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  1. My first thought is to avoid speculation until cruising resumes, our booked cruises sail and then decide if it's worth sailing depending on mandates for visiting ports of call. There is so much uncertainty about so many things in 2020, I prefer to not increase my state of "Tizziness" at least until next year!
  2. If RCCL substitutes a ship for our Canadian Adventure cruise on the Empress, but the embark/disembark port is Quebec I can live with that so long as the itinerary includes....... NEWFOUNDLAND🦌🐋🇨🇦!
  3. Been about 10 pages of catch-up for me! And at least as many resends to friends via email! Thanks!
  4. Or go to the infinite verandas ala Celebrity's Edge class. FWIW I did not care for the infinite veranda for a variety of reasons. Open air balconies are my preference so I wouldn't like screens either. PS- Finally- with this post I made the 5k Club on Cruise Critic- time to celebrate🥂!
  5. I'd love to be able to make a comparison between Celebrity and Royal. We had the Jewel booked for last August, which was cancelled. We are now hoping that our Canadian Adventure cruise will be a go for a year from now, but that is on the Empress, so even if she's not released from the fleet, might not provide a fair comparison to Celebrity's ships.
  6. Yes, I think of our governor who tested + and was denied access to a very important event. That evening- with a better, more accurate test, he was negative. Never did have the virus. Conversely, false negatives could be far more disastrous!
  7. PBS Evening News Hour last night had a segment on idled ships in the English Channel- Jewel of the Seas was one of them shown + another RCCL vessel. Our Jewel cruise was cancelled so it was a bit sad to see her without me on her! And the story featured a Celebrity commercial for the EDGE, which we did sail on! https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/waiting-to-set-sail-idled-cruise-ships-at-anchor-attract-visitors-in-the-uk
  8. My Empress of the Seas and Celebrity Millennium's roll calls are stagnant! Speculation on this forum has the Empress leaving the fleet- possibly in parts! And the western US forest fire season is causing us to doubt taking next September's Pacific Coastal cruise. Without being able to definitely plan on these upcoming cruises, it seems moot to post on the roll calls. And I am just a few posts away from the 5k Cruise Critic milestone😷...
  9. My 10/4/2021 Canadian Adventure is still showing as bookable on the big box and scanner sites. Who knows?
  10. Princess, Empress, Duchess, Countess- title/schmitle. Unless it's Queen👑! Glad you were mistaken, Jonathan!
  11. Unless Celebrity has reconfigured its EDGE solo cabins, the rep you spoke to was wrong. My friend had a single infinite veranda cabin on the EDGE's eastern Caribbean inaugural. It was cozy, with minimal storage for her week's wardrobe and those verandas have an obstructed view thanks to lifeboats. Her savings over paying double rate for a non-solo cabin was negligible.
  12. No caption, but oh my! I think I know this couple!!
  13. I think I could live with ship tours only. But our next two cruises will be only US and Canadian ports so wonder if that will be a requirement for those itineraries. The big disappointment for us would be the port of Astoria OR if we are unable to DIY there. My sisses/spouses plan on driving from Portland to spend our 11 hours ashore with us! DH will likely go salmon fishing on the Columbia with the guys and our nephew for some of the time. And for Seattle & San Francisco the ship tours would need to be pretty unique since we've spent time in both those cities- already I've bookmarked
  14. Even though the rest of us are bemoaning the covid cruise shutdown, at least it may give this dude some time to earn the $$ for a Deck Two Inside!
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