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  1. So glad things are going so well. Thank you for posting. See you soon.
  2. Good evening all. Enjoyed catching up with all the posts. Thanks to all of you who post pictures. Rich and Roy you both do a wonderful job day after day. Prayers to those on the care list and a many cheers to those celebrating. Off to read my book!!
  3. Good evening, Been off for a few days. Working on new ports and itinerary and flights for our Sept. 12 cruise. What a process getting everything together. Interesting set of days today...isn't every day Mom's day!! LOL. Should be. Prayers to all on the care list. Thank you Roy and Rich for your dedication to all of this. Kazu...your pictures are always great. Appreciate everyone who takes time to post. Looking forward to a quiet weekend of packing !! Stay well and safe.
  4. Good evening, Grandkids started school today . 6th and 2nd grade. They just left our place after giving us a blow by blow description of their day. It was good to see them so excited. I quizzed them about masks...yes had to wear them at all times except when eating and then needed to be social distanced. My heart goes out to all the teachers preparing for greet a new class with enthusiasm and care. Great set of days. Trail mix is a favorite snack as we travel in the car. Thank you Rich and Roy for the lists. As always, I enjoyed all the posts and pictures. Prayers to all. Cheers to all also for getting thru August. Here come September. Where does time go. Stay well and safe.
  5. Good evening. Been a busy day here with a lot of emails back and forth with our TA about our Sept. Eurodam cruise. We now have a room assignment and boarding pass! Still hoping it is a go! Beach add marshmallows go hand in hand here. Hope Sam is doing well, Carol. Thank you for the lists, posts and positive messages. Prayers to all including those in the path Ida. Cheers to everyone else. Stay well and safe. 🤗
  6. Has been a busy weekend here. I am just catching up with all the good news here. Prayers for those in the path of the hurricane and on the care list. Thanks to all who post and are celebrating today. Take care all.
  7. Good afternoon. Kind of cloudy here but will be good for walking which I am going to do soon. Thank you for the lists. I like the days...not so sure of the meal suggestion! We are having chicken, corn on the cob and macaroni salad for dinner. A summer meal!! As always, enjoying the pictures and posts. Prayers to all on the care list, and many cheers to those celebrating. So glad it is Friday. Happy weekend to you all. Stay safe and wear those masks!!
  8. Good morning all, Thought I better post now before the day gets away. Thank you for all the lists and pictures. Especially of the all those cute dogs. Sure do miss our Maggie. She was a lakeland terrier...all terrier but a great companion. Overcast and perhaps a change of some small drizzle today here in Vancouver WA. Next on my agenda is a quick walk before Costco. Did my last morning drop off for the grandkids. Will pick them up this afternoon and we are now retired again. Hoping that the school stay open once they start on the 31st. Our grands are used to wearing masks so that shouldn't be an issue for them. Have a wonderful day everyone. Appreciate hearing all the news from you all. Safe travels to those headed out. Prayers to those on the care list and cheers to those celebrating.
  9. What a wonderful community to support the young lifeguard. So nice to hear positive stories. Interest set of days. Appreciate the lists and pictures everyone has posted. I could join the no sleep club also. I have decided to not use any device before turning off the light and see if that helps. Tonight will actually read a book!! Stay well and safe.
  10. Good morning. Cool day here in Vancouver, WA. Almost feels like fall. Very worthy days to remember and consider today. Thank you Rich for the Daily news. Prayers to all on the care list. Will remember Tyler for his back surgery. Happy Bday to all celebrating also. We enjoyed our Dubrovnik visit several years ago. Love seeing all the pictures. Hopefully will be there again next month. Time will tell!! Stay well and safe everyone. Mask up.
  11. Almost Monday for some of you!! Great set of days. Enjoyed all the pictures of Santarem. Brings back great memories of our Prinsendam Amazon cruise. Thanks for all the news on the Daily. Prayers and cheers to all. Another week has started! Stay well and safe everyone.
  12. I agree. I also hope that most of us will be wearing our masks in public places and following ship guidelines and social distancing whenever possible. It will be a different atmosphere than other cruises but we are willing to do all we can to get back on a ship safely and to stay well. Thank you Marty and Gail for starting this conversation.
  13. We doing something similar. Also getting a covid test to be sure we are ok to travel. We don't want any surprises when we are embarking.
