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  1. Geeze, we would have been in your shoes if we left a week earlier, parked at Port as well. I agree, shame on the few that are calling u all crybabies and think they are above all of this. If they don't have a question or can't contribute something positive, stay off the boards. NCL told us yesterday afternoon that you guys would be departing and we (9/1 boarders) would be boarding at 8 this morning. Like you said, it was announced at noon yesterday that port of Miami would be closing, so something doesn't add up. So sorry they put you in this position. Has anything even been explained? Like why they didn't dock in Key West or Tampa! New Orleans is a long way, hope they get you all back quickly and safely. Prayers for all.
  2. Exactly... we weren't able to put any deadlines on them, for sure. Most travel agencies are closed until Tuesday. Why the additional angst for NCL cruisers? One thing they really could have done well was be somewhat accomodating and make this easy and they didn't even do that. They certainly aren't looking for or concerned about repeat customers. Hope everyone gets home safe and with minimal stress. You travelers all need a staycation after the hours spent traveling/figuring out the NCL "nocation"! Us Floridians are another story. Stay away Dorian!
  3. Yes, NCL told us to have TA do it, but just a bit nervous since the travel company is not open for the holiday weekend and we are in FL so could lose cell service on Tues. I sent emails just in case.
  4. When we talked to NCL this morning they said we would have to get our refund through our travel company, which is closed until Tuesday, yet they want us to spend a couple of hours on hold (if we don't get hung up on) to let them know if we are going to show up for the Wed. cruise?? (NO) Has anyone tried emailing NCL successfully?
  5. I had lunch at PC today, 3 ships in port and beautiful day but probably a good decision because coming back might be a challenge. Come back soon though, it is a great area and leave time to visit KSC and our uncrowded beaches.
  6. Praying for everyone...we live on the Space coast of FL so have not experienced all of the transportation challenges that you all are going through, it sounds awful and I hope you all get a chance to relax soon! We are driving but are also conflicted about leaving at all at this point. Will our home be intact when we return? I've lived here 20 years and have never seen models so spread out, with wind estimates so high. No one even knows where to go, but south FL is starting to look better than North. Hoping there is more clarity tomorrow and it continues to move east away from land! On a lighter note, if you are "stuck" in Miami tomorrow, make the most of it. There obviously are many things to do in the touristy and expensive international South Beach area but also many things to do inland ... zoo is amazing, Vizcaya, art museums, (hipster/fun)Wynwood, little Havana (Cuban), sophisticated Brickell and quaint Coconut Grove, there really is something for everyone, all ages, all tastes, just search internet and enjoy the city. Ubers and public transportation are plentiful. Best wishes to all, if we get on this cruise, we may need a drink!
  7. Yes, thank you! and yes, Bird, Coast Guard is ultimately in charge.
  8. Thx, I understand that but was referring to the Getaway... they are holding it in Cozumel and apparently planning a Tuesday return.
  9. Hoping they reevaluate, latest models show the storm has slowed down and won't hit land until late Monday or sometime Tuesday.
  10. It is slowing down, which could strengthen it, but also gives time for 7 day cruises to leave this weekend if they choose to come back from where they are now. New estimates for landfall are Monday night to Tuesday.
  11. Wow, latest forecast shows the storm it is not even going to hit land until very late Monday night at the earliest. I hope they reevaluate things tomorrow!
  12. Norwegian has updates on twitter.
  13. I agree with the lack of communication and customer service from NCL. But the good news is the cruise will leave tomorrow. We live close to PC and a relative works for PC. They cannot control what the individual cruise lines put out, but in the past, if weather was too bad to return, those cruises got extra days at sea! We are scheduled for Sun. NCL cruise from Miami and no statement there either. NCL has worst customer service ever! Would never cruise with them if it wasn't for the extreme last minute discounts we get in FL.
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