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  1. My wife and I were on the same cruise. Was fun. I seem to remember doing the ropes course in a sweat shirt on the sea day. They had the Gateway done up as the BUD LITE HOTEL. The breakaway officers were not allowed to visit the Gateway other than deck 4. Budweiser controlled the ship. I was supposed to present a model to the hotel director. I left it with Sonya on the Breakaway. It was the first time the ships were together. Here's a picture that?I downloaded. We went on Breakawa's last cruise to nowhere in December 2015. It was in the 70s at sea. Was like a sea day in the Ca
  2. I met more officers involved with SSUS project at the Pride of America Plaque Exchange ceremony in June 2005 on the Pride of America. They indicated Hoped to make things work and use the SSUS for cruises along the US coast. At the time getting the POA up and running was their tasking. Then CEO Colin Veitch was also pushing the project. Back then the ship yard Superintendent at the ceremony was realistic on the challenges to bring the United States up SOLAS versus building a new ship. It was an interesting encounter for a model ship builder like me to experience.
  3. I have built many models of the United States, including one in the card room of the Norwegian Gem. I was lucky to tour her in 2000. Very sad. The engine room was impressive. When I delivered the to Gem in 2008 I met an engineer who was in charge of the SSUS. He said the ship was sound. The power plant was the issue for modernization.
  4. That crane incident was in December 2010. I may swing by and see how things look tomorrow.
  5. The last time a crane flipped over while the jewel was there which delayed departure which in turn delayed the Gem getting in.
  6. I was at drydock 3 today. Workers said maintenance not a full refurb. Sounds like technical as people GB ave said
  7. I have work in Boston. I'll grab some pictures. The dry dock is right next to the cruise terminal.
  8. Norway was our first cruise in 97. Has been my most built model that have built. I converted a SS France model into the Norway. A model I donated is in the?Captains office the Breakaway. I attached a picture of a Norway I built a few months back.
  9. My sister is on the crossing. It was a medical emergency that caused the diversion.
  10. I watched the video today on repairs. Being in the construction safety business, it totally makes sense the MDR was closed. They were placing steel plate with the Link Belt crane. The first plate spun like a top. Welding requires fire watch and always includes very noisy grinding. Trust me, dinner would not be fun with grinding 30 to 50 feet away.
  11. Thank you. She is thrilled about t hff e crossing.
  12. Is there a way to e mail the ship. I am bringng a model QM2 to give to the captain on January 3rd. My sister will be doing her first cruise and I will be taking her to the ship. Mike
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