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    Hotel Milano?

    We stayed there on 6/21/08 the night before our cruise (Carnival Destiny). With taxes and fees, the total cost was $131.00 for a room away from the street. It was well worth the money for a night before your cruise. This hotel is a small hotel but convienently located a few blocks away from the pier, shopping, and forts. Our room did have a window but you would have to stand on a chair to look out and see an alley. But we were not paying for a great view. If it's just one night, there is no sense spending a fortune for a bed to sleep. The room and the bathroom were clean (including the white linens). We didn't eat there, we chose to walk a couple blocks to La Bombonera (sp?) for pastries and fresh squeezed orange juice. Excellent choice. I would stay there again pre-cruise!
  2. Goofy62798

    Titou Gorge Swim

    I am not that good of a swimmer and I had a floating device strapped around and was just fine. The water is pretty cold but well worth it.
  3. Goofy62798

    BOSS Underwater

    In St. Thomas, we booked through Carnival the BOSS underwater scooters. We had a blast. They pick you right up at the dock. They take you out a ways to Buck Island (Shipwreck Cove). They explain the history about the scooters. There is only 8 places in the world ride these and only 200 of them made. This guy, Captain Jim Briars, owns 11 or 14 of them. So this is definitely once in a lifetime experience. It doesn't matter if you know how to swim or not. You are underwater on the scooters for about 30 minutes. The remaining time you have the opportunity to snorkel (at no additional charge for the equipment). Please make sure you bring an underwater camera (cost less then $10 at home) and if you forget they sell them on the boat for $20. The guides take tons of pictures for you. They also sell t-shirts for $20. There are free snacks, juice, and water on the boat. The entire excursion was about 3.5-4hrs. Gives you plenty of time to shop in St. Thomas when you get back or before you go.
  4. Goofy62798

    Thriller Tour

    How did you contact/book your trip w/ Stephen? And how much did it cost?
  5. Does anyone know what time the dining room opens for breakfast on the Destiny? We are in port everyday and would like to enjoy breakfast in the dining room. On my documents, breakfast time is 6:45. Wasn't sure if this is what time the dining room opens or not? Anyone been on the Destiny recently and know?
  6. Goofy62798

    Luggage Recommendation

    Is there a particular brand better than another? Features? Or anything to stay away from? We don't need anything fancy or expensive.
  7. Goofy62798

    Luggage Recommendation

    My husband and I are going on our first cruise here in a few weeks. I am looking into purchasing a set of reasonably priced, lightweight luggage. We haven't traveled much but starting this year we plan to take yearly vacations. I am thinking we at least need 2 suitcases and 1 travel-on bag. Any recommendations?
  8. Goofy62798

    No more paper docs

    I have a stupid question. Is the FunPass the same thing as a boarding pass?
  9. Goofy62798

    La Bombonera?

    What kind of pastries do they serve? I read somewhere that someone stocked up on pastries from here and brought them on the ship to give to the ship's help. I have read that they have great food and awesome fresh squeezed orange juice. I am interested in trying this place out.
  10. Goofy62798

    What are Mallorcas?

    I have read that these are a must have in San Juan. What are they? Some have said that they have meat and cheese in them. Are there other kinds? Are they a type of pastry? I like more sweet things and didn't know if they have plain ones? I am interested in trying them. Any advice?
  11. Goofy62798

    Airfare Costing More Than The Cruise???????

    We are leaving on the Destiny June 22 and we ended up purchasing our air through Carnival. Which I know everyone here at CC is totally against it. Airfare through Carnival from Des Moines (DSM) to San Juan (SJU) was $699/pp. If we bought it on our own it was going to be over $1200/pp. We did go ahead and spent the extra money for the deviation charge so we could fly in the day before and pick our own flights (costs $100/pp in total) It is really expensive to fly to SJU. And I read here that AA has cut their flights to SJU in half so I am sure the airfare will skyrocket again and you will have less flight times to choose from ( I think they said this starts Sept 2008 and they have already changed some of the flight times for people that have already booked). Good Luck with your flight shopping!
  12. Goofy62798

    Carnival Destiny St. Lucia shore excursion

    I have read great reviews on the St. Lucia port of call board. His website is http://www.cosol-tours.com/
  13. Goofy62798

    New Menu

    Does anyone know if the Destiny has switched to the "new" menu? I would like to try it the end of June.
  14. Goofy62798

    Carnival Destiny Review 5-11

    Could you tell me what nights were your formal nights on the Destiny? I have been reading comments about menus changing. Has the Destiny's dining room menu changed? Thanks so much. We leave on the Destiny June 22nd!
  15. Goofy62798

    Destiny Capers

    We will be traveling on Destiny in June. It would be great to see current Destiny Capers if anyone has them?