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  1. Our cruise out of Southampton will leave on a Sunday. We will arrive at LHR on the Wednesday morning before and are thinking about spending the days before visiting Bruges, Belgium. We recently spent a week in London so were looking for something different than staying there and we have not been to Belgium before so it looks pretty doable.


    We flew into LHR instead of Brussels because we got really cheap airfare from JFK->LHR for the summertime. So we need to figure out the best way to get to Bruges from LHR and then we need to figure out how to go from Bruges to Southampton to get on the cruise.


    I imagine that the choices are buying a 1-way flight from LHR->Brussels or taking the Eurostar to Brussels. Does anyone have an opinion on which would be easier/less headache? 


    On the way back, I'd probably feel better leaving Belgium in the late afternoon on Saturday to make sure that we are in London at least by Sunday morning to get down to Southampton.


    Has anyone tried the overnight ferry as an option from Belgium to the area east of London? Not sure if that would be a logistical nightmare as an option?


    Thanks for any tips or suggestions,


  2. We will be in Monaco from 8am-5pm and would like to visit Nice in the morning and come back to Monaco in the afternoon. We have 9 people (4 senior citizens) so I am trying to keep the amount of walking/stair climbing to a minimum. I would prefer to take public transportation, either bus or train, to Nice.


    Which mode of transportation would be easiest getting to with our group? I know the bus ride is longer than the train but if the time it takes to get to the station is much less, than maybe it would be the better way to go. Anybody know which is less painful to get to from the port?


    I was thinking of staying in Nice through lunch with the idea that maybe food is cheaper there than in Monaco?


    Thanks for any tips!


  3. Hi-


    I want to make our 8am-3pm day in Corfu be at a beach in Paleokastritsa. We don't want to do sights here - just lay on a beach.


    What would people recommend for transportation from the cruise port to/from Paleo? We have 9 people so we are too big of a group for a taxi.


    Has anyone used good, reasonable priced transportation similar to this?


    Thanks for any advice,


  4. I was thinking about taking the train from Messina to Taormina. I am going to be on a cruise stop there on a Sunday from 8am-5pm and I see there is a train leaving Messina at 9:15am that arrives in Taormina at 10am. The return leaves Taormina at 3:22pm and gets back to Messina at 4:20pm.


    Is this doable? Will I be able to get off the boat early enough to make the 9:15am train? Will I be cutting it too close to get back at 4:20pm if we leave at 5pm? 



  5. I am looking for a way to book a transport for 9 people (yes, 8 would be better for a minibus but we have 9) from Livorno cruise port to Lucca. We could just be dropped off there in Lucca. We plan to spend a good part of a day there and then we could just take a public bus to Pisa. The we would want to be picked up in Pisa and taken back to the cruise terminal in Livorno.


    Anyone done such a thing?


    The all-day tours seem too expensive since we really just need transportation. The train would be fine except it seems like a pain getting from the cruise terminal to the train station - a lot of wasted time.


    I am also considering renting two cars or a minibus but I have been to Pisa before and I know it is a pain in the car and you can easily land somewhere that you can't drive through or park. Trying to make this easy...


    Thanks for any advice!

  6. Hi-


    Following our NCL Pearl cruise, we plan to take a train to Naples. I can't get a feel for what time to schedule the train because I have no idea how long it will take me to get to Rome Termini after I disembark.


    We would like to have one last breakfast on the ship before we leave. I know once I can get to the Civi train station, I will be okay but I can't figure out how long it will take me to get off the ship and then how to get to the train station. It seems that you can walk but we have 7 people (including my senior citizen parents) so I don't think that will happen with luggage. Something I read made it sound like taxis only want to take you to Rome or the airport and not to the train statin? Is this true?


    I am hoping there is just a taxi that can take us but does anyone know if I need to schedule a shuttle to just take us to the Civi train station or did you ride a bus or what?


    Any advice appreciated so I can figure out when I can book the train trips.


    Thanks so much!

  7. We have a group of 9 (me, my husband, both sets of grandparents, and our 3 boys who will be ages 19, 16, and 13). It will be my youngest's 13th birthday while we are in Mykonos. Having a summer birthday is a challenge - an adult would be thrilled to be in Greece for their birthday! He is excited about the cruise but is a little bummed that he will not be around his friends for his birthday (we seem to travel on his birthday most years since it is in July).


    Would love some suggestions on how to make this day in Mykonos a super-fun, special day for a 13 year old boy. I was looking at a catamaran trip, a day resort like Saint Johns or Anax, and the Delos Tour (but maybe it will be too hot in July?). Any other suggestions? We will be in port from 8am-6pm if that matters.


    Also let me know if NCL does anything special for birthdays in the main dining rooms, etc. Do I need to schedule anything in advance?


    Thanks for any advice!

  8. Hi-


    I have recently booked a 7-day Northern Cruise on the NCL Jewel which goes from Vancouver->Seward. The cruise stops are:

    Cruise Inside Passage -> Ketchikan -> Juneau -> Skagway -> Cruise Glacier Bay -> Cruise Hubbard Glacier


    We also plan to do land touring on our own after the cruise (possibly up to 2 more weeks) - a couple of days in Seward, several days in Homer, then head up towards Denali to see that. We would fly out of either Anchorage or Fairbanks.


    I am mostly confused on transportation. We will be traveling with a couple of other families and I am not sure if it makes more sense to split a 12-15 passenger van or just rent separate cars. Since we disembark the ship in Seward, it seems pretty limited to car/van rentals. I know Hertz has a rental place in Seward.


    I was thinking maybe we should rent cars in Seward and use them to go to Homer and then return them back to Seward and then take shuttle (cheaper) or train (expensive) to Anchorage. Then we could get other cars/van in Anchorage to do the Denali area and return to Anchorage. It would be fine with me to keep going to Fairbanks but not sure if that becomes a problem with the car rental. Does anyone know if certain rental companies do different pick-up/drop-off places without charging a hefty fine? Anyone rent a van and have good places for that?


    I would also love advice on what kind of excursions to do in which place. I can't get a feel for if I should do smaller cruises once on land (like Kenai Fjords/Major Marine) since we are seeing Glacier Bay and Hubbard. Is that more of the same? We want to do excursions but don't want to unnecessarily spend money to see/do the same things.


    Should we still hike to glaciers? Where is our best place to kayak? Where should we do dog sledding? There are so many things - I am just overwhelmed and I don't want to do duplicate things at different spots.


    Thanks for any advice!

  9. My parents would like us all to go on a cruise for their 50th Anniversary next summer 2019. They are avid cruisers with several on Azamara and Celebrity which do not seem to have as much for the kids that RCI has (and are much pricier for the rest of the family). My brother and family live in NYC and have a new baby so we figured it may be easiest to leave from Bayonne/Cape Liberty so they do not have to fly with 2 little ones. My 3 boys will all be teens so we can get around a lot easier.


    In looking at the itineraries for Summer 2019 leaving from NYC, it seems the choices would be either the Adventure of the Seas or the Anthem of the Seas going to Bermuda and/or Bahamas. With the limited research I have done, it looks like the Anthem is much larger and newer than the Adventure. In reading reviews, it seems like the Anthem had a lot more negative ones though. Has anyone been on both to give me a comparison or tell which one they liked better and why?


    In choosing itineraries, I see some go to Labadee vs. Coco Cay. It seems with all of the new plans they have for Coco Cay, that it would be the preferred destination? I assume a lot of it should be complete by next summer?


    If it helps, our group will be 2 senior citizens, 4 adults, and 5 kids ages 19, 16, 13, 3, and 1.


    Thanks for sharing your tips and experiences!

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