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  1. We are planning on walking around the town in Bonaire and am wondering if there is a good and casual place we could have lunch?
  2. Bonair is day 5 and 6 is a sea day I'll be on Freedom of the Seas going to Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire and St. Martin
  3. I'll be on Freedom of the Seas going to Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire and St. Martin
  4. What nights are formal nights or whatever they call it now? I'll be on a 7 night Southern Caribbean cruise. I was thinking nights 2 and 5?
  5. Tahina cruising


    Is the town in Bonaire walking distance from the cruise port? We were thinking about just walking around and trying a local place for lunch.
  6. I have 89 days until my cruise on Freedom of the Seas. The link says Start Check in but when I click on it nothing happens. Is something wrongs with the website? I tried yesterday at 90 days and it wouldn't work either.
  7. Was it this by any chance? This is showing on my cruise in October.
  8. Thank you! I guess I missed that.
  9. Does anyone know if the new dining special Chops + 1 allows us to eat in Chops both nights? From what I understand, Chops is night 1 then the 2nd restaurant can be any other night and chosen by the passenger.
  10. I am seeing it! You should start a Grandeur solo traveler takeover thread 😊 I'm going somewhat solo in October on the Freedom. I'm meeting the people I met on my November cruise 😊 I'm already thinking ahead to next year for going completely solo.
  11. We had a beach excursion booked for Grand Cayman but it was pouring rain and storming 2 hours beforehand. We tried to cancel it and they said we wouldn't get our money back unless they cancelled the excursion. This was 2 hours before though. Try to make a decision early enough to be able to get your money back. Our excursion must have ended up being cancelled because that amount was credited to our account.
  12. Thank you! Day 6 on our cruise is Valentine's Day but not a sea day. I have the Celebrity app and saw the menu for day 6. I read that for Valentine's Day there might be a special menu including filet mignon. Does anyone know if that's true? Or should that show on the menu on the app?
  13. Is Pier B close to Schooner's Wharf? I wanted to start our Pub Crawl there since it seems to open the earliest.
  14. I'm on the 7 night Western Caribbean on the Equinox leaving in a week. What nights are the chic, dressier evenings?
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