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  1. Not me. It’s bad enough they’re doing “boxed meals” on Amtrak. But I’m not paying $$$ for a cruise only to have pre-packaged grab-and-go meals. Dinner, especially. As it is, cruise lines are already cutting back on some of the niceties we used to enjoy in previous years.
  2. That new woman head of the CDC is a bit too dramatic for more. 😠
  3. Same here. We were considering a 7 day California Coastal in late August 2021, but I’m not so sure I’m ready to cruise again with the new CDC protocol. Our previously canceled (rebooked) 10 day cruise to Alaska isn’t until August 2022, so I’m really keeping my fingers crossed that we can get off the ship and stroll around the ports, peeking inside little shops and so forth. Other than the Mendenhall Glacier bus ride and White Yukon Pass train excursion, we don’t plan on anymore. For one thing, they’re costly. But, also, we just prefer to do our own thing not too far from the ship.
  4. We rarely do any excursions, Princess or otherwise. When we were in Alaska in 2005 we did do the White Yukon Pass train and took a bus to Mendenhall Glacier and nature center through Princess. But that’s it. All the other tours are SO pricey! And I wouldn’t take a sea plane or helicopter if it were free. So, I’m hoping that by August 2022 we’ll be able to get off the ship and explore the ports on foot. Step into the shops for souvenirs for the grandkids, etc.
  5. We have booked a California Coastal cruise in August. I realize it may or may not sail. I'm ok with booking Princess shore excursions if I have to. But, what happens if we book the tours and pay for them and then the cruise is cancelled? How long will it take for them to refund our money? ***************************** We just put an August California Coastal cruise on hold. But, we won’t book it if it means not being able to just get off the ship to explore the ports ourselves. For one thing, we can’t afford all those guided excursions and rarely take them. But, since we liv
  6. I’ve sailed on Star, Golden (with Skywalkers) and Grand twice (no Skywalkers). One of my favorites was Alfredo’s. LOVE their pizza! I’ll miss it when we sail on Ruby. ☹️
  7. I prefer the balcony side, too. But it sure wouldn’t keep me from cruising if I didn’t work out that way. 😆
  8. On the Grand in 2017 the bed in our mini suite was on the right as you enter the cabin. In 2019 on the same ship, our bed also in a mini suite, was on the left. I prefer that since I sleep on the right side of the bed looking up from the foot. That way I was closer to the balcony with more open space.
  9. We rebooked our 8/21 Alaskan sailing from SF to 8/22. Since it’s 10 days, Princess already canceled it, anyway.
  10. We rebooked our 8/21 10 day Alaskan cruise out of SF for a year later in 8/22. 🤞🏼🤞🏼
  11. My TA rebooked us on the Ruby Princess from SF to Alaska for August 2022. Princess had cancelled our 8/21 cruise because it was 10 days. The Best Sale Ever promo was applied, plus one free specialty dining for both of us. Same as last time, but with the added dining. No category upgrade because were in Club Class. It’s about $400+ more, but when we get our FCC later, that will take off another $200. And of course, our original deposit will be applied to our fare. There is a bit a rainbow at the end of the storm, because we now will get to see Glacier Bay. And it’s booked just a day be
  12. If these prices are correct, our cruise will be over $711 for both of us. Hmmmm. I sure hope this is NOT the base pricing! We’re counting on the three perks—free WiFi, gratuities and drink/coffee package. We had that in our 2021 cruise ( as a promo. Not built into pricing.) $700 + seems like a chunk of $$$.
  13. I heard that it might be a vaccine that we’ll get annually like the flu vaccine.
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