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  1. While not on a TA or TP, one of the most fun Celebrity activities we participated in was during the sea days on the Millennium from Hong Kong to Shanghai. It was a comedy improv workshop led by a husband/wife team of professional comics. On the last sea day a few of us brave wannabe comedians performed an improv for other cruisers. On other cruises with many sea days we've participated in activities organized by roll call members, the best of which was a Murder Mystery at Sea organized by one of the posters on this thread. Friendships forged by the participants have remained to this day. As @koolforkatz has posted, roll call members on an active one will be organizing many activities with participation voluntary.
  2. We've had our ff miles for our flight to Copenhagen redeposited. AA is offering no penalty cancellations up to 9/30, but we booked our return flight from Paris on 9/19 via an ff web special for only 20k miles each and original booking terms were clear that no changes or cancellations were possible. We cancelled that reservation yesterday and it remains to be seen if our miles will be returned- one would think they should be given the circumstances. We moved our RCCL NRD from the Jewel in August to the Empress in October '21 so that is no loss. Our Easyjet flight cost from Barcelona to Bordeaux won't be refunded unless the airline cancels. Not a big loss as it was @$120 for both of us. VRBO downpayment for a house the Dordogne will be refunded. Holiday Auto Rental prepayment will be too. Hotel reservations were not prepaid and are cancelled. My only glitch is the timeshare trade we made via RCI (not to be confused with the cruiseline- it stands for Resort Condominiums International) into the Royal Regency Paris. Since not all possible exchangers are from barred countries, I am thinking we will be out @$600-$700 as I doubt RCI will give any break to US citizens who are banned from France.
  3. I've a story about an English friend of ours who loves stinky Stilton. He bought a huge wheel of it and put it in his carryon luggage. When it went thru x-ray at Heathrow, the alarm bells started clanging due to its density and shape. Poor John had to disrobe his cheese and subject it to intense scrutiny before the security forces determined it actually was cheese! We had our own cheesy adventure when we flew from Paris to Southampton and DH decided to spend down our euros at ORY. (Warning- Never spend down your euros or pounds: You will be back!) He bought cheese! And then left it in the overhead when we arrived at SOU. After the plane was cleared, Air France kindly let him reboard the plane to retrieve. Luckily our transfer waited for us, but DH couldn't wait for his cheese! It's odor stunk up the entire van! Awful. The next morning the same transfer company took us to the ship but with a different driver who couldn't wait to share the story about the passenger his brother had the evening before! We've brought chocolate, lebkuchen and spices home from Europe. Wine could be a problem unless it is packed well in your checked bags, bought at the duty-free if you've a direct flight to your home USA airport or have it shipped.
  4. I vote for 6242. Being one deck above Cafe al Bacio is a plus and the only lifeboat you see from that huge veranda is the tiny one that isn't a lifeboat at all. If you choose one of the forward portside larger 2Cs I think you are far enough away from the smoke but avoid the midship portside 2Cs as the smokers are immediatley below you.
  5. @clojacks Frankly, except for the most forward cabins on any deck you would be looking down on lifeboats. Here are two more fotos from 6240 taken on our Solstice cruise as we left Melbourne. As you can see from the first unless you look to the stern you have a great view because the boat below this cabin is a little bitty thing- not a lifeboat. You can see bits of it in my photo. The second does show the lifeboats as you look sternward. We are booked in a Sweet 16 for our upcoming Millennium cruise, but when we sailed her from Hong Kong to Shanghai we were in our only OV cabin thus far (7003- at the bow and huge) and didn't miss a veranda at all since our itinerary was very port-itensive.
  6. Here is our Sky Suite on Deck 6. Small veranda! the 2Cs verandas are bigger than this, but the blue roof extends @4 feet beyond the end of the verandas which are @3 feet longer than the other 2Cs saving those on the jut out of the hump. If you can get 6240/6242 go for either! Right near main elevators and so convenient to Cafe Al Bacio on Deck 5! Wish I had a foto of 6298! Will see if DH has one and can forward it to me and then onto this thread!
  7. There are what I consider Sweet 16s on the S-class ships. The last 8 cabins Deck 6 toward the stern port & starboard have extended verandas over the blue roof of the dining areas on Deck 5. The lifeboats are forward of these. We've had 6294 and 6298- the blue roof is not a big deal and even the Sky Suite verandas on Deck 6 extend over the blue roof!! Also on Deck 6 there are 2C cabins on the angle of the hump that have the same oversize verandas as the 1As with barely obstructed views- per the Eclipse deck plan these are Starboard 6156, 6158, 6240, 6242 with Port cabins 5561, 6157, 6241, 6243. You can switch cabins within categories and not lose perks so if any of these are available go for it.
  8. @twangster I have read your threads on the Empress, thanks! Your comments have made me even more excited about our next fall's cruise aboard her. Initially it was the unique itinerary of her Canadian Adventure cruise that led me to consider booking. Then I checked out the deck plan and noticed oddly shaped OV cabins on Decks 7, 8, & 9. Further research showed these cabins to be relatively huge with 2 windows and there was one of these available! So we made the transfer from the now cancelled Jewel cruise to the Empress of the Seas!
  9. Well, the Empress has attracted me due to her Canadian Adventure itinerary that includes 2 ports in Newfoundland! So which Oasis, Quantum, Freedom or Voyager class ship will be able to sail from Montreal?
  10. Hi Phyllis! Remember our pre-cruise dinner in Civitavecchia? Those were the days, my friend. We'd thought they'd never end... Uh Oh- it's my 5pm wine making me maudlin😭. Hopefully, before year's end we will return to the glory days of cruising Celebrity🙏. Barb
  11. Who can predict how things will be when cruising finally does resume? As an older person myself I don't see the benefit of fretting about the future. We will be in Seattle in September 2021 as a port day on our Celebrity Pacific Coastal cruise. I'll evaluate the safety/security issues, if any, as we get closer to sailing and plan accordingly.
  12. Celebrity Freebies! Key chain on my birthday as Classic CC member. Chocolate covered strawberries. Sailaway from the heliport. Reunion Cruise Perks- as Elite being treated to a wonderful evening at the Codorniu Winery near Barcelona where we were welcomed by the crew with applause as we left our bus. Plus there were gifts at bedtime nightly.
  13. We can beat your 9 days of lost luggage- try an entire 14 night cruise preceeded by 7 nights Berlin-Prague-Amsterdam! Celebrity was wonderful to us- especially kudos to Niko Bella the concierge who was on the phone daily with the now defunct AirBerlin trying to locate our missiing luggage. Further praise to our wonderful roll call members who brought extra warm clothing for us since we would be as far north as the Shetland Islands.
  14. @S.A.M.J.R. It's been over 14 days since the Ozark Pool Party and to the best of my knowledge there was one COVID case identified the following week and another just recently, although that person may have contracted it elsewhere. Also the 2 Missouri beauticians who styled patrons while having COVID symptoms evidently have not passed the virus on- both they and their customers were masked. There is so much we do not yet understand about the transmission. Most passengers on those several cruise ships with COVID outbreaks, including those under quarantine for weeks, did not get ill. So who knows what will happen if ships are used as hotels in J-ville?
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