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  1. We still have 2 ocean cruises booked for 11/21 and 4/22. The first is fully refundable, not FCC. The second we’d lose $200 so not bad. As of right now I doubt we’ll keep either one but it depends on health issues. I hope by then we can do some river cruising. I so wish Covid was over. It really messes things up doesn’t it but it is what it is. Just poor timing for us. We just returned from a trip to the Florida Keys. While it was nice it wasn’t the usual fun of cruising. Since we were trying to avoid covid, evenings were spent watching T.V. In a room.
  2. Since it’s quiet....if any of you have time....could you tell me more about the American river cruise companies? I can’t seem to find much information. We have taken over 40 ocean cruises mostly with Royal Caribbean. We’ve also done a European cruise with Viking River. We’ve enjoyed every one of them. We love any vacation where we unpack once and see lots of places. We also like the all inclusive part of cruising. Due to some life changing events we may not want to go back out on the ocean when cruising resumes but stay closer to the US and medical care. We do understand there is no medical care on board river cruises. We have no mobility issues. American river cruises are a big investment, probably double or triple what we usually spend. What makes it worth it to you? Is there some some kind of entertainment each evening? At least some music? It seems there is not much common area on the newer American cruise ships to sit and enjoy views or talk to others. Are at least some excursions included or is every day trip extra? Although we’d like to the Mississippi I’m also interested in the northeast and Alaska on a smaller ship. Any itinerary that’s especially wonderful? Thanks in advance!
  3. I think what the article about eating in restaurants was trying to say is that people who do are 50% more likely to get the virus simply because they take more risks? At least that was my take a way. While it it would be nice to have an RV it sounds like work to me, just in a different location. I would still be cooking, cleaning and “keeping house”. The DH would be driving, setting up and taking down. While fun for something different, for a while, it wouldn’t give me the true vacation feeling I’m after. A big part of cruising for me is being waited on. I take care of others all day in real life and I look forward to someone taking care of me. ( I’m sure that sounds a bit selfish). We have not been going to restaurants, just take out and I’m so tired of doing all the dishes!
  4. Our life has gone on without cruising. However the DH said last night as he was going to sleep how much he wished we could go again out of the blue. So I know he misses it too. We miss travel in general as we also used to take long weekend trips or see the kids in nearby states. We’ve taken one weekend trip in 6 months where we had originally planned 4 that were cancelled. We have a long land trip planned for October. I’m not as excited about it as I would be if it was a cruise and still wondering if we will be bored in the evening without entertainment. Since it’s to the Keys we will still be taking “excursions” like snorkel and kayaking. I think the music is coming back there but we don’t feel comfortable inside places so we will see. I’m starting to look at American river cruising. It’s expensive but a way to see some of the US in a small ship environment. We may want to start there when things open up.
  5. As previously stated you can test positive and have no symptoms. So you get to the pier and test +. Do you get your money back if you can’t go? The cruise lines have to come out with some assurance that you will be refunded. Otherwise I’m not booking a thing. That’s a huge risk to me. And testing before the pier is not fool proof since you could be exposed so many times on the way....airplane, restaurants, hotel all on the way. A covid PCR takes about an hour. The wise thing to do is test at the pier, keeping people separated until the results come back. You could still have been exposed 2 days prior on the way and it might not show up yet. So even that isn’t perfect. I think Travel Insured is covering Covid related illnesses. I’m using them for a trip in the states next month. But if they get hit with a bunch of cruise ship claims that might not last long. As much as I want to resume cruising I’ll be taking a wait and see approach. Nothing booked until November of 21.
  6. Just got back our final 2 cruise deposits refunds. Took 100 days. We are happy they don’t have any more of our money except $1100 for 2 future cruises fall of 2021 and spring of 2022. $900 of that is refundable. Now more waiting to see when cruising will resume.
