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  1. TMLAalum

    Do I really need a travel Agent?

    IDK if it's because we had a group of 6 cabins for our upcoming Danube cruise on Avalon, but we booked through a local TA, who is affiliated with a large service, and our perks include prepaid grats per person, $75 OBC and 2 cocktails per cabin plus one person's fare free, which we will share the savings among the 12 of us.
  2. TMLAalum

    Moveup Bidding

    My local warehouse gives me CASH when I bring in the gift card! Just redeemed $330 last month and will have $780 awaiting me after next month's B2Bs. Even though I am a loyal warehouse booker, I did get a better deal from a large online cruise agency for our HAL cruise in December, so it pays to shop around.
  3. TMLAalum


    Thanks both Crewbie & Lunenburg. Now I just have to find an Outlander Shawl pattern to bring along. It really helps to have a project in mind when buying yarn!
  4. TMLAalum


    We'll be in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru & Ecuador on our upcoming B2B cruises. As a knitter, I love to purchase yarn made in at least one of the oountries per trip that we visit. Making a scarf or shawl when we return home is a great souvenir. Has anyone done this? If you have, do you recall the store where you shopped? Thanks!
  5. TMLAalum

    2A 2B 2C... differences?

    There are a few 2Cs with larger, angled verandas:6156,6157,6156,6158,6240,6242, 6241 & 6243. These have partially obstructed views due to life boats below that reach to the veranda deck. At the stern end of the ship 2C cabins from 6287 to 6303 port and 6288 to 6302 starboard also have larger verandas with the obstruction being that the verandas extend partially over the blue dining room roof which prevents a full downward view. We love these cabins.
  6. TMLAalum

    Anyone Ever Ordered Off The Kids’ Menu?

    Thanks for your question, Helen! Never even thought about a kid's menu, much less ordering from it, but now that I've seen it, I will definitely request it on a least a couple of nights during our 29 day B2B next month. A small filet would be ideal!
  7. We've done specialty dining on the first night in both the Tuscan Grill and Murano. The discounted prices are a plus but, with the advent of select dining, having dinner in a specialty avoids the crush of getting a table if not already reserved. Plus with muster drill, roll call gatherings at the Sunset Bar it's nice to know you have a reserved time and a nice dinner to look forward to at a specialty.
  8. TMLAalum

    Buenos Aires to Iguazu - my point of view

    Yes, thanks VAValleyGirl! We will be there in 36 days, staying at the Panoramic Grand. How did you get to bid on the 1st class upgrade? I'd be interested in trying our luck! BTW we love both of your US locales!
  9. TMLAalum

    X cruiser tries HAL.

    Hi Muushka- We met onboard the NS at the MeetnMingle, which had to be organized by a roll call member vs. the Connections Party being organized by Celebrity! While we were not in a suite on the NS nor on our previous week's cruise on the Edge, I do agree about the robes and fridge being +'s on HAL. And other plusses included plugs by the bed for CPAPs (on Edge too, but not other Celeb ships). a magnifying makeup mirror, and a very nice in-room bar area. We also had thick robes in our regular veranda on the NS. And Music Row on HAL is great although pretty dated in decor. But there is no bar to gather to watch major sports events- we were 2 of 7 in a bar that seated only 9 watching a CFP semi-final. And the wine I wanted was not available there yet the barman made no effort to offer me other options as I believe would have occurred on Celebrity. BTW the Edge Lobster was as good as on the NS- usually I don't order it on Celeb as it's not been very good. I did post a comparison of the 2 ships title 2 Weeks, 2 New Ships at the beginning of January if you have time to look for it. FWIW, I did much prefer the Edge over the NS.
  10. TMLAalum

    Edge Overpriced???

    Yes, HAL's NS (12/23) was half the price of our Edge (12/16) sailing. With $300 OBC + premium beverage package on the Edge vs. prepaid grats on HAL the actual differential was not as great. But the NS, despite being as new as the Edge, felt very old to me. Low ceilings, dark decor on Decks 3 & 4, garish decor and overly bright MDR lighting, and Italian specialty restaurant that more resembled a 60's Chinese venue....I could go on with my opinion of the design and decor choices on the NS, but, except for the Tamarind restuarant, it was not to my taste at all. Perhaps the greatest drawback to HAL is the smoking is still permitted in the casino, though not all the time yet it still permeates to other areas of the ship. The Edge was beautiful in comparison. Despite not being a fan of the infinite veranda, I loved our cabin, the openness and flow of the ship layout with high ceilings in the public areas and the new venues such as Eden, the Grand Plaza and the Rooftop Garden (could use more shade). Loved the 4 restaurant concept on the Edge! I felt service was better on the Edge in the MDRs, too.HAL's waitstaff seemed well-trained to be robotic: ii I heard "My Pleasure" one more time after saying thanks..... Our cruise on the NS was our fist time on HAL and will likely be our only time on HAlL!
  11. TMLAalum

    Quick Review of Jan 13, 2019 Edge Cruise

    Yes. And come to think of it the shade cannot be lowered unless the veranda window is fully shut!
  12. TMLAalum

    Quick Review of Jan 13, 2019 Edge Cruise

    When the veranda window is open, even closing the clear bifold doors, which are not airtight, messes with the A/C. The shade is opaque so even if you closed it just halfway, your view would only be through the double glass of the bottom opened veranda. Agree with MVP about the negatives of the Infinite Verandas, although tweaks could be made to make it more enjoyable: less bulky veranda furniture, some type of light filtering drape, & airtight bifold glass doors so the A/C can keep the cabin cool while someone is out of the veranda!
  13. Living vicariously via your thread, Abbydancer! We had booked this cruise but switched to the 3/10 & 3/24 voyages instead. Your description of your arrival at EZE is very helpful- sadly we are seated in the waaay back on our flight there from MIA so will likely be at the end of the line for Passport Control.Will be checking out Steaks by Louis- looks like a great restaurant.
  14. I agree with your assessment, Esprit! When we arrived at Eden, where the 12/16 sailing Connections Party was held, it was not designated as closed for a private party so many chairs were already occupied. We finally found seats overlooking the Eden Restaurant. No name tags. Maarten did introduce the few officers present as they stood off to one end of Eden and he stood on the platform near the center of the venue. I don't recall that he gave credit to Cruise Critic and the roll call as is typical at these gatherings. When some roll call members started asking questions that were not to his liking, e.g. why no library, he made a quick exit. I don't recall that he had a mike, but I do recall that he did not invite any roll call member to the platform for any announcement that they might have made. Since I was the organizer of our cabin crawl I wouldn't have minded introducing myself. We did get to have a nice chat with other roll call members and a highlight for me was meeting Valentina! The Club or Meeting Room are far more appropriate venues for the Connections Party than Eden!
  15. TMLAalum

    Is Celebrity Listening- Grand Cafe Closed

    Like Kearney we never saw the food service kiosk. What would help IMHO would be if the Grand Bistro was reduced in size so that the section overlooking the Grand Plaza could become a cocktail lounge.