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  1. This is a concern for me too. I have a Cal coast cruise booked the end of March, so the final payment is due in December. When I booked it three weeks ago, the only Covid requirement was full vaccination, which we are, so no problems there. But we have no desire to cruise with the new protocols in place. It would not feel like a vacation to us if we have to wear masks around the ship. I called the Princess rep and asked if I could cancel the cruise after final payment because of a new set of rules from Princess, and get a refund. She said no. I would only get a partial refund or partial credit for future cruise. I'll wait till December to see what's up, but I may end up cancelling. Which is too bad, that was sort of my birthday present. It doesn't seem right to change rules on their side, but not change payment rules - but there's probably some small print somewhere I didn't read.
  2. CarelessAndConfused, your assumptions are partially correct. I'm Platinum, my son is not. But it's been five or six years since we sailed on Princess. At that time, you had to pay for Wifi by the hour and my son was still under 21. And I had no idea what current costs are, which is why I was asking. He'll want a soda package, so I don't know what's available now that he's 21. He doesn't drink alcohol, but does go thru a few sodas every day. I like a coffee in the morning and maybe one drink a day. We'd both want internet, so I guess that's $5 and $10. I'm probably right at the tipping point between the two. Thanks for the info.
  3. I'm looking at a California Coast cruise on Majestic next March. There would be two adults. There's a $280 difference between the regular price and the Value price that includes drinks and Wi-Fi and crew incentive. I'm trying to figure out if it is worth it, because I can't find the price of these things individually. Does anyone know? I know once you have a cruise booked you can get to the menu to add extras like that, but I don't think I can get to it before I book the cruise. I'm so excited to actually be asking questions about a cruise again!!
  4. For some situations they are perfect. I had connecting cabins on my last RCCL cruise and loved them. It was me and my 14 yr old son in one room, my brother in the connecting one. Normally we all share a larger cabin, but get in each other's way a bit. My brother loved the extra privacy he got this way. Of course we'd knock or call before going into the other room. And we all liked not having to go out into the hallway if we did want to talk to each other. If there were people I didn't know in the other room, then not having a door would definitely be preferable. So ideally, the connecting cabins are left for large families.
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