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  1. We are booked on The Sky Princess in Feb 2021 and we wanted to know from people who have already cruised on this ship, what was the smoking policy in the casino and up on the pool decks. We just took a cruise on the Explorer of the Seas and the smoking in the casino was so bad that we very seldom went there. I have also seen on here that the casino is very small on Sky Princess..is that true? Also is it true that the theater is so small that you have to get there an hour before the show to get a seat.
  2. On the Explorer of the Seas is there an electrical outlet by the bedside table that you can plug in a CPAP machine or do I need an extension cord?
  3. Thanks for all the advice..sounds like Downy wrinkle release may be a good way to go or the hot shower trick. I don't know what you other people meant by the other "steamer". Maybe I don't want to know.
  4. We are on the Explorer for a 9 day cruise on Feb 21 and I know you cannot take an iron on board but can you take a steamer to get the wrinkles out of your clothes..or does anyone have some great advice on how to manage the wrinkle problem. Thanks
  5. I don't know if this question applies but when they offer free WiFi..what does that get you? Thanks
  6. We are on Explorer in Feb 2020 and was wondering if we need to get tickets to the evening shows each night or just go, find a seat and enjoy the show? Also we are signed up for My Time dining because early ding was not available so do we need to make a reservation each night to dine or can we go the first night and get a table and request that table again for the remainder of the cruise??
  7. Since you just got off this ship can you tell me if you had to get tickets to the show at night or could you just go and get a seat and watch the show? I know on some of the bigger ships you have to get tickets to get in or so I have been told. Thanks
  8. Thank you for all the replies...I think we will take your advice and park at the terminal...sounds too easy to be true. Do I have to know what pier the ship leaves from before we get there or is there only one parking garage? Thanks to FLHugh for the great post.
  9. We are leaving on a cruise in Feb 2020 from Miami. We are driving to Miami from northern FL so would like any advice on where is a good place to park and dependable shuttle service to the ship. I know you can park right at the port but 22.00 a day is a little pricey. There will be 6 of us and I notice that some shuttle services only take 4 people. I need some advice from all you cruisers who have driven to Miami and parked there. Thank You
  10. We are thinking of a cruise on MSC but need some input from some seasoned travelers. How does MSC compare with Holland America, Royal Caribbean, Princess, Celebrity, etc. The price on MSC seems too good to be true so is there something we are missing or is it just a good deal? Let me know what you think of the food, cabins, entertainment, casino, and anything else. Thank you for any info you may have.
  11. I didn't know the name of the beach but I have since found out it is Saunders Beach. Thanks
  12. I understand there is a beach that is a short bus ride from the port in Nassau. Can anyone tell me if there is any shade at this beach or do you have to rent umbrellas. I know that there is a beach you can walk to from where the ship docks but this is not the beach I am talking about. Thanks for any info you may have.
  13. So does anyone actually know why certain people receive "casino offers" or "casino discounts"?? Does it matter how much you gamble in the casino or is it just a random number of people who get such offers. I have heard so many rumors as to how much money you have to gamble or how much time you must spend in the casino, that I have no idea how these offers come along. My sister who had never been on a HAL cruise before last Feb now gets casino offers via email all the time and unless they snuck down to the casino after we all retired to our rooms, then we were all in the casino together spending about the same amount of money, so none of us can understand why they keep getting these offers and no one else does.
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