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  1. This is why I talked to our TA about an upsell. We usually book a guarantee room and see what happens. I can't remember when we weren't upgraded to better room in the category we booked...for example we usually book a BB guarantee. Most times we end up in an A. With club orange people getting upgrades in their category, my questions was where does that put the guarantee people on the list. I find all this very interesting and appreciate everyone's comments. We also have "worked" hard to get to 5 star but I can't blame someone for being interested in what club orange has to offer for $15pp for the 14 days. Sometime to me it is all a mystery on how HAL works assigning rooms and making decisions about other things on a ship!! But it won't stop us from cruising as much as we can....and we also are looking at other cruise options.
  2. I think you are correct. Upgrade happens in category booked.
  3. Brad and I had been talking about this possibility for quite some time. I emailed my TA on Sunday and asked her if she thought it was too soon to ask about upsell. She called either Monday or Tuesday to inquire about an upsell. She was given a cost and asked that it was noted in our booking and preserved at that quoted amount even though later the Neptune price went up. We were able to keep our gratuities and OBC. She and I discussed this last night and I said to go,for the upsell! Now I get to tell brad in a few minutes as he was flying home! Our TA called HAL this morning and confirmed we were interested. We have a quart tee SB. We don’t mind the locations of the SB and if we get a shower only, that is ok with us. She he did say at that time she first called, that upsell hadn’t officially started yet. But she asked to speak to,a supervisors and got a quotas for us. Hope this helps.
  4. Yes, we did receive the offer. But along with that was an upsell offer to a Neptune which we accepted. We always have an idea of how much we would pay just in case and this was in our price range. So we will get to try club orange out. I am curious how it works . We like to have options when dining. We always book as you wish dining as we enjoy variety: pinnacle, canelleto, lido and MDR. We enjoy meeting new people at dinner or dining with new friends we have met on tour or the roll call. It depends upon the menu and how busy our day has been where we eat. So this added club orange will be interesting. I will definitely post about the experience after our cruise!
  5. We also prefer the lunch to breakfast and dinner. A great break from the Lido. Be sure to book ahead. If fills up fast especially on sea days.
  6. I package the chocolates up and bring them home to my father-in-law who is 98 and his cruising days are over. He loves them. Says he can imagine being back on a cruise! He shares them with the assisted living staff and talks about his cruising days with them. A win-win for everyone! Even myself as I agree with previous post that I don’t need extra calories. I get my chocolate fix and calories at dessert time!! Lunch and dinner!
  7. We have sailed out of Rotterdam twice. First time we were with friends and had done a road trip from Germany to Amsterdam. Night before the cruise, drove to Rotterdam, stayed in the Old Rotterdam Liner which was interesting. Next day, fellows took us and luggage to the port, returned the rental car downtown Rotterdam, took a taxi back to port and we were off. Worked well. Second time my husband and I arrived in Amsterdam on a Viking river cruise. Walked with our luggage to central station, caught a train to downtown Rotterdam and stayed in the center. Spent 2 days there enjoying Rotterdam. Lots of walking but very interesting. Day of cruise we took a taxi to the port which wasn't far but had to cross a bridge which would have been difficult with luggage. If you travel light and don't have large suitcases, the train is very easy and convenient if staying in Rotterdam. You would need a taxi to the Rotterdam liner and then again to the port. We enjoyed the Rotterdam liner and can say we stayed there but I wouldn't want to stay more than one night. If you are staying there 2/3 days before cruise, more convenient to stay in town in my opinion. You will have a good view of the old liner as you sail out!
  8. Thank you for this information. Always used the comment cards and glad to know they are still available. But will definitely check out the Navigator app. Nice for people to have options to compliment crew and staff.
  9. Agree with what everyone said previously. We never opt out, always tips both cabin stewards more, remember dining and wine stewards and anyone else that has be extra helpful. I remember one sweet young lady that made sure we always had water and coffee/tea in the morning in the Lido as we would always go up early to enjoy the quiet before the breakfast crowd came. We tipped her and she got tears in her eyes and said she had never had that happen before. Everyone works so hard, is away from their family for so long and a lot are supporting their families with their cruise job. They deserver their tips as far as we are concerned. On a side note, we always keep a list of names of those who have been really helpful. I fill out the comment cards recognizing them during the cruise and also in the survey. Every little bit helps.
  10. Yes it is easier to pack last day of a cruise. And even easier if you have driven to the cruise port as we will do soon for our Alaska cruise. No airline security to worry about and wondering if everything will fit back into the suitcase or the need to check an extra bag. Usually when we pack before a trip I make plans to leave space for souvenirs for the grandkids. Something simple and representative of countries visited. For my shopping in Alaska, I just need to be able to what I buy back to the car! LOL
  11. This has been great reading this afternoon. LOL! I make lists, start a few days before, use packing cubes (different sizes for different things) which help me stay organized, and actually enjoy the process as I know that soon I will be unpacking on a cruise ship! Best of all, I try to remember that what my DH tells me....there are stores most everywhere and you can always buy what you forgot if absolutely necessary. 🙄
  12. These options look great to me. I had asked for lettuce wrap on previous ships and was accomedated. They are eager to please!
  13. Thank you for all your comments and photos. Hope you are feeling better.
  14. Thank you for the pictures. Looking forward to your reports as we are on in September.
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