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  1. Thank you- you are very helpful. Appreciate it!:)
  2. Ok, if i need to use one will the steward/porter help me out?
  3. well said, i will try it out but i doubt 14ounces of alcohol will get me disembarked and shipped away because of my age. Might as well risk it though.
  4. Ignorance is in the night of mind, but a night without a moon and star. I'm afraid you "posters" are awfully wrong.
  5. ok so if i dont lock it and put it in checked, and they find my containers. and i'm underage will i be disembarked or not able to go on(without knowing my age of course)?
  6. first, if its in a DIFFERENT container. In a LOCKED suitcase, how could they tell it is alcohol in there. thats the only thing i wanna know.
  7. so it comes down to this CARRYON or CHECKED? 2 containers will be filled with servecas..
  8. defeats the purpose though right.. then i gotta go to security and do extra sh!t lol. might as well leave it unlocked through checked or carryon right? guide me..
  9. LOCKED checked bags? does that seem really stupid or is it just me. nothing against you. but don't they have the right to "open" your locked bag?
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