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    beach towels

    Does anyone know if these are the same ones that Princess offers as sailaway gifts on their website? If so, can you purchase them on the ship as well?
  2. Voxy

    Taking ID off the ship

    I don't know what others would recommend, but whenever traveling in a foreign country, I always bring my passport with me when touring. You never know when something might happen to leave you stranded or you might have an accident. Having it on you could save you lots of time and energy. I also prefer it because then I don't have to stress about leaving it behind and risking theft. (i'm just naturally a worrier.)
  3. Voxy

    BF cabin to BA

    Ah, that makes more sense. Thanks! :)
  4. Voxy

    BF cabin to BA

    The same thing happened for our booking and we've now ended up on a BA on the Caribe deck... So, truly, aside from location on the ship, there are no differences in the room? size? amenities? perks? Not much of an upgrade if you don't care where on the ship you are! :P
  5. Voxy

    Gym Hours on CB....

    I'm not sure if this is only on certain ships, but as far I've heard, the gym is open 24 hours.
  6. Voxy

    How to make Anytime Dining work

    Curiously, for those who do Anytime dining, why reserve for the same time every night at the same table? How is that any different from doing the traditional dining?
  7. I have this annoying habit of flipping through the cruiseline brochures and saying "I want that!" ... so now I'm here to ask if it's possible! :) One of the Princess brochures has a photo of four people on a balcony. Pictured is a large seafood/lobster platter (including lobster claws, not just those silly tails), what looks to be a cheese and crackers platter, and another one I can't recall at the moment (shrimp cocktails, maybe?!). I thought it might have been the Ultimate Balcony Dining, but from the descriptions I have been reading for that, it doesn't quite seem to fit (especially since there is no staff/waiter pictured). Is it just something one orders from room service (at additional cost, I assume)? I've tried searching for it, but as I don't exactly know what it might be called, I haven't had much success. Any information/links any one can provide would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Voxy

    Seafood Pictured in Brochure

    That's why I thought I'd ask. I try not to take it all seriously and figured it was jsut a sort of sale ploy... but it all looks so pretty! :P
  9. Voxy

    Names on staterooms

    I'm unclear as to how a piece of cloth formed into a pet can be an invasion of privacy?
  10. I'm sure that with the insurance (and if necessary, making complaints) they would get them another flight on another airline. AF isn't the only one flying to Sweden, is it? Everyone seems to want to suggest that the OP should just fly in the day before, but have failed to note that this is obviously an added expense. The OP has stated that they don't want to pay $75 + difference for the change in flights.... what makes everyone think that she would alternately not mind spending money on a night at a hotel, transfers/taxis that might involve, and the cost of extra meals?! Susan, what it really comes down to is how much is your peace of mind worth? Are you willing to pay all the money to change the flights/stay a night for something you're not even sure will be a problem, but will make you feel better? .. And keep in mind that in neither option is there a guarantee. (Say you take different flights with a longer connection time in between, who's to say that second flight won't be delayed, then giving you less chance of catching the boat?)
  11. Voxy

    Disney cruiser tries Princess...bummer

    In terms of embarkation and debarkation... I've noticed and heard that often it can be a matter of the Port, and not the cruiseline. For instance, the one in Galveston, TX is fairly new and doesn't quite seem to have it together yet. I certainly wouldn't write off a cruise completely just because of one mediocre experience. It seems to me that "cruise" etiquette is no different than general "out-in-public" etiquette. You respect others, wait your turn, and always say please and thank you. Overall, I'd say rants like this need to be taken with a grain of salt (just as over-enthused positive reviews need to be.) You make your own vacation, and it seems to me that the thigns complained about here are not exclusive to Princess (and as pointed out by others: the OP has already experience on other cruises). So, it's up to you to shrug off the little things and be thankful you have the privilege of being able to take a vacation and spend time with family.
  12. If you think about that, it gives you a pretty good window (at least three hours) for any problems that might occur. I've taken flights where our connection was taking off 30 minutes after we landed and have had no problems. People will always tell you all kinds of things about stuff that can go wrong, or terrible things that happened to them... but keep in mind that hundreds and thousands of people fly all the time; they make these arrangements constantly and you're hearing only a couple of stories. On the last cruise we were flying back on NWA with a connection in Detroit. All we heard were horror stories about how terrible NWA was, how their flights were always delayed, that their customer service was terrible, that Detroit was a difficult airport for connections, etc. etc. Well, truly, we had absolutely no problems whatsoever. The staff was excellent, there were no delays, and our connection time was around 35 to 40 minutes but proved not to be a problem whatsoever. Whether you have two hours or thirty minutes to get from one flight to another, there can be problems and delays. More time waiting around the airport is no guarantee that the second flight will elave on time or that the weather will be perfect flying conditions.
  13. Thank you so much for this posting and taking the time to comile all that. It's been a big help. :) [Now, if I could just find one for Puerta Vallarta and Cabo! :P ]
  14. Voxy

