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    Been to many of the destinations - just not by ship. But I love the Caribbean!

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  1. Just wanted to say that I love your ‘name’! 😁 That is my maiden name (minus the ey)!
  2. ❤️🙏🏽 I am so sorry for your loss. My prayers and thoughts are with you!
  3. We’re doing the June 4th southbound
  4. What dates in June? We are also booked for the southbound in June.
  5. We just booked your option 2 for June 2022!
  6. I have the Maker and the Explore but I find that I use my Maker all of the time now. It's a bit more powerful and will cut more types of materials.
  7. I am just now getting back on the Princess boards after being away for most of the year (too depressing since I can't go anywhere) and the first thread I read I see you talking about my favorite tool - Cricut!!! I just wanted to say that I agree with you about Oracal being so much easier to weed than Cricut brand! I just finished making gifts for my daughter to give out at her theater and used both brands. The Cricut brand took forever to weed but the Oracal weeded in a snap!
  8. Same with us also - I would have loved sailing on Coral but hubby just can’t do that with his work schedule so we are also booked on the Star! I loved the Royal on our Mexican Riviera cruise a couple of months ago but now I can see why it wouldn’t work so well in Alaska. Even though I was very happy in Mexico I did miss the promenade deck.
  9. I’m following someone on Twitter who said he, his wife & child are on the Diamond and he just posted a few minutes ago that there are indeed 10 new cases.
  10. LOL!!! It was so hard for all of us to hide our shock and laughter!!!
  11. I, too, am from San Antonio (my nephew writes for the Express-News)! It's hard to find authentic Mexican food in certain places. Years ago my flight crew had a layover somewhere up north and we all had a craving for Mexican. We asked the hotel front desk for a recommendation and they said they knew of a very good one and that they would be happy to take us. We were so happy until we realized that the driver was actually driving into the parking lot of a Taco Bell?!?!? 😮🤨
  12. We were that same cruise also. What confused us was that we (the Royal) were originally supposed to be in port with Panorama and HAL but after the change (due to a mechanical problem), we noticed that the Oosterdam has also changed their itinerary and were with us in each port. I didn’t care since it’s a smaller ship but I am almost sure that she had the exact same itinerary as our original one. I never did find out why (or if) they changed though. Just curious! We still enjoyed our trip no matter what!
  13. We were on the same cruise last week and loved hearing the Love Boat theme out of PV & Mazatlán!
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