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  1. You have enough time to decide what option is best for you. Personally I would DIY the land portion because there are so many unique places that a group tour would not include, e.g. Hatcher Pass, or deep in Denali at Camp Denali/North Face Lodge. A short sail on the Alaska Marine Hwy can take you from Whittier to Valdez. DH and I even played midnight golf in Soldotna!
  2. Not received ours though ordered weeks ago. It happened to us a few cruises ago, but it was no biggie to have the porter at the pier tag them.
  3. Chose ship excursions that have a moderate to strenuous rating. DH & I are doing the Rainbird Trail in Ketchikan from the Catholic church back to the Creek St. area this Sunday. In Juneau we are going to hike some of the trails at the top of the Mt. Roberts tramway and do a city self-guided walking tour. When last in Skagway we rented a car and drove into the Yukon, but IDK what we will do this time around. Do be aware of bears. And if you are not fearful of helicopters one of those excursions for a glacier hike would definitely be unique!
  4. We are in a Cleveland suburb and got an appointment W 8/25 for Tuesday 9/7. I had two options for the type of test and not all locations offer the rapid antigen test, which is what I chose. Your choice might influence availability?
  5. Does this help? It's $2 one way Ward Cove, Alaska 99901 Walk 0.2 mi (5 minutes) 8:17 AMNorth Tongass Highway / Across from Troopers Silver Line towards Silver South Schedule Change to Silver Line Sunday Service for Aug. 1st-Oct. 3rd:Starting August 1st, Transit will be starting Silver Line service earlier on Sundays (6:25 a.m. on Silver North and 6:31 a.m. on Silver South). The buses will now depart Franklin/Roosevelt and Clover Pass Church at 7:01 a.m. and 8:01 a.m. There will no longer be departures from Franklin/Roosevelt and Clover Pass Church at 9:01 a.m. and 10:01 a.m. until the fall. The end time for the route will remain the same at 3:40 pm on Silver North and 3:31 pm on Silver South.The Bus - Ketchikan Gateway Borough 8:29 AMTongass Avenue / US Post Office/Ferry (Ketchikan, Alaska 99901)
  6. Here is a link to the Ketchikan Public Bus timetable, but IDK where it stops closest to Ward Cove. https://www.kgbak.us/DocumentCenter/View/8664/BUS-SCHEDULE-2021 If the excursion from NCL is one way, how do you get back to the pier? Perhaps taxis will be able to take you to and from downtown Ketchikan or is Ward Cove not accessible by land?
  7. St. Pauli Girl, Kaliber, Sharp's, Buckler's to name a few in addition to TravelBluebird's suggestion. DHs favorite was Sagres from Portugal! I had forgotten that brand so when I googled N/A beers I was delighted to see that there are many more to chose from of late including from craft breweries.
  8. There are so many better NA beers than O’Douls! Celebrity should have a selection of several IMHO. Love a Virgin Mary with breakfast, but it takes a good bartender to make a good one. Would rather have Mrs T instead of the plain tomato juice that is supposed to be a virgin.
  9. Second guessing our EDT early morning CVS rapid antigen appointments for Tuesday 9/7 for a noon PDT boarding on 9/10.... Has anyone successfully boarded a Celebrity ship with negative test in hand 3 days out vs. the 72 hours initially required?
  10. Interesting that the warehouse TA who has our booking for the same sailing as you (Come on over & join the roll call! 👋) was able to give an answer that made sense but Celebrity wasn't! We are down the hall from you in 7080, which we chose specifically for the larger, angled veranda. Hope our cabin isn't affected by this new "rule". Can you and your family member move to Deck 6 2C forward cabins? I'd suggest #s 6027 thru to 6035 Portside as those are the Sweet 16s with larger verandas than those you have reserved on Deck 7 above the Sweet 16s which look directly below onto the cabins on Deck 6. The warehouse site shows them available. Here is a pix of the starboard cabins from another thread: Deck 6 - the first 8 balcony cabins on each side of the ship that have the deeper balconies. Here is a photo that has been re-posted on this board many times before.
  11. Reverse situation for us... We need a taxi from Pier 66 to the Amtrak station when we disembark the Millennium @8:30am. Will there be any waiting or should we just get an Uber or Lyft
  12. Yes, it is confusing. We have decided NOT to click on the link. Another confusion is that the email states cruises up to 9/6 require negative covid tests. Ours is 9/10! We are still planning on being tested anyhow.
  13. Ok, I know I am going bonkers... Celebrity accepts either a PCR/NAAT test OR An antigen test aka a rapid antigen test So....is the 2nd one OK? It's available thru CVS and described as this on their website: Test type: Rapid-result test (antigen) Molecular lab test PCR/NAAT The most accurate test available. Results typically take 1-2 days.Link, go to disclaimer for details2 Required for most travel. Rapid-result test Reliable for people who are recently infected or with symptoms. Results within hours.Link, go to disclaimer for details3 Not accepted for all purposes, so be sure to check with venue, destination or airline.
  14. Thank you so much for your detailed report on your Alaskan adventure!
  15. Hmm...the difficulty had nothing to do with math skills but more to do with the following: Is it 72 hours or less from sail away time? Is it 72 hours or less from my assigned boarding time? If I live in the eastern time zone, and have a boarding time of 3pm, where can I find a test site open in the evening so that I can be tested shortly after the 72 hour clock starts ticking? If I wait until the morning, will my results arrive in time?
  16. I do see that button and have clicked on it innumerable times but nada. The app does indicate check-in in progress but shows Travel Info and Arrival Time as complete, but not Health and Safety since it is too soon. I am sure we will get on the Millennium regardless, but it would be nice to see the Xpress pass. Maybe will try on DH's iPhone vs. my Samsung.
  17. We are checked in but cannot access boarding pass on app or online, though others on our roll call have their Xpress passes printed out. Per the app we will only be cleared to board once we do our health questionnaire 24 hours prior, correct?
  18. Same here including an email received today. I am planning on 72 hours or less from Seattle time-luckily we board noon because it could be difficult to find a testing site open in our time zone if we had a 3pm arrival time.
  19. I am down to ordering the escargot every third night. Still love them a decade 🐌since first trying them on the Equinox.
  20. Many thanks for your pix of the Endicott Arm excursion. We will be on that little boat on September 13. Good to know that lunch may not be available when we get back aboard the Millennium, so we can plan ahead for eating in Juneau.
  21. After so much wondering where to eat, we will be dining with friends we made on a great cruise 5 years ago who live in Seattle and will be taking us to one of their favorite restaurants! Looking forward to seeing them again and being surprised.
  22. Mine posted and now all I need is 95 more points to make Elite+. Will get double points for our Alaska veranda cabin next month so only 43 to go.
  23. When DH had a private tour of the Edge bridge and was ready to leave the captain told him that he would find me in our cabin!!! No hidden camera, but the bridge can tell if a cabin is occupied or not by use of the room key card! A good idea IMHO in the unlikely event of an emergency.
  24. Since there are 6 of you, my suggestion is to do private excursions. You will receive individualized attention and you can forgo some of the mandated shopping stops that the cruise excursions are infamous for. For example, Tours by Locals in Ketchikan, has tours for 6 people for $70pp more or less depending on which you choose for your family. In Skagway there is a tour to a dog camp where kids can play with sled dog pups and there are many photo ops along the way per the description-that one is $925 for all. I am sure there are other private tour operators that you can find by diligently reading this forum. Re; Misty Fjords boat trip- I took it and felt it wasn't worth the $ at all being on a large boat with many other people for limited scenic views.
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