    Which is your preferred dining option.

    I do believe you've just made my day! :) Now I can do a little research on that option. Thank you!
  15. Voxy

    Which is your preferred dining option.

    I would probably be more likely to choose Anytime or Horizon if it weren't for lobster night! :( I'd sort of feel awkward not going to the dining room the whole week and then suddenly showing up just one night.
  16. Voxy

    Booking Question.

    I appreciate all the people who say they understand what I meant about the rapport with the travel agent .... rather than calling on them just because you can profit from it. Lee, as a clarification, the point about the "cheese" and "one opinion" was in reference to myself. I in no way wanted to suggest that one shouldn't be informed and decided on what they want to do with their vacation, nor do I think I did. It was really not the focus of what I was saying. Either way... I apologize to the OP for going off topic, and hope others can be more helpful in providing information about TA vs. X prices! :)
  17. Voxy

    Booking Question.

    And that's what I personally find insulting: you just basically said you're using someone and that just doesn't sit with me or the few travel agents I've spoken to. At the end of the day, I would rather have repeat customers (and lots of work!) because I did a good job and provided a service they really appreciated.... not because I paid them $250 to call me. Sure, I'd get the commision either way, but damned if I wouldn't feel useless when it's over. Either way, it's just one opinion... and judging from these boards, the cheese stands alone!
  18. Are you looking for opinions on X, or on Azmara and Regent. If it's the latter, you'd probably be better off posting in their respective forums. If it's the former... well, judging by the subject line, you seemed to have already made a decision that X no longer offers what you're looking for. In that case, you're back to the latter option.
  19. Voxy

    Booking Question.

    In my opinion, that's sort of like telling the travel agent "I obviously don't need you, but I'm switching to you at the last minute so I will have someone to blame if things go wrong. Plus, you give me free crap." It just seems a little insulting to the TA, so either use one to take care of everything for you (that's their job!) or do it yourself and leave the agent out of it. There's really no harm in asking the Celebrity agent if there are any applicable discounts for you. They are more than used to those things, and maybe they're available but they aren't willing to apply them unless someone specifically asks. Say: "I normally go with a travel agent, but I was wondering if the cost is cheaper doing it directly through the cruiseline. Can you explain to me the cost differences." You also might want to be prepared to hear that the prices are the same. The price quoted through our travel agency was exactly the same as what we received by calling Celebrity directly, right down to the penny.
  20. "dressy bermuda shorts" ... I'd like to think that's an oxymoron.
  21. Voxy

    Casino question

    Excellent... Thank you all so much for the information! :)
  22. Voxy

    Casino question

    Just to clarify.. You pay, let's say, $20 to be in the tournament and then you get as many "pulls" as you can get in until the time is up or you have no spins left? So, you don't have to keep paying? Do you get to keep the winnings at the end of each round? When the original $20 is gone, that's the end of the round for you? And if you did not win a lot at the end of the round, you don't play any more versus going on? If you win a round, do you pay another $20 to move on?
  23. Voxy

    Convincing a friend

    I definitely agree with this. People are hesitant to take cruises for many different reasons and finding out why can help you to either alleviate their fears or offer alternatives. What might help is to find out about a vacation they didn't like, and maybe let them know how it might have been different if they were on a cruise (without being condescending, of course! ;)
  24. Are all those considered "Balcony" or are some suites and what not. I'm just curious because I'd eventually like to book an Alaskan Cruise and what to know if a corner balcony is an option. :)
  25. Voxy

    wrinkle phobia

    Although this is not directly related to ironing clothing... what are their policies on electrical flat irons for hair?! Sounds liks an odd question, but in essence it is still technically an iron.