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  1. Just noticed that this has been added to the "Cruise with Confidence Policy" on the  SS website in an update dated December 15:



    Should a guest or a member of their travelling party test positive within 30 days prior to the cruise, at the boarding terminal or during the cruise, the guest will receive 100% Future Cruise Credit or 100% refund for the total booking amount.

  2. Lisbon to Dakar,  October 12, 2021 on the Wind.  Then, Dakar to Buenos Aires Oct. 29, 2021.


    And then from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, with stops at Falklands, South Georgia and what appears to be an eclipse viewing at sea.  Nov. 21, 2021.

  3. 29 minutes ago, Randyk47 said:

    Despite all the positive press and announcements from Pfizer and Moderna it looks like the manufacture and distribution of at least these two vaccines is going to take longer than initially thought.

    But we should not assume that there will only ever be just two vaccines available.  The New York Times reports that there are 58 currently in human trials and dozens more in development:






  4. I note that the three cruises I have been watching (two of which I have bookings on) all went up in price in the past two days (vista/veranda suites):


    May 2021 (Cloud) went up about $1,200/person  

    October 2021 (Moon) up about $180/person

    February 2022 (Muse) up about $270/person


    This comports with other posts I have seen that cruises being cancelled now cannot be rebooked for next year at the same price.  


    I have observed that SS will raise the price as the sailing date approaches and cabins get sold out, but the February 2022 price rise seems unusual.  That's a long way out and every popular class of suite seems to be available.  Are they perhaps anticipating a rise in the price of airfare?  Increased demand?  A need to increase the value of their unbooked inventory to spruce up the financials?  A nudge to get uncommitted customers to put down a deposit before the price goes up again?  

  5. 4 hours ago, Fletcher said:

    Has a President been so unhappy with the result that he simply walked out and didn't stay for the handover in January? 


    According to this article in the Atlantic magazine, John Adams did not attend the inauguration of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Johnson did not attend the inauguration of Ulysses S. Grant.  (Adams and Jefferson later famously reconciled.)  No sitting President ever just walked out after election day, but I am sure such "lame ducks" (as they are called in the U.S.) suddenly lost a lot of motivation, other for than creating a robust list of pardons (Presidents can pardon federal crimes and commute sentences, so the period between election day and January 20 is the time for lame ducks to repay  political favors).





  6. Also, it's easy to forget this point as we are all familiar with Silversea luxury, but the vast majority of cruise passengers are not on an all-inclusive ticket.  Once you get them on the ship, you are not stuck with having to operate the cruise only on the strength of the fare of those 20% who have paid new cash.  There are also an unlimited amount of upcharges and extras including fancy sports equipment, excursions, surf machines, climbing walls, premium restaurants and alcohol packages, plus the commission paid by the shops, art auctions, jewelry sales.   I never cruised on Royal Caribbean without paying at least 50% over the value of my fare on extra's.

  7. 1 hour ago, Observer said:

    one can imagine a flood of bookings (and "fresh cash"/"cash input") from people eager to get back afloat.  I am one of those eager to sail again, and I know many others.


    Observer makes a good point.  The question has been raised as to how a vaccine solves cash flow/burn problems.  It does because as soon as an effective vaccine (hopefully, a number of vaccines) becomes viably and widely available, people will start making plans again and that brings new cash in.  I'd be very surprised if the cruise lines don't already have a pricing model researched for how this news will affect the supply and demand.   I believe RCL's Mr. Fain when he says there is a pent-up demand.  You don't have to look any further than the pictures of the people who flocked to bars and restaurants as soon as the restrictions were loosened a little bit.  Those crowds certainly demonstrated a pent-up demand for fun, food and society.

  8. Royal Caribbean's written press release, published in advance of today's call included:


    "COVID-19 has impacted shipyard operations and will result in delivery delays for newbuilds. Currently, the Company expects that three of the five ships originally scheduled for delivery between July of 2020 and December of 2021 will be delivered within the remaining time frame. Two of these ships are Silver Moon and Silver Dawn, with capacity lower than 600 berths."


    As Mr. Terry noted, the company's representative did indicate that most capital projects were on hold, but I believe he excepted the Silver Moon and Silver Dawn, mentioning them by name.



  9. On 7/28/2020 at 4:20 PM, A Tucson Guy said:

    If I pay in full by 8-31-20, I get a 10% reduction. I had planned on doing that and now with all the financial uncertainties, I am a little worried. A lot of big name companies are declaring bankruptcy and the cruise industry is not immune. I know that nobody has a crystal ball, but what would you do?


    I agree with Mr. Spectre that the 10% discount is likely to be continued month to month, and I suspect that you can cancel and rebook to get it at a later point - taking the chance that the underlying base price of your cabin has not gone up to a point where the 10% discount has been swallowed up by the price hike and the cabin you want is still available.   Like several others on this board, I have several fully paid cruises "in the bank" and I have a reasonable degree of confidence that even if RCCL faces financial difficulty, the last thing they are going to do is leave customers holding the bag.  The ability of any  service-oriented company to get additional  financing for a successful restructuring is dependent on a number of factors, but most important is the existence of  faithful customer base who will continue doing business.  According to a recent email from Silversea, over half of their current bookings are from repeat customers.  


