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  1. highland cruiser

    Getting Excited

    We board the Westerdam on Jan. 17th. Starting the packing. Just got our room number last night. Can do my pre cruise origami now!! Love that term.
  2. highland cruiser

    HAL - South America & Antarctica

    We cruised Antarctica last January. Left from San Antonio, Chile to BA. Would do it again in a heartbeat. Weather was awesome. Saw so much wildlife from the ship. Didn't feel the need to actually step on the continent. Was magical to view it as a pristine area with no one disturbing the environment from the ship. Go for it. You won't be disappointed.
  3. highland cruiser

    Hoping for upsell to Neptune suite, but hopes dashed

    We are on the Prinsendam this November. We had a SY GTY and were upgraded to an SS. Then there was an upsell offered to the Neptune..Cost was almost more than what we originally paid. Not a good deal for us so we turned it down. We really are happy with our SS. There is always a chance an offer will come for a Neptune. We have taken some for a price we were happy with....never been upgraded...just taken an decent upsell. And everyone's price point for an upsell is different. Just saying!
  4. highland cruiser

    Live from the Prinsendam September 2 - 30, 2018

    Great review. We join you on the European river part on Sept. 16. Canโ€™t wait to be on that Prinsendam again. Looking forward to your posts before we leave. See you at the meet and greet on Sept. 17! Mary
  5. highland cruiser

    Anyone ever heard of Go Ahead Tours for Latin America?

    We have used Go Ahead tours in Ireland and Spain. Friends used them in Australia. They are awesome. If we ever decide to go to Machu Picchu we will use them. Our tour in Spain was a walking tour with about 16 people. Hotels were great and we stayed in most places 2 nights. All breakfasts are included and several dinners as well. For both tours the tour guide went out of his way to make sure we had all the information we needed for any free time activities, restaurants, shopping, etc. I can highly recommend them. (It is way different from a cruise where you can unpack once and have all your meals taken care of...but the tours were awesome and we felt we really got to know the country we were in very well)
  6. highland cruiser

    Your Fleet Locations For Tuesday, June 19, 2018!

    This takes time and work. Really appreciate it. Thank you.
  7. highland cruiser

    Piano Bar entertainers - who is your favorite?

    Who is on the Prinsendam this September? Thanks
  8. highland cruiser

    European Cruise Questions

    Add crepes to that list of street food in France and Belgium. Can't wait as we are on the Prinsendam in September. :cool:
  9. highland cruiser

    Questions about Canaletto for two people

    We really enjoy the Canaletto. Have found it is a lot of food for just the two of us. We always try to go with friends and then we can order a variety of items to share. Even when it is just the two of us, there was no limit as to how or what we could order. Just save room for dessert!!
  10. highland cruiser

    Magnetic hooks on Zaandam

    Yes, friends of ours used them on the Zaandam this past February. Worked very well on the walls and ceiling. I thought it was a great idea!!
  11. highland cruiser

    The new HAL In-Depth Explorer cruises on the Maasdam

    We also enjoyed the EXC program headed by Dr. Carey while on the Zaandam in January. Programs were varied, entertaining yet educational. Especially the penguin presentation! We are excited about the Maasdam and have booked 2 cruises for 2019. ๐Ÿ˜„
  12. highland cruiser

    Packing for cruise

    Using packing cubes for,the first time next week. With all the different weather changes on our cruise, thought I could be more organized with them. Appreciated reading all the posts.
  13. highland cruiser

    Christmas on HAL???

    Ditto to all of the above comments. We were on a Mexican Christmas cruise several years back. Santa arrived and gave gifts to every child between newborn and 18 years of age. It was so cute to see how the older (young) people responded. They even had pictures taken with Santa. What impressed me the most was how dressed up everyone was for the Christmas Eve and Christmas day dinner. Especially the children. The dining room was beautifully decorated and both were very festive occasions. We enjoyed being on a cruise with all the children. Most were well behaved and seemed to enjoy the cruising life!! Would definitely go again on a Christmas cruise. :halo:
  14. highland cruiser

    Carnival Corp raises its dividend!

    Thanks for the information. A nice bonus on top of the OBC. Enjoy seeing that added to our reservations.
  15. highland cruiser

    Shore Excursions-book now? pay later?

    I agree with other posts. Better to book now and not be disappointed. You can always cancel once on the ship. Enjoy your cruise and tour!