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  1. As the OP of the table question, I would assure JsJourneys that I wholeheartedly endorse the Silversea vibe overall and I feel Js will think the same. I have two other SS cruises already scheduled and paid for, so this must be a sincere endorsement! My thanks to everyone who offered advice; I feel more comfortable knowing how more experienced travellers would handle the situation.
  2. To Gourmet Gal, First, I fully endorse your earlier statement that it is the duty of the Line to impress me, not the other way around (by the way, I maintain the same philosophy about any new potential boy/girl friends my children present). You raise several good fact issues. DH and I arrived at the opening of the MDR soon after opening at 7 pm and there were many open tables in various parts of the dining room, with a few groups in each area. We didn't get the only table left. There was definitely no eye-roll: everyone was professional, and that is what Silversea never fails in. The dress code was casual but denim, even neat ones (and my DH looks good in anything), are not in the dress code. I definitely could have asked for a better table, but the question is, should I?
  3. I have been following this topic regarding dress code issues and behaviors with interest and respect for experienced Silversea cruisers. As I've told my children, just like showing up on time, proper attire shows respect for your host and your fellow guests, and when in doubt, it's always better to be overdressed than underdressed. That said, I've been on the other side of this issue too, and I would be very interested in reading how you would handle this situation. It was the last night of a 15 day cruise on the Shadow this year, and my husband had already packed his jacket and tie. We thought the butler would be busy enough, so we went to the MDR to enjoy our final evening meal on board and possibly say goodbye to some of our new acquaintances. DH was wearing his favorite travel togs: a crisp longsleeve button-down shirt and dark grey (not blue) jeans with leather boat shoes (I was wearing a navy blue suit). I thought they might cut us some slack on the last night, but the Maitre'D instantly directed us to a table in the corner next to the kitchen door, completely surrounded on all sides by crew in their white day uniform shirts (not jackets). Yes, we were being "table-shamed;" no correctly attired passenger would have to pass or even see us. In that situation, what would you do?: 1. Take the hint, politely leave and order room service; 2. Shrug, accept that rules are rules, enjoy the meal and leave as soon as politely able; or 3. Ask the Maitre'D if we could be moved to a table among the regular passengers. We chose #2, but that's not the end of the story. It seems that after we left, a group of other passengers arrived wearing bathrobes, and were seated in the main room, where they remained so dressed through the entire meal. I think the Maitre'D would have been happy to overlook our attire had we walked in then! Here is the thread; the MDR event is on page 3. DH and I look forward to your comments.
  4. I agree with Turtlemichael - don't lose hope because you are waitlisted. I contacted my SS consultant to get a reservation on a segment of the 2021 Expedition WC. All staterooms were shown as available on the website, but the consultant told me that all were "sold out" except for a handful (5-6) of basic verandas. This was almost two years in advance of sailing and the cruise had just been listed, so I was a little dismayed until I remembered that it was a World Cruise, and therefore they are sensible to hold back the more desirable cabins for people who want to buy multiple segments. I would certainly appreciate that if I were in a position to make a longer voyage. After a certain period, it is definitely possible that more cabins will become available. I reserved one of the available ones and waitlisted for my preferred one. A lot can happen in two years! On the bright side, I only had to prepay the discounted fare for the less expensive cabin while I wait.
  5. When I first saw the deck plan for the Muse, I noticed an "Activities Area" room opening to a captive portion of the deck on Deck 9. "This has kid's club written all over it" I thought. Those of you who have been on the Muse, is that what it is reserved/used for? On the Silver Moon, that same space is the Connoisseurs Club.
  6. Also, I'd like to pass on that Imogen Corrigan's book "Stone on Stone, the men who built the cathedrals" has been published. The publisher is Robert Hale, a division of Crowood Press.
  7. We were on this cruise in 2018 with Wellseasoned and 2fromTO and loved it. We have made reservations for the 2021 version on the Cloud which was recently announced. It leaves June 16 2021; the voyage is listed as Lisbon to Reykjavik (17 days). It does not have the overnight to Bordeaux but does have the overnight at Tower Bridge.
  8. Frncie, I was on Silver Cloud Voyage 1910 in 2018 and it indeed ended at London Tower Bridge. The Cloud cruise that ends in Amsterdam that you are looking at is a 2019 voyage, and it was always scheduled to end in Amsterdam, so that would have been disclosed to you when you booked. The Cloud appears to make an annual circuit from the Antarctic up the west coast of Africa and then to Lisbon, whence it goes up to the UK or the low countries and then over towards Iceland. I think they made Amsterdam the terminus to mix it up a little and perhaps give the popular London docking to another itinerary. If you want to see more about this cruise, Wellseasoned has a very enjoyable board post with lots of pictures:
  9. Hi Bechi, We are on that cruise too. I read that Sur and/or Khasab have a market or "souk" near the dock, so DH and I will probably have a walk, although I am not much into dickering so it may be just enough to get a taste of the area. There should also be a local guide or welcome desk either on the ship or at the terminal to give suggestions. "Google Earth" gives a good idea of where the main population areas are. Based on the board recommendations, we are taking the jeep tour at Salalah.
  10. Just to let you know, I did exchange my TA and the prior cancelled cruise (3932) for a different 2019 itinerary without any significant disadvantage and Silversea was very prompt and cooperative. I was very pleased with the whole process. I'm sorry to lose the 3932 culinary expedition, but I am sure I will enjoy the new itinerary too.
  11. Silversea confirmed today that the Shadow will be going into drydock during the period of Nov. 2 to Nov. 21. 2019. Voyages 3931 (Athens to Barcelona) and 3932 (Barcelona to Lisbon) are cancelled. They confirmed that voyage 3933 (Lisbon to Ft. Lauderdale) is scheduled to sail as planned on Nov. 21, 2019.
  12. Spoke with the consultant in Miami: he confirmed what I saw missing on the website but neither he or his supervisor had an explanation and are going to make some inquiries.
  13. I am also scheduled for the TA - it was a back-to-back - but I agree that I would not have purchased that one either if it was just coming off a refurbishment. I have reached out to the consultant at SS headquarters but only gotten voicemail so far. That said, I have a high degree of confidence that SS will make a satisfactory accommodation. I have a 2020 itinerary already reserved.
  14. I just noticed that our November 2019 sailing on the Shadow out of Barcelona (and the voyage immediately before it out of Athens) has been removed from the website and the activity calendar for that cruise has also been removed from My Silversea. So, there appears to be a 20 day gap from Nov. 1 to Nov. 21 in 2019. (the Shadow leaves Lisbon for a TA on November 21.) Could this be a refurbishment? The ship would be in the vicinity of several Italian refitters.
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