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  1. I’m sorry to hear about any complications to any vaccines. I guess that is a risk we take with something that had to come out quickly. I feel fortunate to have gotten my second Pfizer this week. I am under treatment which boosts my own immune system to fight my cancer. After the second shot I had some pretty bad pain in the area of my spleen. (I’m a nurse.) It only lasted a few hours in the night. It did wake me up and I couldn’t sleep. If it had been any worse or lasted longer I’d have gone to the emergency room. I’ll consult my physician this week on his opinion to put it
  2. Medical records are protected in the US by HIPPA. No one has a right to see our medical information unless we give consent. To violate that without ones consent would be very disturbing. Our state encourages a state vaccination register and has for a long time. It is however optional. We are not part of that but our medical system does have record of our recent vaccinations. Because not everyone will have anything but their cards I think to go farther then that is asking too much. A lot of things come down to personal responsibility. I would hope that most unvaccinated peopl
  3. While I don’t think employers should mandate vaccines cruise lines are very different. I do think crew vaccines should be mandatory at least in the beginning. Those who can’t get them or won’t have the option not to come back. The reason is what some of you have expressed. No one wants a sick ship. There is no place else on earth I can think of except maybe an outpost somewhere, where people are cohorts together for greater then 3 days. We all know the cruise lines get a bad rap over norovirus too and that’s the same issue. A hotel can make people sick but there is a steady amount of p
  4. I work for a large hospital in Dallas. Administration has assured us that that they will not mandate a vaccine. In the past with flu shot we were given a choice. However if you didn’t get the flu shot you had to wear a mask around patients for the entire flu season or about 6 months out of the year. Most who didn’t get the flu vaccine had had allergic responses to it which included trips to the ER. A few just don’t believe they are necessary. If you have worked somewhere for years and they suddenly come out with a mandate do you think it’s fair to fire them, have
  5. I got my second dose of Pfizer this morning. Pretty bad headache at the moment. It was exactly 3 weeks since the first. Hoping for a good night but it’s better then catching Covid. Looking forward in 2 weeks to more freedom to eat out, visit family and go places although we will continue to wear a mask out of respect for others and use sanitizer. I can’t wait to travel again and looked longingly at Vikings Bermuda ocean cruise. Since I’m under cancer treatment it will have to wait. I anxious for all of you to get your vaccines and resume life. Blessings to you all!
  6. Since you’re staying longer in the area know that often a hotel won’t let you check in until 3 p.m. Some are better and others are firm on it. ( We don’t return to those again.). Be prepared so you don’t waste a day of your extended vacation. We try to get off as late as possible and then taxi to the hotel. The desk/ concierge at the hotel should be willing to store your luggage until you can get a room key. If you are prepared you can still tour or use the pool area without your bags or keep your smallest bag with you with swimwear and valuables. Its always a sad day to leav
  7. Never again- Carnival and NCL Possible- Princess wasn’t too impressed but it isn’t bad Usually - RCL. We are actually Diamond plus and have pretty much enjoyed every one. Future- We’ve had 2 booked on Celebrity. They were both cancelled! Sad. We will try again I promise. We might try HAL if the itinerary is right although the demographic isn’t really us and they are not on the top of the list. We be definitely be trying Viking as we did a outstanding river cruise with them. They need to resume before we invest in that.
  8. Recent CDC statements have said that people who are vaccinated would not carry enough virus to infect others so as long as you are vaccinated I’m hoping that these tests will be waived. Would they make vaccinated crew get tested every week? Just saying...
  9. While I don’t think a state or National government should mandate a vaccine, a cruise line is a business. I feel a business should be able to mandate it especially a cruise line. If you don’t like the mandate you simply don’t give them your business. No one should be forced to take a vaccine. I would be much more ready to cruise however if there is a mandate on the cruise line. I don’t want to get quarantined on a ship somewhere because someone chose to go who wasn’t vaccinated. Until covid is pretty much gone ( is that a thing?) I don’t think the cruise lines shoul
  10. Hopefully lessons were learned that won’t be repeated if another outbreak or pandemic occurs. The DH and I have decided no more outside/inside cabins. We rarely booked them anyway but for sure will not in the future. Quarantine in one would be awful.
  11. So much has been learned since then. I feel for everyone on board including the crew. So hard. I wish at the end they would have had a brief synopsis of what the end story was. They showed their picture but not anything after they left the ship, how long before they actually got home etc.
  12. Our society has become more casual and more it’s become more about what “I” want. That okay but I’m sorry it has invaded cruising. We actually like to dress to dinner as it makes it more special feeling. However we accept we are in the minority. The worst was when we sat at table where one of the other men was in a basketball type shirt, sleeveless with unkempt armpits. I don’t mean to sound snobbish. My son in laws dress this way in the summer and that’s okay. But if we go to a restaurant where someone takes our order they do put on a shirt with sleeves. We are looking at so
  13. I have two daughters in their 30’s who just were able to get on a schedule for April in Arkansas so people who want it are waiting but it’s getting better. Texas has a few places open on the weekends. The DH gets his second on Saturday. Back to topic - If they make the rule everyone under 16 must have had the vaccine to board why are they still saying no. That’s when it doesn’t make sense. So it will limit who sails for a while. So maybe that will keep occupancy down. Or even say no one under 16. Open it for those who can go and get people back to work and play.
  14. Pretty hot topic on the Viking board. Most say they will pull out of cruising on Viking if vaccinations aren’t required. The US seems to be ahead in this regard which may be the reason for strong feelings about it. I realize others countries are not as fortunate in the roll out. I do agree with them though and would only resume ship/boat travel where vaccines are required. I sincerely wish good luck to AMA-waterways. It’s time to get on with life and work.
  15. I had read last year that corona sales were down, which is beyond stupid if true.
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