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  1. Those short ribs are the best! I always prefer them to the lobster or beef Wellington.
  2. Is there a closer cabin available now? Your TA or Princess will usually switch you to a same category/same price cabin if you ask. I have done it several times when a location I wanted opened up.
  3. Thanks for your answers; it will be fun just to be on the ship. Anything extra will be gravy.
  4. If all goes well, we will be on the Regal out of Southampton for Halloween this year. I have read that it is a lot of fun with costumes, etc, but I think that was on a Caribbean cruise. If things aren’t changed (COVID), does Princess do the same in Europe?
  5. Thank you for the template- the examples look great!
  6. Thank you- that gives me an idea of when to look. I’ll probably just look every day since Princess hasn’t gotten their ducks in a row yet. I agree, if Priority Boarding is a perk, then they need to let Elite/Suite/Platinum go first. And some sort of communication would be nice.
  7. If you have been able to choose your boarding time in the medallion app, can you tell me how far out it became available? Thanks for the help.
  8. We were in this cabin or very close, and it was over the outside dining area. No problem except one night when a birthday party got very loud. The size is especially nice- enjoy!
  9. The fine print at the bottom says they have the right to change at any time.
  10. Will definitely have me considering other companies based on price and itinerary since my most valuable loyalty perk is gone.
  11. Sorry Princess, but I’m really not a happy camper right now! Can anyone get a good email address for us all to express our displeasure?
  12. Very easy, especially if you use packing cubes.
  13. I have loaded a fully functioning Medallion app to my iPad but can’t get the one on my phone to work. Took it to the phone guy yesterday, and he said my phone is too old. I’m not going to get a new phone, since I use my iPad for everything anyway. I can carry it and show it at check-in! Thought this might be an option for others having trouble.
  14. We’ve been mid to late May twice, and it was nice. Still snow on the ground and lots of bear cubs with their mommas.
  15. You can hang more than the airlines will let you carry. There are a counted number of hangers, and I always need a few more. The cabin steward will bring more, but they will be wire.
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