  7. Tough to get real warmth in the US in February. Even the Keys will be in the 60s and 70’s highs in February, the water will be cold and as stated very high lodging. I do so understand wanting to get away from the cold. That’s why we moved to Texas! It still freezes here but doesn’t last months. Lift and shift and wait and see. Make some refundable hotel reservations and decide as you get closer. At one time in June I had a back up plan to the back up plan. We kept our airfare for October and are going to the Keys. We are now 30 days out. I have been watching numbers carefully and hoping they don’t spike after Labor Day. We have travel insurance in case we get sick and can’t go because we would lose our deposits. FYI Key West has a mask mandate. Good of luck and I hope something works out for you to get away from the snow.
  8. I’ve been looking at the Mississippi. I just can’t justify the cost however. We could fly to Europe and do Viking again for less. 11k for a week is a lot for us. The steamboat line looks a bit more reasonable especially if we go with an inside. That would be ok with us since we wouldn’t spend much time in our cabin anyway. Would we be comparing Carnival to Viking if we went with with them? They are half the cost of Viking. We actually live close enough to drive. So I’ve also done some research about driving from New Orleans to Memphis, doing a lot of the same sights over a week. That would be about 2 k less even staying in nicer B and B’s. Of course we don’t get the same vibe, narrated tours, food etc. So I’m trying to decide if it’s worth it to take a river boat I guess. We do love Viking!
  9. I should quit reading these threads as it raises my BP. Just did a 3 way call with my agency and Royal for my refund that started processing June 10. Just excuses but at least I know it’s being processed correctly. This is for deposits from a B2B on the Allure that is no longer coming to Galveston in November of 2021. ( It’s only indirectly related to covid.) I’m so glad we have no other money on the table with any cruise line until fall of 2021. It’s not just the money, it’s the aggravation of having to keep track and keep asking. We’ve had 6 cruises affected by this and I know some of you have had a lot more then that. Just waiting for resolution on last 2. Any cruise before fall of 2021 will be booked within final payment when we know it’s a go. And I do hope that happens!
  10. What happened to anyone who turned positive at the pier with MSC? Did they get their money back? Did they have to quarantine in a hotel?
  11. Since cruising is shut down we are doing a Keys vacation in October. We’ve been several times on a ship but want to see and explore more. We will fly, drive down from Fort Lauderdale and plan to spend 7 nights at a B and B in Key west and then 5 nights at a resort in Islamorada. I know it won’t be the same flavor with bars shut down. However since we’re not really bar people I think we may even enjoy it more. And with no cruise ships we should be able to social distance. Hoping for good weather! Hurricanes stay away! I can see both points of view....if I were a local I’d want the economy from overnight guests. I wouldn’t want the crowded streets when the ships were in. However it’s a popular port for short cruises from Florida and the gulf.
  12. I love my sous vide! Keep working with it. Searing after is key. Beef tenderloin is great then brown in oven for a bit. I’ve even done a small turkey breast in it that was very good.
  13. At this point I’m a No. Timing is one thing,. I can test negative and get it on the way to the ship. The 72 hour thing makes no sense to me. And there are false positives and false negatives. Who’s going to pay for the trip you can’t take at the last minute? Very few insurance companies have covid policies. If they did quick tests at embarking I’d be a nervous wreak even if I felt fine. You wouldn’t know till the last minute if you’re really sailing, after you’ve spent money to get to the pier for airfare and hotels. Then what? Do you fly home positive or have to pay to stay in a hotel room you can’t leave? I don’t want to pay $200 or more a night for 2 weeks to sit in a room. That’s too much disappointment for me. I would sail with a mask, temperature checks and a questionnaire. But I’m out if we have to be tested especially multiple times. Who’s going to pay for it too? I will also not be forced to get a vaccine to go. I love cruising and am having serious withdrawal but I can do other things with my vacation time for a couple of years if a vaccine and testing are required.
  14. I was able ( took 3 months) to have Nationwide move my insurance from April 20 to October 20. Now that October 20 is off I have little hope for moving it again. I figure I’m out the $289. I actually have another trip I’ve booked for that exact time but it doesn’t include a cruise so I do not think cruise insurance will cover it. It’s just kind of the way things are right now. Accept a small hit and move on.
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