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  1. 1 hour ago, twentyknots said:

    Called TA yesterday.  She had no explanation for the missing $1080.96.  We did however, determine that the mystery $418.00 is most likely gratuities.  At $19 per day per passenger for a suite it equals $418.00 for the 11 night trip.  Don't understand their breaking this out since I didnt prepay gratuities.  The 4-pack of perks included gratuities.  We agreed to wait a week before calling and asking about the remaining credit.

    We, too, had three credits yesterday for our 04/05 Silhouette cruise which leave a balance of $1,100+ still due.  Sent a note to TA hoping they might be able to explain.  Maybe if we are patient enough......

  2. We have select dining and I’m trying to make reservations for specific times. We have 4 cabins I’m trying to reserve for. The system will let me add one of them but for the other 2 reservations it says “these reservations may not be combined to create a single reservation. Make separate reservations for each party”.

    I’ve done this in the past no problem. These reservations are also linked together.

    Any thoughts on how to do this? I called my t/a yesterday, no help there.



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    Are these perhaps multi-country reservations? The reason I ask is that we were not able to combine Select dining reservations with our British friends because of the different country of booking.

  3. We will soon be on our first cruise after having achieved Elite Plus status. My husband has raised the question of whether the servers receive the 18% gratuity when we have complimentary specialty coffees. I am fairly certain they must but thought to ask if anyone knows for sure. We just want to be sure we handle the new perk properly.:)

  4. The "Most Traveled Passengers Lunch" is s Princess event and is often discussed on that Cruise Critic Sub-Forum... Have never seen anything comparable on Celebrity; the "Top Cruiser" (or couple) on each sailing is acknowledged during an afternoon Captain's Club Recognition Event (broader attendance; most usually a cocktail party with entertainment)...


    Best I know, Princess still does Formal Nights so as to perhaps account for the difference in dress... For the Celebrity event, smart casual dress is fine...


    ;);)Don't you just love the aging mind......Of course it was on Princess! Thank you all for your comments.:o:o

  5. We will be on an 11-night Mediterranean cruise in October followed by a TA. At the end of the cruises we will be Elite +. My question is if anyone has any idea of the demographics of the Med cruises? My DH would prefer not to pack a sport coat which is fine with me as it helps to pack light, with one caveat. We once had a totally unexpected and delightful lunch for the most traveled passengers on one of our cruises and it was definitely a dressy event. We would most certainly like to attend if we were ever to be invited again and I believe at least a sport coat for men would be de rigueur, hence the question. With light packing it would be good to leave the jacket behind.....

    I know that the TA will have MANY well traveled passengers but am wondering if anyone might have any kind of an idea about the Mediterranean itinerary. :):)

  6. I am struggling with packing for our soon to be departure for B2B cruises. I know that the transatlantic portion will be loaded with cruisers who have many, many points with Celebrity. I am wondering if anyone might have a somewhat educated guess as to the make-up of the 11-night Med cruise before the TA.

    Why do I ask you might say? Here is where the crazy part comes in. We were totally surprised and delighted to be invited to the luncheon for the most traveled passengers on one of our cruises which was a delightful - and dressy - event. If invited again we would love to go and hence my question. My DH would really rather not take a sport coat and since we are traveling light it would help. Anyone have any thoughts? ;):D

  7. I realize that the Aqua cabins are not always in the most desirable locations, but I really love PG and Blu, so it is worth it for me. I've done research on cabins in this class, but coming up short (i.e., not one single cabin stands out).


    For those of you that have sailed on the Reflection in Aqua A2, what was your cabin, would you recommend it/not recommend it, and why? I understand what appeals to you, may not appeal to me.


    FYI ... I have reviewed the S-class spreadsheet.


