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  1. Great News! thanks for the info!
  2. Hi guys! We are looking at booking the Magic. Our friends are interested in booking a spa Room. Can Families book Spa room or is there an age requirement to stay in that catagrory? Thank you Danielle
  3. We have been on the Breakaway and Escape both have pool tables. Danielle
  4. Not Sure who is on your sailing but on the 2/2 sailing a band from RI called Back In Time is boarding for a 6 week contract.
  5. Thank you for your input! We will def download the whats app. they other couple that we are sailing with are use to using that app. they are purchasing the unlimited plan so I'm sure if I use all of our minutes I can log onto theirs to check in quick. i confirmed today that we get unlimited data and text while in port.
  6. Hi Guys We have 100 internet as a perk. We usually never use Internet while on a cruise however this cruise is adult only. Whats the best option/way to get in touch with our son? My son and I have iphone if that makes a difference. thanks for the help and tips Danielle
  7. Thank you for your input. We have decided to do Chankanaab instead.
  8. Thanks for your input. I knew there was a ferry ride involved. I didn’t know there was also a 45-55 min bus ride on top of the ferry ride until I was looking at reviews for the place.
  9. HI Guys I will be sailing on the NCL Getaway 2/2-2/7 and I just booked Xel-ha for out stop in Cozumel. Is it really almost 2 hours from port to Xel-ha? If so is there anything similar that would be closer? We liked the option of floating down the river and mangroves. Thanks for the input Danielle
  10. Thank you for the name of the NA mexican beer.
  11. Any beach spots service non alcholic beer? Thanks for any input Danielle
  12. there was something that looked like a reservation # but when I went to the airline website and tried to use it wasn't the correct number.
  13. We are sailing on the getaway. We just recieved our flight info today and we are about 59 days out. Home Departure City - PVD Providence RI Arrival/Destination City - MSY NEw Orleans Airline(s) used - United and American Number of Connections - 1 each way Outbound Flight departure/arrival time - 12PM-5:20PM Return Flight departure/arrival time - 11AM-6:05PM I only saw our flight info because out edocs are ready. Will Ncl send me an email with the flight info so I can pay the fee for our luggage? Thank you Danielle
  14. We are sailing 2/2/20 out of NOLA. No flights confrimations yet.
  15. I haven't sailed on the Getaway yet but this is what the menu looked like on the breakaway.
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