’t been below $55 since then. Keep checking but unfortunately they have no real incentive to drop the price.
  17. I don’t remember about the parade (I think not) but I know the nfl game was on during our last Thanksgiving sailing. Expect the same this year but I can log in to my tv provider if not on my iPad.
  18. Honestly our group just grabbed some apps at a couple different places. Nothing memorable but I’d order as soon as you get there no matter where. But I would say one didn’t stand out to us over others.
  19. Amsterdam Manor assuming they’re still doing chair rentals. Can’t remember prices exactly but I believe a couple years ago 2 chairs and umbrella were $35-40. Should be within a few dollars of that. We’re going to be in the area in a couple weeks and if we get down that way I’ll try and check.
  20. We’ve used Uber/Lyft multiple times in Tampa with no issues. Service has always been quick and efficient. I would give it a shot and save the $$.
  21. iahawkfan21

    Aruba at 4 pm

    Palm Beach will have nightlife and plenty of bars/venues to eat at. Local bus will get you there and cheap & easy to use. Not sure of how late they run but there are taxis as well shouldn’t be too expensive.
  22. If the shuttle actually departs at 815 that should be fine. You’ll be at MCO by just after 9 as it’s a quick ~45 minute trip from the port.
  23. We did a b2b over Thanksgiving and the morning after on turnover day they were already putting up decorations so very likely.
  24. We wanted to visit Coco Cay as well as revisit the ABCs so had to book a side by side with Navigator and Explorer. About the only way to do both unless they drastically change up itineraries.
  25. If you’re staying at/near Universal there should be rental agencies nearby that wouldn’t require you to go back to MCO. All agencies near the port will have shuttles to take you to the ship, however it may be easiest to drop your party and luggage off then drop the car off yourself and ride the shuttle back without bags. Worth at least pricing out a one way rental to compare costs as it definitely can come in cheaper.
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