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    Current Passport Turn Around Time

    MZ, We applied around the 6th-7th of May and had our passports by the 16th, and this was four of us. One came on the 19th. So it sounds as though they are processing fairly fast! Also, if going to Caribbean...???....you dont need one, but if for some reason you have to fly back to US, you cant w/o passport.
  2. AH, aint life grand when it goes so smooth?? Yes, we applied and recieved ours in 10 days...4 of us! :D
  3. Hello ALL!!!! Sailing out on the Conquest on 6/29. Anyone have advice on what is the least busiest time to get to the port for check-in? We are driving down so can arrive anytime. Thanks in advance! Kathie
  4. Kakk52

    Don't book this (these) rooms

    Anyone have info on Conquest 8a-6414 and 8c-8418. I see we are right under the Lido deck, which is a worry, and right by the elevators. Thanks, Kathie Carnival conquest-6/29/08:D
  5. Kakk52

    ? for past Conquest passengers

    And treat yourself to a nice Spa treatment while they're there! I do like how you think Janet/John!!!
  6. Kakk52

    Have you ever seen this swimsuit?

    AHHHHH....you little blood hound you!!!....Thats great!!! (trying to think of stuff I want you to search for)....j/k Well, if you see some ole lady waving at you on the pool deck....youll know its me! BTW, where are you?...I grew up around Johnstown, then West Chester and then last, and certainly least, York.
  7. Kakk52

    Have you ever seen this swimsuit?

    OMG...I have moved to TX from PA....and what I miss the most is Gabes!!!! Isnt that terrible? Anyway, I agree....any bottom to match top. I know that I bought the best suit ever from Gabes and looked for the company when it wore out. Never found it. Palisades Beach Club. Good luck..ya gonna look smashing!
  8. Would anyone know if there is a difference in a 8A balcony and a 8C balcony?:cool:
  9. Kakk52

    ? for past Conquest passengers

    OMG!!!:eek: I am laughing so hard....I never thought of that....and as far as partying.....COME ON OVER!!! AND thanks everyone!! ps....still laughing
  10. Kakk52

    Conquest only Questions! Post 'em Here!

    WOW, SHEYRL! Reading this made me feel so good. 5x's! We are out on her in 52 days~~~~doing a happy dance~~~~!!!! Would you know if there is a pool table on board?...re:traveling w/ 4 men and they want to know) Kathie ps...(im sure your gonna hear from me in the next 52 days!....have you created a monster?)
  11. Kakk52

    How do I stay focused???

    OH DIVA!!! I am howling! It is my exact feeling and I have 53 days to go. Love all the suggestions but expecially, keep reading CC. Last cruised in '03 and by the time I went I knew more than our TA! My DH thought that was funny. HAVE FUN, AND enjoy this buzz we have on
  12. Does anyone know of a site where they will tell you what cabins are available onboard?
  13. Cruising w/ 4 men~~~~:eek:, And they would like to know if there is a pool table on board. Yeah, Im thinking the same:rolleyes:
  14. Kakk52


    :p WOW...Thanks everyone....Wish I got this good of service everywhere:p I have heard from several now that it is 2 weeks! Judgemom??....Good luck w/that....jeesh....Hope it all comes through for you!!! AND, you have the greatest cruise. Its been awhile since I have been here. (2003) Forgot what great people cruisers are:D
  15. Kakk52


    Hello Cruisies!!! Just ordered our passports.(MAY6TH) Has anyone applied lately and how long does it take to recieve them? THANKS, in advance:D