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  1. Here is the link to Celebrity's transfer policy + a link within it to the form required to move your booking to a TA: https://www.celebritycruises.com/company/customer-support/help-and-faqs/pre-cruise/reservation-transfers
  2. TMLAalum


    Does HAL have the option for us to disembark taking our own luggage off? How does this process generally work? We are hoping to "hit the road" asap- the Nieuw Statendam arrives at 7 am on Sunday 12/30. Thanks!
  3. TMLAalum

    Solo deals on Celebrity?

    FWIW The new EDGE has 16 solo cabins on Deck 6 which appear to have obstructed views. They tend to book quickly. The pricing for a small single Edge veranda for our friend sailing with us on next month's Maiden Voyage was about 75% of what we paid for the two of us in an E3. .
  4. TMLAalum

    Pale Post #

    Prior to the website re-vamp, the post # was dark enough to read. I've always found it useful to reference a post # in replying to various threads, particularly roll calls. I've also noted #s in posts I've made for entries such as roll call event participants so I could easily go back to it, copy & paste and then re-post with additions or deletions, et. Please fix this if possible, thanks!
  5. TMLAalum

    Argentine Pesos

    How did you know you were getting a fair price using USD? Did you keep up with the exchange rate on a daily basis? We are prepaid for some of our tours, & our BA apartment, but will be dining out for the 3 days prior to our cruise. Hopefully restaurants will take credit cards as the less cash we need to carry with us, the better!
  6. TMLAalum

    HAL Ft. Lauderdale Cruiseport Pier(s)

    Thanks all for your replies!
  7. Trying to find out which pier the Nieuw Statendam may be scheduled to use on 12/23. I've googled and checked a variety of sites without luck. We are disembarking that morning on Pier 25 and trying to work logistics on getting to where we board the Nieuw Statendam.....our car will be at a downtown hotel parking garage from the 15th and it would be easiest to leave it there for both cruises, but I am concerned about how to get from one pier to the other if the distance is great. Thanks!
  8. TMLAalum

    Summit or HAL

    Your OBC from Celebrity can be used for ship excursions. Also a note on Select aka anytime dining: gratuities are no longer required to be prepaid, so you can use OBC for that. Do the math- typically Celebrity offers a perk smorgasbord where you can choose 1 or 2 or sometimes all 4. For your 9 day cruise the $300 OBC is a better deal than prepaid gratuities, but with an 11 day of longer cruise go with the prepaid grats.
  9. TMLAalum

    Summit or HAL

    This from a fellow Canadian may help you decide on the Summit! https://lifewellcruised.com/12-special-touches-that-will-make-you-love-celebrity-cruises/ We will be taking our first HAL cruise next month, and after reading the above blog, I'm wondering how many of the 12 special touches on Celebrity will be offered on the Nieuw Statedam.....
  10. Well, since they broke that pattern with Flora....
  11. Suggestion for E-3....... Xcel! Don't like Acme as it does remind me of a supermarket chain or that dreaded skin condition of adolescence!
  12. TMLAalum

    Most Dangerous Cites in the World

    Glad to see none of the ports on our upcoming B2B around the horn and beyond are listed!
  13. TMLAalum

    Questions from a potential HAL cruiser

    Thanks all for the replies so far...if we do book it will likely be on the new Nieuw Statendam right after disembarking from the new Celebrity Edge. Keeping my eye on pricing.
  14. Still unfamiliar with the new CC format and search options, so please forgive my naive inquiries! Is there a Catholic priest aboard at Christmastime? How many formal nights in a 7 night cruise and how formal is formal? If jacket is required for men, and DH doesn't have one, can he borrow one from the maitre'd? If no jacket available, what are other dining options for formal night? Looking at a GTY- when do we learn our cabin #? If we book a basic suite, do any perks come with it? We are very familiar with Celebrity, what differences might we expect with a HAL cruise? Thanks!