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  1. disneyochem -- thank you so much for the perspective!
  2. We are doing the Rocky Mountaineer train prior to boarding our Alaskan cruise. For our excursion in Skagway on the cruise, we are considering doing the White Pass Railroad because everyone tells us it is a must do. However, I'm worried that it will be a let down after being on the Rocky Mountaineer. Has anyone done both and can comment on whether the scenery is different enough between the 2 to help us decide if we want to do White Pass or find a different excursion in Skagway? Thank you for any input!
  3. I am loving watching your journey. We will be on the Vancouver to Seward portion of your Alaska cruise and are considering adding the return cruise to make a back-to-back as well. I have to say your authenticity and thought process is very helpful as we make decisions. Hope to see you on board in Alaska!
  4. We are new to Regent and I paid our cruise in full at time of booking (4 days ago). Am I still eligible for this? If so, I'm looking for a sponsor!
  5. Yes, thank you for clarifying. We were doing the George inlet, but hubby really wants to see Lumberjack, so we changed.
  6. Good info. Last time in Alaska we had our 3 teenage boys with us and on Royal Caribbean.....so lots of kids! On that trip we did the Floatplane/Salmon bake, Whale Watching, Halibut Fishing, and White Pass Railroad, and want to try some other sites this time. We did stop for crab at The Office Bar in Hoonah -- it was amazing. My husband still talks about it. Worth stopping for! We are def doing a Crabfeast in Ketchikan. I think we've narrowed it down to: Ketchikan - Lumberjack show and crab feast Juneau - Mendhenhall Glacier and whale quest Skagway - Chilkhoot Trail Hike and Float Adventure Icy Strait - Whale Watching and Seafood Fest Thanks for the input!!
  7. Thank you! We are actually looking for something to do in Seward. I did not see those options on the Regent website, but maybe I didn't look in the right place.
  8. Thank you Wendy. Here are the initial ones we think we might choose from: Juneau Gold Creek Salmon Bake Whale Watching & Wildlife Quest Mendenhall Glacier and Whale Quest Skagway Chilkoot Trail Hike and Float Adventure Gold Panning, Sled Dog and 40 below Icy Strait (not a lot interested us on the included ones, we may look at the others) Wilderness Hike Any opinions are GREATLY appreciated!
  9. Thank you jeb_bud, we were trying to choose between Cruise George Inlet & CrabFeast vs Alaskan Lodge Adventure & Seafeast. Sounds like we will choose George Inlet!
  10. Hi everyone -- hoping someone can point me in the right direction. We are taking our first Regent cruise (Alaska in July) and I am trying to find some reviews of the various included excursions. We typically book separate excursions and I read a lot of online reviews prior to booking. However, this time we want to take advantage of the included excursions and I am not very successful at finding any reviews for them to help us make our selection. I've done a search, but might not be using the right search words, as not much comes up. Appreciate any help! THANK YOU!
  11. Yes, I have sent treats on at least 2 separate occasions and both times they received the items along with a card that said it was from me.
  12. Thank you PhillyFan33579 for your response! I'm going to give it a shot!
  13. I've never done the Thermal Suite on Carnival before. I realize that the Sunshine does not have the thalassotherapy pool, but seriously considering purchasing the pass any way. For those who have been on the Sunshine and used the thermal suite, did you find that there was a wait for loungers? I would love to spend time there in the mornings and then also unwinding before I get ready for dinner, but not sure how crowded they will be? Thank you in advance for your suggestions!
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