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  1. Chocolate day! Love it. But will pass on the squid stew. Back helping the grandkids with online school. They are better at zoom than I am. Good news about the surgery being successful, Allen. Speedy recovery. Thanks again for the daily info.
  2. Happy holidays to everyone. Enjoy reading everyone's good news. A great way to start the day. Headed out for a hike. Most places here on the coast will be really busy in spite of the amount of new cases in our county. Will carry my mask but hopefully won't need to use it on the trail. Masks are required now in all public places and where one can't social distance. We also haven't been able to use our reusable bags at the grocery store unless we bag ourselves. Which we have done most of the time. If we forget the paper bags are now free. Have an awesome day. Thanks for the daily report. Stay well, safe, and be kind!!
  3. Glad your colonoscopy is over. Relax the rest of the day. We are refinishing our garage doors. Usually an August project but we are ahead of the game here this summer. Feels good to get things done. Thanks for the update, Rich. We are having chicken pasta with veggies tonight. May need to find a good UFO movie for tonight. 👽
  4. Happy Canada Day. Hope all your celebrations are filled with fun and great ice cream. Really enjoy reading the Daily posts. So positive. Thanks to you all.
  5. Wishing you well with both the test and procedure. My DH has his covid test on July 9th before his colonoscopy on July 13. Then he has to self isolate!! Probably I will also unless I move out or move him out!! Thanks for the daily report. Wine suggestion is a great one. We are being required to wear masks now in any public places. Bracing for a lot of visitors to the Oregon Coast this weekend and signs are up on businesses reminding tourists to wear masks before coming inside. Weather is supposed to be wonderful for the 4th here. But we will avoid the beach and can enjoy any private fireworks in the bay from our deck. 🎇
  6. That. Is correct. FCC can’t be used for a cruise deposit. It it can be added to your booking and the amount substrates from your booking amount. We did just that. We booked a cruise and paid the deposit. When our FCC came through last week, we asked our TA to apply to our cruise. Our booking now shows that amount subtracted from our total that will be due next year. Was an easy process.our FCC covered our deposit plus a bit more.
  7. I logged into my account Thursday on HAL and found on the new feature that we had received our FCC from our cancelled cruise that would have left today from Amsterdam. My TA told me that I would get an email from HAL about the FCC but that didn't happen. Maybe it is because they have then new feature and expect us to look for the FCC there. Anyway, I emailed my TA about it yesterday. Today she applied it to to an existing booking in July 2021. It wasn't large...we had not made final payment and took the option for 125% of deposit plus the $250 pp OBC. It took some off of our fare and the extra OBC will be great. One cruise down...next will probably have to wait until September before our other comes through.
  8. We have a lot of bald eagles this year near us. Adults and juveniles. Love watching them fly. They are quite noisy also. Would love the curry dish but as we had a large lunch, it may just be popcorn for dinner!! Thanks for the update.
  9. Lots of people fishing in the bay this morning...or crabbing!! Great quote. Chicken stirfry on our menu tonight. Thanks for the update and positive posts.
  10. Thank you for the report. Misty rain here on the Oregon Coast. Doesn't bother the seals though!! Our bay is full of them and at low tide their large population is very evident. But for me it is inside projects. Our dinner will be a grain bowl with avocado and steak. Will cook farrow instead of rice. Add a salad for some greens. Have a wonderful day.
  11. Love the quote. Think I will go have a piece of chocolate now! Thanks for the update.
  12. Thanks for the report. Rain here on the coast! Should be better tomorrow. Running low on our dark chocolate bars. We have a few pieces each night after dinner!! Our treat to ourselves. Have a good evening.
  13. Wonderful. I hope we all will be sailing whenever possible. Thank you.
  14. Not wasting too much time here on the Oregon coast today. Yard work is calling before rain comes back. But I do seem to get sidetracked a lot...start something and then go on to something else before I finish first project. But there is not timeline so it really doesn't matter. Thanks for all the news on the ships. Really appreciate it. Have a wonderful, safe day.
  15. Never knew there was a National repeat day! Have had enough of repeat days for a while. But do enjoy checking on on cc to repeat my read of the Daily!
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