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  1. Lizard©

    9th July - WEEK FANTASTIQUE W124

    Not me unfortunately, I love the Dawn :)....however we are going on the Jewel (J123) on 25th July :) really looking forward to this cruise after the last one was cancelled, I think we really need a holiday now :)
  2. Love....Love....Love your review so far, can't wait for more and some great pictures!! Shame about scammers in Fiji though, I'll remember that for when we cruise there......one day.
  3. Lizard©

    QM2 Pics of Adelaide Departure

    Awesome Photo's, thanks for posting them. Whish I could have gotten down there to see her leave, maybe next year. :)
  4. Lizard©

    How could they!!!!!!

    :eek: :eek: :eek:
  5. Lizard©

    dressing for cocktail night

    That's exactly me to a T ;).....I had black evening pants and a couple of blingy tops, there were quite a few ladies dresses in trousers too. :)
  6. Lizard©

    Sneak Look At Pacific Pearl

    I'm with Drelix :D Lots and lots of photos :D :D
  7. Lizard©

    Pacific Jewel

    There she goes :) :) :)
  8. Lizard©

    Flat screen tv's on pacific pearl

    I agree with you Robin, must have a top sheet :) Doona, Duvet, continental quilt (in Adelaide). Lynda
  9. Can't wait to see the transformation to begin.....I love watching ships get an "update" :)
  10. Lizard©

    Carnival Splendor engine room fire....

    I agree David, a great report and the last comment was perfect. I now have a greater respect for each and every crew member aboard a ship....not to say I didn't have great respect for them anyway. I see now how fortunate we were for P&O to make the decision to cancel our cruise and fix the Jewel instead of going ahead and maybe having her bobbing about the Pacific Ocean......
  11. Lizard©

    Carnival Splendor engine room fire....

    I love this blog....can't wait to read the next part. He certainly tells the story well.....
  12. Lizard©

    Finally booked the next one...

    WooHoo!!! awesome......From what I've heard the Dome is the same as the Jewel :( We'll have to wait and see eh...they do have a swim up bar though that I think is staying :) My Dr wanted me to get Hep C (I think it was) and Tetanus...we already have flu shots each year so that's no biggy....... Another count down is fantastic eh? :D :D
  13. Lizard©

    Cruise Booked

    Yes it is David.....hold down your Alt key and on your right number pad key in 0169 = © :)
  14. Lizard©

    Cruise Booked

    Oh Yes! Absolutely David...thanks :)