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  1. We went to watch the waves between storms today and they were pretty awesome. This is just the beginning of wild weather for us . Last night was noisy and a lot things hiring the windows but no damage. Thanks for the good wishes!
  2. I try to get on earlier in the day but no luck. But do enjoy catching up although even late. What a day for Friday the 13th. The storm last night was loud and long. But no damage to any windows or roof! But it looked like it had snowed pine needles. Spent the day between rain showers cleaning up. Will still be wet and windy for most of next week but at least for a few hours our yard looked well cared for! My DH loves his blower and so do the neighbors as he just kept on blowing needles and branches all along our road! Heard from out daughter in Portland that the grandson we have ha
  3. Good evening. Although it is good morning to a lot of you. made it their our first week of virtual learning with the grandkids. Cases are really up here in Oregon.😢 We are prepared for our first reply November storm. High winds predicted until early ,prong and the. High tides and king waves on the beach. stay safe everyone and wear those masks.
  4. Good morning, We brought the grandkids over for the day as they don't have school today. Teacher's have an inservice day and I am sure they deserve every moment. Their school is doing an awesome job with in person learning. I admire all teachers during this time. We have one more dry day. Then a week of rain. Will finish raking leaves that have fallen. Need to do that soon so the grandaughter can us a chalk drawing on the patio!! Anything to keep a six year old busy. Will miss Alex Trebeck. Will be interesting to see who replaces him. Great
  5. Another enjoyable evening catching up on all the news here. Definitely November here...windy and wet. Enjoyed catching up inside on housework. Looking forward to the daily report tomorrow. Stay well and safe, everyone.
  6. Thanks for the updates and daily news from everyone. I will join the group who think everyday should be chocolate day. We have a piece of dark chocolate every evening while sipping our wine! Appreciate all the cruise pictures. Bagged up fallen leaves this afternoon. I hope easier now than after the rains start. Trimmed some flowers. Beginnings of preparing things for winter. A few more days and it will be November! Where does time go! Have a great evening everyone. Prayers for in the paste of fires and hurricanes. Stay safe!
  7. Thanks for all the updates. I really like spaghetti squash...my DH not so much. But we do enjoy a good stuffed acorn squash and delicati squash boiled. Praying for those in the path of the California fires. So devastating and scary. Been a beautiful fall day here. Love all the colors. Stay safe, well, and wear your masks! Hugs to you all.
  8. Thanks for the info on western Colorado. We just returned from outside Lyons a few days ago. Our son and family live there. We were at their home when the pre evacuation order went into place. Was so glad the snows came. Haven't talked to them today...giving them a break from our constant texting! Praying that the firefighters get a hand of the fires and the winds predicted aren't that strong. Grandkids are enjoying the snow and a snow day from school. Thanks for all the information. It is good to be back reading the posts. Took a break while we traveled. We enjoyed the t
  9. Beautiful flower pictures. Thanks for the daily report. Enjoy cooking with garlic. Some of my favorite people are bald! Prayers to all on the care list. Thank you for keeping that updated. Crisp, clean fall air here today. Grandkids are delivered to school. Time for my walk. Have an awesome day everyone. Stay well and safe.
  10. Great evening read again. Thanks for all the posts. Will have to tell my daughter who is a PA happy belated PA day tomorrow when I get the grandkids for school. Our TA applied our FCC and OBC that came from the cruise we had booked on the Veendam to a cruise today. A good feeling to have a cruise in the my future! Hopefully😊 Looking forward to tomorrow’s report.
  11. Thank you for the report. Great quote. Kindness is a wonderful trait to have and remember to share. A big thank you to all teachers. An extra challenging job during this time. Just got our flu shot. Having stuffed acorn squash for dinner tonight. A crisp, fall day here. Sun is suppose to come out later. Kazu, a wonderful prayer. Worth sharing. Have a safe day everyone.
  12. Can’t seem to read this early anymore! But it is a wonderful way to end my day. Grandkids are sleeping over! Had a popcorn and movie night this evening. Tomorrow will get them outside for a walk! thanks for all happy posts here. Happy Friday to some of you already!
  13. Booked Sept. 2021 to Mediterranean on the Westerdam. A lot of different ports and countries so it will be interesting to see in there are itinerary changes. I imagine there will be even if the sailing happens. We won't even look at flights until next year even though we will hopefully be able to use miles. Also have a March 2022 Inca and Panama from San Antonia, Chile to Fort Lauderdale booked. That one I am more optimistic about it sailing. But time will tell. Things seem to be changing day by day concerning the vaccine information and covid outbreaks. I am sure we will be able to cr
  14. Thanks for all the daily news. Never had toasted ravioli but sure looks good. Will have to try. Not a beer drinker and as it will be close to 80 here this week wine of choice will be a Rose of Pinot Noir. Usually prefer red wine but with the heat here in the valley it will be very refreshing. Haven't decided what dinner will be. It will depend upon what time I get home from picking up the grandkids from school and when their parents get home. Traffic is back to normal heavy across the Columbia from Portland to Vancouver. Stay safe everyone. Prayers to all. Planning on enjoying
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