    But, I know many cruisers have reasonable reservations about keeping a lot of funds tied up that way.  Therefore, the "Double Bonus" promotion seems to me to be a "win-win."  For the customer, the sum of $1,000 is not so much to risk (well, compared to paying 100% in advance) and it preserves your reservation for the voyage and cabin you want at a known set price.  As some have noted, once ships start moving again, supply is likely to be restricted and demand will push price.  You can still re-evaluate your appetite for risk until 121 days before sailing and cancel then.   For the company, they can show the lenders that they have a commitment from their customers that is likely to bring in a nice chunk of revenue if they continue to work together.  



  10. 45 minutes ago, scottjeanne said:

    Yes, I have been offered a full refund.  Or a 110% FCC or a transfer to another cruise with a 10% discount.  Not the 125% they are advertising. 


    That is the same deal I was offered when my Cloud World Cruise segment was postponed to 2021.  I was offered the same cruise, just one year later, with a 10% discount.  I assumed that was why the FCC benefit was 110%,, not 125%.  I did elect to use the FCC at 110%, but on another voyage, because I had a conflict with that period in 2022.

  11. On 7/8/2020 at 9:34 PM, cruiseej said:

    We are booked on a December Wind trip which we aren't going to go on, should it actually sail. We asked out travel agent to move us to the same cruise next year, and she said after talking to her contacts at Silversea that we should stay put a little longer pending some additional word from Silversea. I don't know if that's a hint that they'll be canceling this year's Wind cruises, or that nest year's pricing will be reduced, or something else... we're waiting to see what develops before we get to 120 days out.


    Well, here's a bit of news that might be pertinent to that.  Earlier this month, our June 2021 cruise on the Cloud was postponed to 2022 because it was a segment of the Expedition World Cruise, which was moved in toto to 2022.  With our credit, we booked a cruise on the Wind for May 2021, London Tower Bridge round trip.  Looking at My Silversea today, I see that that the ship for this cruise is now the Silver Cloud, not the Wind.  The voyage number has changed too, but the itinerary seems to be same.  We are fine with either ship.


    On the Silversea website, the cruise is still listed as being on the Wind.


    So, if the Cloud is picking up the Wind voyages, what is happening with the Wind?

  12. A hearty amen to Mr. Terry's recommendation about the Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton.  Huge, informative and no entry fee ever.  It's indoors, air conditioned and full of not only warbirds but the history of flight, spaceflight and the Presidential Air Force 1's.  They recently opened a special exhibit for the WWII Memphis Belle.  If our choices now are land travel only, that is worth a visit (it's open, check out their website).  

  13. Thanks, you are quite right!   On closer review of the email, I see that there is an offer of a  10% reduction, but I'll have to contact the cruise consultant to figure out just how that works.  Here is the language:


    " As compensation, Silversea will offer a 10% savings on top of the price you already secured through price matching (a) . 


    Price-match applicable when suite category is the same of the original booking. 
    Should the exact category not be available, possible upgrades need to be evaluated case by case with Silversea
    Silversea will compensate guests for air arrangements, both in case booked with us or independently
    The 10% extra savings will be applied after booking is secured on top of all other savings. "
    I am guessing that this means I am assured of getting the same suite category and they give me a refund or FCC of 10% of my original payment.
  14. On 5/25/2020 at 5:02 PM, TLCOhio said:


    YES, to our western Pennsylvania "neighbor", you win the prize for your correct guess/speculation.   That building in the background of my small picture is Ohio's State Capitol.  Below is a picture of the larger view from my office window on the 12th floor of the building south of Capitol Square. Ohio's State Capitol was built in the 1840-60 period and has some a couple good Abraham Lincoln connection.  In early 1861 on his way to Washington, he stopped in Columbus and spoke to a joint session of the Ohio Legislature. During the time he was in the Ohio Governor's office on that day, Lincoln received a telegram telling him that the election had been certified by the Electoral College and that he was officially the President-elect. Four years and two months later, Lincoln would lie in state in the Ohio Capitol Rotunda after his assassination.  His body traveled back through Columbus on the way to Illinois for burial.




    Mr. Terry's information made me think that you could write a whole book just about Lincoln's trip from Springfield to Washington for his inauguration.  Well, Someone just did!  "Briefly Noted" in the New Yorker magazine recommends "Lincoln on the Verge" by Ted Widmer (Simon & Schuster, 2020) which talks about that trip and how it formed Lincoln's growth as a statesman.  I'll bet Columbus is more than "briefly noted."

  15. Royal Caribbean's 49% subsidiary Pullmantur has filed for reorganization under Spanish insolvency law:




    According to the article, Pullmantur was on "cold" lay-up, as opposed to RCCL's other ships.  As I recall from RCCL's annual report, Pullmantur sells mostly to the Spanish market, which has seek bleak times recently.

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