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  1. Hi thank you for your reply we are going to terminal 4 staying over night in Premier hotel and fly out terminal 4 the following morning KLM to Amsterdam will try and take your advice re transfers Aussie
  2. Arriving terminal 2 how easy is it to transfer to terminal 4 by train do we need a ticket ? is there a lift to platform ? if a lift can we take trolley ? what is name of train is the train easy to find and sign posted all reply's welcome thank you Aussie
  3. Thank you for your post and so informative have a G/DAy Aussie
  4. At the end of this month i will be arriving Schipol airport then taking the train to Central then walking to the cruise terminal Question A where do i purchase tickets for train B where do i board train C when going out of Central station what direction do i go for cruise terminal D walking to cruise terminal is possible all reply's welcome thank you Aussie
  5. Aussie One

    Beer on Princess

    xxxx was available on the Celebrity Solstice on the Australian and New Zealand cruises P&O UK serve real beer it’s warm so you can put a tea bag in it Aussie
  6. Aussie One

    Beer on Princess

    you have not included 4 xxxx It’s a Queensland beer it’s called 4xxxx because Queenslanders can’t spell beer said in jest Aussie
  7. The bus is good goes the same route as the shuttles ask the tourist helpers in the departure shed for time table only 100 mtr walk to bus stop cost nz6$ it’s never full plenty of room on bus drop off is central in town Aussie
  8. Aussie One

    Tender Sydney Harbour.

    Soltisce will tender Sydney Harbour in February 2019 where in the Harbour and where is the tender port drop off in the Harbour. Aussie
  9. Aussie One

    Need recommendations for lively ship (dancing)

    Try P&O UK they have very good dance floors and promote every day for about one hour look for Arcadia and Oriana Aussie
  10. Aussie One

    Very early arrival Boarding day Auckland

    The restaurants in Auckland airport are good value have a leasurly breakfast then get the Sky bus to Custom st a $18 pp a flat 10 minute walk with baggage to cruise terminal you should be able to check baggage at 10.30 go for a walk along the warfh then ready to board Aussie
  11. Aussie One

    Celebrity Miami email Address

    come on guys is this a secret Aussie
  12. Hi Guys living in The land of Oz when i try to email Celebrity Miami the web site send me to the Aussie web site and there Aussie email address i have a problem that celebrity Au do not answer my questions satisfactory so please post the Miami email address thank you Aussie
  13. Aussie One

    Where to stay in Sydney

    Check out Napoleon on Kent apartments good price very central no bells and whistles Aussie
  14. Aussie One

    Barcelona port/airport transfer

    There taxis avliable with a taxi controller at the port has a fixed price I would sagest a self disembark Aussie
  15. Aussie One

    Sick after cruise

    You have the symptoms of the Brisbane flu antibiotics will not fix this rest and keep warm we where on the same Barrier cruise as you I,m better but my wife very slowly improving flu jabs only last about 15 weeks get the latest jab end may beginning of June for lasting results Aussie