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    We did the Reflection TA in October and were in 1265. We loved the location as it was not too far from the aft elevators and there was nothing above us other than cabins. My husband loved the location for a straight shot up to Ocean

    View for early coffee and it was also straight down to Cafe El Baccio, etc. We would stay in this cabin or any between it and the aft elevators. Very quiet.:)

  8. Please don't flame me for posting this. It is a quote from the link posted by the OP.

    "As a result in March we adopted a new policy that we would not do any last minute discounts on bookings in North America. Depending on the type of cruise, that last minute may be 10, 20 or 30 days out, but from that point on we will hold our price at the prior level."

    If one reads this it may explain why there are still last minute drops in price in the Europen market......
  9. We had the 123 Promo w/classic drink pkg., prepaid gratuities and $300 OBC. The drink pkg was excellent as far as we were concerned. We used it for 'fresh' OJ, multiple large bottles of water daily as well as capuccino's, pre-cocktail party drink in the cabin, on and on. Whether or not you have the prepaid gratuities and OBC depends on what is being offered at the moment by Celebrity based on your cabin category. :)

  10. There is a link at the top which says 'Dining & Beverage' - just click on this & select 'see all dining' You will also see at the top - You can still make dining reservations for Night 3, Night 5, Night 7, Night 8, Night 10, Night 11, but availability is limited. Find the perfect restaurant here. Plan all cruise dining!


    I did ours for our November NZ/Aus cruise last month although I would imagine it will get busy after final payment.


    Thank you everyone for your answers and suggestions. Just went to My Celebrity and all was well except that it only offered Specialty Restaurants as has been the pattern. I will just have to watch and try as time goes along and/or give in and call our TA.

  11. :)We recently enjoyed a 14-night cruise on Eclipse. I had made Select Dining reservations online with no difficulties, and we encountered no waits, no issues. We are now booked on the same cruise for March '16 and I am unable to find a way to book reservation times for Select. Does this option only become available within a certain period of time from sailing? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  12. We thoroughly enjoyed some quiet time in The Hideaway on our Silhouette cruise. I do not see one on the deck plans yet see it in the photos of what is on the Eclipse. Does anyone know if there is, indeed, a Hideaway, and, if so where it is located?:)

  13. I absolutely agree that I would not give the Casino advance warning of your arrival. I have run 2 slot pulls on 2 different ships. I never notified the Casino Manager in advance other than when we all walked into the casino. IMHO this gives them less time to "possibly" set the machine to pay off less. Maybe you would miss out on a free drink but I would rather win lots of money. The Casino manger and her staff were excellant when they saw so many people who were going to participate.


    Here is what I posted on Cruise Critic on the thread for our cruise:



    HOW DOES IT WORK? - Everyone who wants to participate will bring their $15.00 to the meeting spot. You will each get five (5) pulls on a dollar slot machine that utilizes $3.00/pull. The winning money will accumulate in the machine and that will be divided among the participants at the end of all pulls. The payoffs will be in even dollars.

    The extra money above the even dollars will be awarded to the player who gets the group the highest amount on their slot pulls. Each person’s winnings will be recorded at the time of their pulls so we know who will get the side pot of the money after the even dollar pay-out.


    WHEN WILL WE DO THIS? - We will meet XXXXXXXXX @ XXX on the starboard side of the casino Fiesta Deck 6 just outside the Casino. We will all go into the Casio together and start our play.

    Payoffs will be handled immediately afterwards and handed out to all who joined in the Slot Pull.

    · If you wish to participate' date=' please give me your name and cabin # in case there is any [u']change[/u] at all in the schedule and I can notify you. We need more people to make this lots of fun, so please join in. This is what I need for those who want to participate:

    o Your names – first names only for each person who is going to participate.

    o Your cabin # in case there is any change in plans and I can call and leave a message in your cabin

    If you do not want to post that information here, you can email me at XXXXXXXX

    By having this information in advance, I can make up a chart at home to track names the amount each person wins on their pulls.



    I also have an Excel spread sheet that you can print in advance to track how much each person won for the group. If you will give me your email address, I will forward that spread sheet.

    These are always great fun.

    Ann, this is so helpful. Would love the spreadsheet, please send to me at: jerbeth2@gmail.com. Perhaps a silly question, but is there a particular reason why you would track how much people win for the group? Beth

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