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  1. I haven't booked anything yet for 2020 but have been looking at a cruise on Aurora in June 2020 as it is our silver wedding anniversary. Just checked prices today and the select price has reduced by £173pp (minisuite) although the early saver has remained the same. Not going to book yet and will probably wait until we have returned from our cruise in November 2018 on Ventura - 7 weeks and counting.
  2. PJ's

    Mobile reception on Fjords cruise?

    Don't have to leave notes on cabin doors - you can telephone any cabin on the ship just as long as you know the cabin numbers.
  3. PJ's

    Transfer cruise to Cunard?

    We have done both a Baltic and a Fjords cruise. The places which we went to on the Fjords cruise were totally different from the ones we visited on the Baltic cruise. The sail into the fjords were absolutely magnificent and so glad that we did both of them. Which ports in Norway did you visit on your Baltic cruise?
  4. PJ's

    Prebook cabin?

    Many thanks for the quick replies. Looks like we will have to pay the £48 to ensure we are together. Good that this is an option as P&O saver fares you get what they give you. Unfortunate that we have to collect our luggage on arrival in Corfu, used to it just appearing in our cabin. Really looking forward to seeing how Marella suits us and the added bonus of being all inclusive and tips included is great.
  5. I have just booked 2 x deluxe balcony cabins on the Discovery for 3 May 2019. This will be our first Marella cruise. What are the chances of getting cabins next to each other or should we just pay the £48 and choose them ourselves. They are on the same booking and I am the lead name. Also do you get luggage labels with your cabin number. We are flying to Corfu but will we have to collect our cases on arrival? The last few cruises we have done were with P&O who deliver the cases direct to your cabin. What is the procedure with Marella? Any information would be welcome. I have tried to find our information on the website but at the moment it is not working as it is getting updated?
  6. PJ's

    Upgrade Disaster

    Unfortunately this is the risk which you take when you book cabins together and agree for upgrades. The TA (Planet Cruise) should, in my opinion, have informed you that there was a risk of you being separated if you left the upgrade on. Have they linked all your booking references so that you get the same dining arrangements? Not sure if you have opted for Club dining or Freedom. If Club you need to be linked so that you get the same dining time and table for all of you (presumably a table for 6). You need to put pressure on Planet Cruise but if you are 100% certain they did not mention the risk of being separated they should be able to move you back to your original cabins. When we booked two cabins together on Britannia a few years ago I made sure that the upgrade option was not ticked as we were quite happy with the cabins we had picked.
  7. PJ's

    P&O v's---

    Also as from May 2019 ALL the ships are "all inclusive" and that also means no extra gratuities. Their newest ship Explorer 2 (in service May 2019) is adults only. Seriously looking at this for next year as we always have a hefty bill after our P&O cruises. The price you pay includes drinks package and tips!! There is also a good choice of cabins on the Explorer & Discovery ships. The Explorer 2 used to belong to Celebrity. Looking through their brochure they do have some good itineraries.
  8. We also received a letter from Holland America this morning asking us to provide our consent to hear from them. We have sailed with them once but it was approx 3 years ago. Interestingly there is also another section on the form for both of us to complete which says the following: I would like to receive communications from Holland America Line's worldwide family of cruise lines, including P&O Cruises UK, Cunard, Carnival, Aida, Costa Crociere, P&O Cruises Australia, Princess Cruises and Seabourn. We have also sailed with Cunard as well as P&O UK in the past. Wonder if we will hear anything from Celebrity or Fred Olsen as we have also sailed with them. It must be a nightmare for the cruise lines!!! Filled in the form and sent it back.
  9. PJ's

    Baltic cruise safety

    Read somewhere on the internet yesterday that the British Embassy in St Petersburg is closing? Do you think this will make a difference to British cruise ships calling there?
  10. PJ's

    Check in for flight to cruise

    Long haul flights usually require you to check in 3 hours before flying. We always set off to the airport early as you just do not know what can happen on the roads and would rather be early than rushing at the last minute. Have a wonderful cruise.:D:D
  11. No idea but maybe March. Waiting for the 2020 itineraries myself as looking to book a cruise for our 25th wedding anniversary in June 2020. Hoping to go to the Greek Islands. :D:):)
  12. Excursions for our cruise are live now and we don't sail until November!!! Some of them are even showing Limited Availability.
  13. PJ's


    We do not sail until November and our shore excursions are showing now. In fact some are showing Limited places. Did not expect them to be released nine months before sailing.
  14. PJ's

    P&0 cruise to Caribbean

    I do not understand why you should need pans? A kettle and tea & coffee including cups/beakers are in every cabin. Why do you need pans....you don't have to cook your own food!
  15. PJ's

    P&O Early Saver Fares

    We had to book select as travelling with others and want to dine together. Anyone know of any other advantage for us? We have booked select, early saver & saver fares in the past. If you get your bookings linked then you should all get the same dining. We usually travel with friends and always make sure that the bookings are linked and have never been disappointed yet. If you book early saver then you can request which dining option you would like and as long as the bookings are linked everything should be fine.