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  1. I bought the bracelet, loved it, but the first one kept opening so they replaced it with another one. Some other ladies were having the same issue with their bracelets opening. $50 pretty pricey but nice.
  2. Just got off the Royal and they had Chanel and Lancome.
  3. Great cabin. Just so you know it is a connecting cabin with E728.
  4. Does anyone have the Patters and Dinner Menus from the current Royal Mexican Riviera sailing that they could post? Thanks, Carole
  5. So, if I am understanding this correctly, if you want any power on the night table, you must run an extension cord across the floor? I am talking about a mini suite where , on the royal, the desk is opposite the night tables. On the grand class ships the desk was adjacent to the bed. Seems like a potential hazard this way.
  6. I solved my own issue. For those still having trouble I found that with the samsung galazy 9 I could not get the pin number to set. I tried to do it on my ipad and it worked just fine..
  7. Thank you my husband can't be in the Sun at all so it looks as if the sanctuary will not be for us
  8. Are there any shady spots available to book?
  9. Thanks for the number, I did call but did not get anywhere. She is submitting some kind of ticket and I should get a response in a week. It's just so annoying...
  10. Yes, I did all that. Would you please give me that phone number, I am sure that it is here but can't find it.. Another strange thing, the pin on my husbands profile is now complete yet my is still not showing green and it's the same.
  11. I have a samsung 9 and I can't get it to clear the pin and the cruise personalizer. Any advice. Everything is uploaded. I keep uploading the pin and it reverts back to need to create pin.
  12. I have never seen it turn green. What a pain!!
  13. I hope someone can help me. I have uploaded everything to the app but I cannot get ready because it shows red in Cruise Personalizer and Pin Number which I have tried to input many times Does anyone have any advice? I have all the pictures and passports entered but am stuck as to why I can't get ocean ready, thank you
  14. Has anyone not left a credit card on file and instead used a cash account. We have a lot of obc and probably not use all of it up.
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