  14. Good afternoon. Fog has lifted and sun it peeking through the clouds. May be a good afternoon for a beach walk. Thank you all for the pictures, posts and sharing of celebrations. Roy, you are on my care list as are everyone else. Rich, really appreciate the time you take to give us the daily. We enjoyed our stop in Napier. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Stay well and safe.
  15. Good morning, Foggy and damp here today so I am delaying any outside work for a while. Love potatoes anyway but we only have them as a special treat. Need to watch our carb intake! The meal for today looks great. We have been to Halifax twice and enjoyed our trip out to Peggy's cove. Pictures brought back a lot of good memories. Thanks for all the news Rich. Roy, appreciate you keeping the lists. Prayers and cheers to all. Have an awesome day. This week is flying by. Stay well and safe.
  16. Just finished reading all of this. I am home alone so no interruptions. Love daffodils. Always the first sign of spring flowers here. Pinot Noir is my favorite. Thank you Rick for your dedication to the Daily. Glad you are on the mend, Roy. Prayers to all on the care list and extra prayers for the loss of loved ones. Cheers to all celebrating. Especially for negative covid tests and cruises coming up. Stay safe and well everyone. Thanks for all the pictures and positive posts.
  17. You have had a rough day. Rest well. Appreciate all your menus. Thanks for offering to continue . Looking forward to seeing them.
  18. Happy Monday everyone, I am headed back to the coast and DH will stay up here in Vancouver. He gets to be the transportation for the grands and next week we switch. I am going to get things done at our home in Waldport in anticipation of our Sept. 12 Eurodam Cruise. Can't believe it is hurdling towards us rapidly. True love day is a favorite. I do not like roller coasters. Got ill riding one once and just the thought of getting on one makes me shudder! LOL! Enjoying the pictures of today's port. Wearing our mask as required in Oregon and even wearing them here in Washington. A lot of people are. Prayers to those on the care list. Cheers to those celebratiing. Appreciate all the news and positive posts. My favorite read of the day. Stay well and safe.
  19. Thank you for posting, Jacqui. Really excited that this first cruise on the Med is on it's way.
  20. Good evening! Quite an odd day here. Sun shining thru the clouds made an orange color on the deck and sidewalks. Most like we were getting some of the smoke from the fires to the east of us. Didn't see the sunset as fog crept in. But sure did enjoy the cooler weather here on the coast. We are headed back to Vancouver, WA tomorrow and the heat. Didn't even realize it was Friday the 13th. Mind was on getting wood brought into the wood room and doing yard work. A productive day here. Prayers to all on the care list and cheers to those celebrating. Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe and wear your masks. They are required here in Oregon indoors again. 😷
  21. A good late evening to all. Will catch up on all the good news here tomorrow. We have escaped the heat in the Portland/Vancouver area by co ing to the coast today. I had to put a sweatshirt on!! stay well and safe everyone.
  22. It is still Tuesday here but early Wednesday for most of you. Thank you for the lists, reports and good news. Getting hot here tomorrow and a dry wind. Great picture of Lisbon. Thanks to all who have posted. Stay well and safe. Waiting for the new mask requirements in Oregon tomorrow. Washington usually follows. Interesting times. Cheers to all who are celebrating and prayers to those on the care list. 🤗
  23. So happy for those who are now cruising. Bon Voyage to you all. Started off here with sunshine and blue sky. Fog has arrived and it is cooling down. Was suppose to rain but that hasn't happened yet. I love campfires. But not allowed here either. Not a beer drinker. But have been to Glacier bay. Enjoying all the photos. I made a huge batch of applesauce yesterday. Enjoyed it warm with ice cream last night. Today was applesauce bread. Never made that before. Turned out surprisingly good. Need to get some cream cheese to spread on it. Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend. Stay well and safe. We are back to wearing masks most places. Thanks to everyone who posts and Rich and Roy for their dedication with their lists.
  24. Good evening, Enjoyed reading all the news on here this evening. My heart also goes out to those lost in the floatplane accident. Prayers to all the families involved. I like the breathe fresh air and wiggle your toes. Good to do together!! Our first visit to Hiroshima was with our family when the kids were 3rd, 5th, and 7th day. It was a very sobering moment when we saw all the hanging, folder cranes that Japanese school children were bring to the site. For as crowded it was with school groups, it was amazingly quiet and everyone so respectful. A place well worth visiting with our family. Haven't been to today's port and enjoyed the pictures. Welcome to newcomers. This is a wonderful read everyday. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Prayers to all on the care list. Cheers to those celebrating. Thank you to all who take time to post. Stay well and safe.
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