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  1. It will have gone to Belize this week, so that sounds like a winning theory. Although, you’d think they’d prepare for that when assigning arrival times.
  2. I thought it was weird that it was sent 4 days out, so I thought there might be a known propulsion issue or something. I was more curious than anything else. Either way, we take changes in stride, which is why we don’t mind sailing during hurricane season.
  3. We received an email this morning advising that the current sailing of the Magic will have a delayed derbarkatiim and that we should add 1 hour to our scheduled arrival time at the port. Does anyone know what’s causing the delay?
  4. Great review so far! We’re sailing on the Magic this Sunday and recieved an email this morning about delayed debarkation for your current cruise and that we should arrive later. Have they mentioned anything onboard?
  5. Take good care of her, we will take over on the 7th in Miami!
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