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  1. It is a very spacious cabin, and we always have the queen set up. I would get the bed configuration you pre for to sleep on.
  2. We sailed out of San Francisco so not sure about LA. Also, I’m not sure I remember, but that sounds right. Maybe someone who has sailed recently (or is younger) can tell you for sure.
  3. Yes, you change every time you change time zones.
  4. I agree with LeeW - the tour to the ruins from Cozumel is not worth it. We traveled all day and were at the site about an hour and a half, not to mention it was awfully expensive.
  5. Love your picture! We are on the December 1 sailing and will look for it.
  6. Thanks, what about the other options you are discussing?
  7. I’m new to RCI, so this may be a dumb question, but do you pay for Johnny Rocket’s breakfast?
  8. Can you buy water onboard? Do they hav a 12 pack or something like that?
  9. Could I carry on another 12 at a port we visit?
  10. This is very helpful! We are sailing for the first time on Explorer of the Seas next fall with a guarantee 4D. I hope you don’t mind me asking some questions too. Can you bring sodas onboard? Can you bring water onboard? What reservations are people on the roll call talking about? We have MTD. What does that mean? Are gratuities assigned per day or do you just tip? What else do you wish you had known before cruising RCI?
  11. I think Princess is a much better product overall- and we have tried all the mid- range cruise lines. Food depends on what you like, but we can always find some that we think is good even though we notice cost cutting measures. We think the entertainment is better on other lines, but it varies by ship. The deciding point for us is the wonderful service and comfortable beds on Princess.
  12. We use What’s App to call using ship’s WiFi. Our family all have the app so no problem.
  13. We had to turn ours in when boarding for a British Isles cruise in Southampton. I believe it had to do with visiting Ireland. We had some on the roll call freaking out about it, but in the end we all handed them over. There was absolutely no problem.
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