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  1. Be Patient it will happen some cards take longer take care Aussie
  2. W e had two bookings with NRD Celebrity both where refunded to our credit cards about a week before sailing October 2020 and February 2021 it was done with out cancelling or contacting them all good well done Celebrity
  3. When Talking about Land vacations Australians dont talk about how far in mileage or klms because of great distance between other states Perth to Adelaide three day drive, Melbourne four day drive, Sydney Five days, then we have Brisbane and Darwin so cruising around Aussie is a great way of seeing our country hopefully we can look forward to this in the future take care Aussie
  4. I received two NRD from Celebrity one for a October Cruise 2020 for AU $800 and another for February 2021 also AU 800 we have booked a 7 day holiday in Margret River this is the wine area in West Australia about three hours drive from Perth cruising will have to wait sorry to say take care Aussie
  5. yes wait until they cancel and the NRD will be refunded to your card or bank be patient it will take time take care Aussie One
  6. I agree yes you will get your deposit back but be patient as it could be paid back on the June sailing date I received two NRD deposits when sailing date was due it will happen take care Aussie
  7. Thank you Celebrity for the refund of two cruise that i had booked with NRD one sailing in October 2020 the other in February 2021 i received $800 in October 2020 and $800 for the February sailing the last week in January 2021. again well done Celebrity keep safe to everybody Aussie One
  8. The amount Was $400 NRD deposit that was the total as i said well done Celebrity Aussie
  9. We also had a NRD Eclipse Pacific October 2020 my NRD deposit was refunded at the end of October to my visa card well done Celebrity
  10. We had a non refundable deposit for October 2020 we sent a registered letter to Sydney Celebrity the letter took ten days to get there as all interstate postage goes by road as we live in Perth WA then to sub office post offices we received a email from Celebrity saying it would be credited to our credit card take care Aussieone
  11. We have booked two cruises one in October 2020 the other in February 2021 paying Non Refundable Deposits if Celebrity cancel these cruises are we entitled to get our deposit money refunded. Aussie One
  12. you are asked to show doctors certificate according to Celebrity on embarkation day my doctor said he would not sign this as it covers to many medical problems why travel to a Port then get refusal on embarkation day its Celebrity ripping off people who have prepaid fares and deposits when we paid deposit there was nothing said about doctors certificate so should we get back our non refundable deposits if cruise cancelled confused in Aussie
  13. If you book a cruise while living in Australia Gratuities are added to and included in the total price there are no options pay now this was brought in about two years ago Aussie
  14. How to get to the Grain Terminal for a departure cruise we have heavy luggage and are aged travellers all replys welcome
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