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  1. #1. How close do river cruise boats dock to Tram Line #2 which goes along the Danube? Are there designated stops? We have afternoon tickets to visit Parliament and my basic research indicates that the tram would be the most convenient way to get there. #2. We will be catching a train to Munich out of Keleti station the morning we disembark. It looks like we might be able to take the Green Metro line there IF we are docked close to the Fovam Ter station near the Liberty Bridge. Has anyone done this or would the 2 of us be better off having a cab called from the ship? Szepen!
  2. I think it would work well for the river cruise line to arrange a taxi- Rick Steves warns about hailing a cab on the street being a likely rip-off. When we were in Hungary several years ago, we rented a car to visit the countryside around Lake Balaton and then returned our car to an off-site agency near the airport. They booked a cab for us, but the driver did not understand our pronunciation of the address to the Hotel Palazzo Zichy- luckily our GPS had a Hungarian language option and "semmi gond"! Except there was a problem when we returned to the U.S. and our GPS lady still spoke Hungarian!
  3. The words "spendy" or "pricey" could be substituted for "rip-off".
  4. Hi again Bo- Can you add to your group of 8? We lucked out in May '18 when our group of 10 was investigating river cruises and were able to benefit from an Avalon promotion that was giving one free berth (or equivalent price discount) for 5 cabins instead of the typical 8. It's worth checking group policy/pricing for all the lines. We also got $75 OBC + 2 free cocktails per cabin. We used a local travel agent affiliated with a larger company.
  5. I'm an X fan too, Bo. RE: Bordeaux- my dear friend 4774Papa has looked into a river cruise and found it is mainly focused on wine. But Azamara (loyalty reciprocity!) & Oceania respectively have 9 & 7 day cruises that overnight in Bordeaux and, in addition, visit ports in northern Spain & Porto + Lisboa. So those are something to consider in lieu of a river cruise to those areas. The Rhine cruises that include a Swiss add-on would be my 1st choice if you've not visited that part of Europe. But the Danube cruises include some great cities including Prague, Vienna & Budapest.
  6. The big box sends its own invoices as did a large online agency I booked our HAL cruise with. For our November River cruise, our local TA also had her own invoice. I would not worry too much. Just be sure that your final payment was charged to Celebrity NOT the TA!
  7. Would that photo apply to the shower in an OV or regular veranda on the Pursuit? It seems much better than some showers we've encountered ashore!
  8. The Aquarium Deck aka lowest deck with high windows cabins on Avalon are 172 sq. feet. We've not yet sailed, but research shows them to be larger than the same type of cabin on Ama & Viking. Also larger than the BC veranda cabin we've booked on the NCL Jewel. Since most river boats travel from one port to another at night, daytime scenery as above might be rare. And with rafting of one boat to another on river cruises while in port might mean your view is right into the veranda next to you. That happened to us on the Yangtze when we skipped an excursion to relax on our veranda instead- HA! BTW the cabin pictured above reminds me of the Celebrity Edge Infinite verandas.
  9. Good to know that NCL will Cold Wash. We have free laundry as a loyalty perk on Celebrity and always specify Cold Wash. My only complaint are the tiny stick-on tags placed in the clothes- they are hard to spot and do not come out without a big tug. Often I don't find them until after several washings back home when the tag starts to loosen and itches like crazy! Does NCL use a similar method to identify laundry?
  10. @KensterWe are not sailing until November 7th! Would have been nice to have sailed with you. My DH & I have made many friends thanks to Cruise Critic as I suspect you have too. This is our first river cruise and we have a group of 6 cabins which at the time we booked was enough for the discount. My big frustration is that we cannot use My Avalon due to being a group booking. I want to pre-reserve excursions, especially Cesky Krumlow.
  11. Ditto the kudos for Sylvie. We had a great day with her out of Villefranche in October 2017. We visited Eze, Nice, Rochebourne and drove through Monte Carlo. She offered numerous tour options for our group of 14.
  12. I am thinking of asking friends who will be sailing on the Equinox in January to book an Azamara cruise for us while they are on Celebrity. We've had friends book a Celebrity cruise for us while they were on Celebrity without issues. Would this be possible on Azamara? Do we need to get our Le Club Voyage membership numbers ahead of time? Thanks!
  13. We did a Yangtze cruise in April 2014 on a Chinese cruise line. No choppiness. We enjoyed the cruise which was part of a custom tour for 4 of us, but the food was not too appealing. We were so excited one lunch to see hamburgers on the menu- sadly they were limp ham sandwiches! After our tour/cruise it took me nearly 3 years before I'd eat Chinese food back home. hopefully Viking's menus will be much more palatable to western tastes.
  14. I wonder if you could have booked an additional room at the hotels assigned you by NCL for the land tour on your own. If so, I doubt it would have come close to the $1200 you were quoted!
  15. I am seriously considering a 9 day cruise on the Pursuit next year. I've read the LeClub Voyage benefits on the Azamara website. Is the "exclusive onboard get-together for Discoverer members and above" the same benefit as the Elite Happy Hour on Celebrity? If not, what exactly is this benefit? Thanks!
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