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  1. Good evening. Always wanted to go to Petra. Pictures make it even more a travel wish. great day here. Long bike ride this morning before it got too warm. Grandkids were well behaved on the ride to and from school. I don’t blame them when we have to sit in traffic for a long while on the way home. Friends are feeling better and one gets retested tomorrow to see if she has COVID. Medical people think her first test was a false negative. Won’t really matter in the scheme of things for them. They will definitely finish their quarantine. We are taking comfort food to them tomorrow t
  2. Wonderful you are having great weather. Hope you see a lot whales this evening. Enjoying your pictures. Thanks again for posting.
  3. Good morning, Nice and cool here and we have the windows open. I am not an air conditioning fan but know it is needed even here when temperatures rise. Interesting list of days. Haven't been to the port and so the pictures are great to see. Prayers to all on the care list and cheers to those celebrating. Our good friend who has a break through covid case now has spread it to his wife. We were so hoping that with she wouldn't get it. Both are doing ok. We will drop off groceries as needed (from a distance). Praying for all who are still affected by this pandemic.
  4. Thank you, Lisa for all your information. Appreciate you taking the time to do all the posting and answering questions. Good to know about wine packages and mariner receptions. I am sure it will take some time to get back into everything working smoothly. I am so happy for the crew that is back at work. Sounds like everyone is glad to be back on a HAL ship. Enjoy every minute of your trip.
  5. Good evening here in WA state. Almost Monday for the east coast friends. I have read most of the posts and appreciated all the pictures. We have been thru the Panama canal once and will hopefully do so again in March 2022 on the Westerdam. Enjoying all the news from the NA. So thrilled for those on that cruise. Thanks Roy and Rich for all the lists and prayers and cheers. It is a lot of work and well appreciated. We are back in Vancouver starting our week of being the "bus" for the grands summer school session. We will be done by the last week in August and th
  6. So exciting. I can't wait until we board the Eurodam in Sept. Thank you for all the news and pictures. This is great. Looking forward to following your live news. Seattle treated you well with that weather. May the rest of your trip be a wonderful. .
  7. Good morning, Love the days. They all fit together well. I don't manage a hammock well but enjoy it when I finally maneuver into one!! LOL! Interesting quote. There is some truth behind it. Haven't been to the port and will enjoy the pictures. We both got our first shot of the newer shingles shot about 2 months ago. Received one years ago and were encouraged to get the newer one. Very sore arms but nothing else. Were told that the second may cause some side effects similar to the flu. I received my second at the same time as I got a tetanus shot. One shot in th
  8. Wow! You really got a workout at your appointment. Praying test results will be ok and no big issues. Take care.
  9. Great news. I am sure your recovery will continue quickly. Thanks for letting us know.
  10. Good morning everyone, I will be someone today...me! Not a hot dog fan but need to stop enjoying junk food as much as I do. Looking forward to port pictures. Thanks for having the wildfires on the prayer list. On the news last night we saw pictures of the Bootleg fire and how it is making it's own weather. Can't explain how but the huge clouds we unbelievable and they were producing more lightning storms over the area. Unbelievable. Those firefighters working the fire are awesome people. They definitely need our prayers. No smoke here from the fire as the breeze is fr
  11. Good evening. I am back at our home on the Oregon Coast. DH is in Vancouver with work and grandkid shuttling to school until Thursday. Really enjoying my quiet evening. Thanks to all who posted. It has been a great read tonight. JazzyV, I hope you are seeing well tomorrow. I have lens put in when I had my cataracts removed. One worked well. The other had to be replaced a few months later and it was stuck also. I certainly know what you went through today. Hang in there. It will get better. Just took some time for me. Enjoyed all the pictures and posts. We are trying ear
  12. What fun to read most of the Daily this evening. Wonderful comments and pictures. Thank you everyone who takes time to join in. Roy and Rich, I appreciate all the work you do. Prayers to all and cheers to everyone celebrating. Baby Camilla is so cute. Prayers for her dad the fisherman and her mom for strength to carry on. Weather is hot and dry here. Oregon has a huge wildfire in the southern part of the state. Those firefighters are brave men and women. Great news that Canada is opening soon. Maybe my sister and brother-in-law in Nevada will be able to visit their son in
  13. What a great read before bed! Love the pictures and comments. Spinach is a favorite. Really dislike snakes. Haven’t been to the port. Thanks to all who post and make the lists. Prayer and cheers to all. Have a wonderful weekend.
  14. We are disembarking in Venice in oct. from the Eurodam. I asked my TA to ask if HAL was giving COVID tests if we need one for traveling home and she was told they will be available but we would need to schedule when we would want to get one before disembarking. The person our TA talked to could say if there was a cost or not. She wasn’t told what kind of COVID test is was or how getting results would be. We will ask again before we board in September.
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