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  1. Hi! Hopefully, we will see more familiar faces online as we inch back toward normal life! It seems as if more people are open to the idea of getting on a ship again. Fingers crossed that trend continues (and that we are all sailing soon!) k.
  2. Thanks for the info. I'm glad to hear that Carnival is also working around the recent law. (I would comment more on that but I don't want my messages to get zapped ha!) Like most people here, I ***really*** want to cruise again but I ***really*** DO NOT want to wear a mask on the ship. I am going to wait a while to book something until things are less up in the air. Fingers crossed that is soon. Thx again. k.
  3. I understand how Royal Caribbean is getting around the law that prevents the cruise lines from asking about one's vax status (by "allowing" pax to "volunteer" their status and treating those who choose not to as unvax'd). Carnival seems to be saying that their ships will sail out of Florida with 95% vax'd and are requiring proof of vax. So are they going to be able to sail? Will they be fined? Or ... am I missing something? Also, reading the covid info on the Carnival site it sounds as if vax'd people will not have to wear masks indoors in most cases. Since the CDC just recommended masks for everyone indoors, even vax'd folks, I wonder if Carnival will change course (so to speak) at the last minute? Thoughts? kathy
  4. Hello, everyone. I am trying to pick an ABC sailing and just read that the flamingoes are more plentiful on Bonaire from January through June or July than during the other months. (Supposedly, some of them head for Venezuela for a while because the food supply is better?) Assuming this is true, is there a noticeable difference between, say, mid-January and February/March at Gotomeer? This is my second trip to Bonaire and the highlight of that stop for me will be flamingoes! Thanks in advance for any info. kathy
  5. Hello, everyone. I was excited to read about Crystal's new summer sailings. I really like the Bahamas and would love to book one of these itineraries. That said, I am fully vaccinated and hubby will be soon. I am not willing to get a pre-cruise covid test if it means having someone stick a 10" swab up my nose. (And I had forgotten about pre-returning-to-the-US tests until reading this forum today!) I am also not willing to walk around all day wearing a mask in the summer heat and humidity of the Caribbean. I keep wondering how long it will take for things to really get back to normal. I so miss traveling! kathy
  6. So very sorry for your loss. kathy
  7. There is a very nice (free/public) site called Cruise Timetables. You can search for ships/itineraries leaving from a particular port OR (as I commonly use it) search for ships that will visiting particular ports of call during certain months. Highly recommended. kathy
  8. We were scheduled to fly to Copenhagen in early June on Lufthansa and then fly back on Air Canada, booked via Air2Sea. Non-refundable tickets. Air Canada cancelled one of our flights and sent an email saying if the replacement flight wasn't acceptable we could cancel. I called and they said Yes, you can cancel for a refund BUT the res is actually on Lufthansa so you have to call them. Called Lufthansa and again verified that we qualified for a refund BUT they said I had to call RC because I booked it through them. Called RC, same thing. Yes, we qualify for a refund. That was about six weeks ago. Still waiting for the refund but after calling RC the booking disappeared from the Lufthansa web site. I guess that is progress ha. If any of your flights are cancelled or rescheduled giving you a lengthy layover, you are eligible for a cash refund. kathy
  9. I wasn't sure where the refund would be coming from (cruise line or airline?) Thanks for the info! k.
  10. I cancelled an Air2Sea reservation six weeks ago (for a June cruise) and was told it would take "2 or 3 days to process". I thought that meant I would get a refund on my cc within several days. My res was cancelled within a few days (no longer showing on the airline's web site) but still no refund. I see lots of messages on here stating that people are being told it will take 1 to 2 months to get air refunds. Argh. kathy
  11. Yes, this stupid letter was an attempt to appease the govt so they wouldn't shut the cruise lines down. It didn't work, obviously, since the lines have all been forced to shut down anyway. (Their statements all claim it was "voluntary". Yeah, like someone "voluntarily" resigns when given a choice between resigning and being fired.) I'm sure when they start sailing again there will be no more talk about having your doctor sign any form! kathy
  12. Similar situation with Royal Carib and the airline we booked through them. Hoping they are just overwhelmed ... Looking forward to hearing from others about their experience. kathy
  13. One major benefit to ReliefBand is that they will alleviate symptoms that you are already feeling. With medications you generally have to take them PRIOR to the onset of symptoms or they don't work. (I know lots of people use the behind-the-ear patches throughout their cruise to prevent symptoms but those things cause severe dry mouth and blurred vision!) k.
  14. I have something called ReliefBand which looks like a watch, has a battery in it, and sends a signal to the same place on your wrist as those SeaBands. I am not troubled by motion sickness often but the couple of times I sailed through/near a hurricane I was thrilled to have my ReliefBand. Costs ~ $100 on Amazon. Highly recommended. kathy
  15. What is this reference to flying dutchmen? Thx! kathy
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