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  1. Wine Lover 101

    Why do you bring water onboard?

    We are going in August on Princess Emerald. I am so excited! Hope it's not too hot - lol. I couldn't see me shipping the water over, I think that's a good idea about the REI water bottle! I heard they charge about $4 a bottle on the ship, so that could save some cash - could spend it on something else I'm sure!! Are you also going to Venice this summer? I just can't wait!
  2. Wine Lover 101

    Bringing wine on board

    Does anyone know if Princess Cruises allow you to bring your own wine?
  3. Wine Lover 101

    Why do you bring water onboard?

    I am going to take my first cruise in Aug. and I'm not sure how you all take your own water. We are flying into Venice - do you just buy it from where you are leaving from and tag it like luggage? Or does this not work unless you are leaving from the states? Thanks!
  4. I was hoping someone could help me. We are planning a trip to the Mediterranean in Aug. I have picked an itenerary from each cruise line -Princess Emerald visits a few more ports than RCL Brillance. Other than that I'm trying to figure out which is better for the kids. Also is one ship nicer than the other? How do you all ever figure out which ship/cruise line to take? Not to mention that maybe August in the Mediterranean is not a good to go if it's blistering hot. How overwhelming!! Any suggestions? Thanks in advanced for any and all help!!