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  1. Much like cruise planner items, I tend to purchase fairly early as long as it's a refundable rate. If prices drop it's easy to cancel and rebook and you're out really nothing. I would check back in the fall, they should have bookings open by then.
  2. Can't speak to shuttles as we've never used one, but last time we sailed from FLL the taxi line wasn't very long at all. The travel time is next to nothing and cheap, so especially if you're doing self-disembark you'll be there VERY early.
  3. If staying right in the Port area, there are some good restaurants (Grills, Fishlips) right in the port area. Not really walkable, but a couple minute Uber ride away. There are some other good local restaurants (Preacher Bar, Thai Thai, Southern Charm) between 1/2 mile and a mile south of the hotel that are easily walkable. Not much for shopping up there, for that you'd have to Uber/Taxi into Cocoa Beach. Even there, you're mostly looking at Ron Jon and your typical beach fare shops.
  4. We've always used Uber/Lyft and been happy. Price is reasonable and added advantage of not really having to schedule anything in advance.
  5. Unless you're arriving really late into Miami, I'd head to Ft Lauderdale and stay there. Get to the hotel and not be in any sort of rush the next morning. Transport recommendations above are accurate, we prefer Uber/Lyft.
  6. As mentioned above, MCO is roughly a 45-50 minute ride from the port. 1200 takeoff should be very doable, and also allows for a non-rushed transit. In regards to hotels, there is a lot near the airport, but if you head over to the cruise port when arriving, there are still many hotels and good restaurants in the local area and you have the added luxury of a short trip to the ship the morning of sailing. Definitely look into this option too and most here are glad to provide recommendations if you need them.
  7. Not sure what ship you're coming in on, but if it's Royal Caribbean it really isn't a long distance at all. If Carnival or others you're right across the bridge but they have taxis available which shouldn't be more than a few $. The tower is right there in the port area. Many good restaurants in the local port area, consider visiting one of them as well with those port hours.
  8. Most of the hotels near the Port Canaveral area are pretty decent and very close to the ports. I would honestly wait at the hotel as long as possible given current circumstances. We used to board fairly early, but wouldn't be shocked to see things delayed a bit when cruising resumes. If you do show up @ 1000 be prepared to possibly be waiting a bit, and if you get lucky it's a bonus.
  9. Hyatt Centric for me. I know many like the Inter, but I'm not a big IHG fan and have always enjoyed staying at Hyatt Hotels when I can. I have not stayed at the Centric, but friends did late last year and they said everything from the service to the beds/rooms to the proximity to everything downtown including the port was very nice.
  10. I've always had both apps downloaded. In addition to checking for available drivers, I've often found one to be a fair bit cheaper for the same route so it's nice for that comparison perspective as well. Definitely will be a different experience going forward, but I think there's definitely still going to be a market for it.
  11. Not sure what you mean when you say limited time. However, assuming you're talking 6-7 hours heading into Cocoa Beach and setting up on the beach is a great idea. For a meal, there are numerous great local restaurants in the area (lived there for several years) or you can even get some subs or deli food from Publix and make a picnic. If you need specific recommendations feel free to ask. Most/all of this is accessible via Uber/Lyft and walking. Obviously if you decide to head into Orlando you'd be looking at a car rental.
  12. Also consider AirBnB. We stayed in one last February for two nights pre-cruise and were maybe 1.5 miles from the port. We had our car but everything was either fairly walkable or an easy Uber/Lyft ride away. We found the price of the AirBnB to be very comparable to a hotel and had a nice one bedroom apartment w/laundry and full kitchen.
  13. Personally I'd stay in downtown Miami. Uber to the hotel from FLL, then to the ship in the morning. The cost from hotel to ship is next to nothing and much nicer being on demand than waiting for a shuttle. I've not really seen a hotel that offers a free shuttle anywhere in that area. If you're dead set on staying in Ft Lauderdale, then just get an Uber the next morning to POM.
  14. On your way down, I'd recommend a one-way car rental. There are many good restaurants within a few miles of the port and surrounding hotels and having the car makes it easy to get around. Morning of the cruise drop the car off and ride the free shuttle to the ship. If you go this route, I'd swing through the port and drop luggage off first before returning the car. This will make dealing with the shuttles much easier. Agree with John on the return to just take Uber or a shared shuttle unless you're planning to spend some time in the area or Orlando. If so, then another one-way rental would be a good idea.
  15. This was our balcony view from the Gabriel in downtown Miami back in November. Uber ride to the port the next morning was $8-9 for two and very quick. We got a great rate in November but rates can vary a fair bit based on season. It is however very close to the port. I've had friends who stayed at the Hyatt Centric Brickell last year and raved about it as well, also very close. I agree that I would spend a few extra dollars and stay downtown. The proximity to the port, good food, etc is worth a little more IMO.
  16. This was our balcony view from the Gabriel Miami back in November. We had a room on a higher floor and a perfect view of the ships coming in that morning before we boarded. The previous evening, we also got to watch the Oasis fireworks show from our balcony here too.
  17. We have not stayed yet (was supposed to next month) but had a large group stay at the Hyatt Centric last August. They raved about and said it was very nice and easy access to the port. Lots within walking distance too.
  18. Absolutely. The Alamo location will have a shuttle, but if weather is good it's actually very walkable back to the terminal whatever's easiest.
  19. Personally I'd take the Uber/Lyft even if the shuttle was free. The cost is negligible being that close, it's just your group, and you can go when you want to go.
  20. You will definitely not be sailing in May. We just had a week on Navigator cancelled yesterday. That said, we were on twice last year and it's an excellent ship. They did a great job with the refurb/update. As Biker said, I would check out the website and if you have specific questions about the ship after that let us know. The one thing I will say is don't miss the ice show, it's really good.
  21. It doesn't matter whether you had $10,000 or $1,000 tied up in a cruise, it can be frustrating trying to get the refund in whatever form you request. I don't expect to get anything back in a reasonable time frame right now, no matter what they're saying, makes it easier to deal with. That said, I choose to book with an amazing TA and let him deal with all that for me. Highly recommend finding a good TA, they make the process so much easier.
  22. I wouldn't be so sure about that. While I don't know what everything will look like, I would be shocked if there's not some sort of guidelines or at least enhanced questionnaire/screening. Hopefully some of the restrictions that were implemented can be relaxed, but it's just too early to tell. Going forward, getting onboard will likely never be as easy as it was before. OP, as others have mentioned, they can if the policy remains in place. Best advice is keep an eye on all updated policies/procedures and just be prepared that things could possibly remain the same for awhile. For your sake, I do hope you get to sail again soon!
  23. We are big Casa Denis fans and no matter what we're doing when visiting we always make time to stop for a meal.
  24. If it's anything like the Hyatt Centric in Brickell, it'll be a great hotel!
  25. Grills vs Fishlips is an on-going discussion and mostly personal preference. We're Grills people and used to eat there all the time before we moved, but I've been to Fishlips several times and not been disappointed. For good food down the road in Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral there is Thai Thai (Thai/Japanese/Sushi), Coasters (Cocoa Beach), Papa Vitos (pizza), Longdoggers (Cocoa Beach). All of these are local places with great food and a wide variety of cuisine. These are just a few of my favorites.
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