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  1. Booking a ship’s tour is a back-up plan. We have had a private tour booked to Pompeii since last year, but wanted to be sure of getting there if we have to be on a ship’s tour in order to leave the ship. Hope we will be able to cancel the ship’s tour. This looks like a good tour if we have to stay in our “bubble”.
  2. Thanks for the help. I bet the Discovery one doesn’t show you the brothel. And the ice cream doesn’t sound too appetizing either, After reading all the choices, I booked the one that includes Pompeii (same amount of time) and Sorrento for cheese, wine and olive oil. Nine hours instead of 4 and includes a stop at the cameo place too.
  3. We usually plan our own shore excursions, so I am not familiar with the way Princess works. When I look at the choices for Naples I see “Pompeii “ and “Discovery Family Pompeii “. The only difference in the description is an ice cream included with the Discovery tour. The Discovery is $79 and the Pompeii is $99. Can anyone tell me what the difference is?
  4. Yes, just like this on Sky. And we had one over Alfredos mid ship that got very noisy one night when there was a “spirited “ birthday party lasting until 11:00. Other nights were fine.
  5. We sailed on Sky with an obstructed balcony, and found it different from Regal obstructed. The top of the life boats is level with the balcony railing. We had to stand up to see anything but life boat. That said, it wasn’t a bad cabin.
  6. That’s the one I am looking at too. I’m trying to decide if I want to go in April or wait until the Fall trip back. What do you think?
  7. http://static.responsys.net/i2/responsysimages/content/princessus/EX_Summer2021.pdf I hope this works; I’m not good at computers.
  8. We booked through a TA but received an email directly from Princess. When I called the TA, she had heard nothing about it. While we were talking an email came in to her from Princess. There was a link that included the new itineraries which she emailed to me. This was around noon CT.
  9. Athens is missing from all Enchanted itineraries. We were Rome to Athens on June 5, but now the only original ports remaining are Rome and Naples- round trip Rome.
  10. Does anyone know why they have eliminated Athens? I thought Greece was doing really well.
  11. Our Rome to Athens on Enchanted June 5 has been redeployed to round trip Rome with some island stops instead of the great itinerary it had. This was to be our granddaughter’s graduation trip, and we had tours, apartments, and air booked. Really upset! I wonder if they are doing the islands so they can control our excursions? We can visit beaches in the Caribbean for a lot less money.
  12. When we sailed into the harbor, we were met by the fire boats spraying water and the beautiful opera house on the left and the bridge in front of us. I’ll never forget how impressive it was. I guess the departure would be similar, but don’t see how it could be as memorable. Thanks for the help; I’m just wishing and dreaming at this point, but things will get better soon I hope.
  13. Several years ago we enjoyed a magnificent sail into Sydney Harbor. I’m looking at a cruise in 22 that sails out of the harbor and wondered if it was as special. Has anyone done both? Thanks for your help.
  14. The Regal Princess October 23, 2021 transatlantic is now open for booking. I guess that means they got everyone moved over from the Crown. They had said “by September 30”, so quicker than expected.
  15. We were next to the elevator on Sky last year, and there was no noise at all.
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