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  1. My family and I were on the Constellation last August on the 10 night cruise from Venice to Dubrovnik and the Greek Islands. FWIW, the ship was in beautiful shape. No one should think for a second that it is shabby or in desperate need of an upgrade. While the Solstice class line of Celebrity ships is my favorite, I would definitely go on the Constellation again even without refurbishment. The crew on that journey was especially good and really friendly. I hope they are OK. Sigh - last August seems so long ago in more ways than one!
  2. Unfortunately, since that ship has been at sea for more than 2 weeks and the original voyage started on March 1, this means that it was circulating on board while everyone innocently thought they were safe. She cannot be the only one who has it. And now people are scattering through airports and across the country and to other countries who are unknowingly infected and may be spreading it on their journey and when they get home. These are unsettling times. Makes me sad, because some of the best times my family has had together as a family have been on cruises, Celebrity in parti
  3. I agree with the others that it is unlikely cruises, including a May cruise on the Oasis will return any time soon. But, I will say that as a veteran of about 12 Celebrity cruises and 7 RCCL cruises, I didn't think the Oasis would be for me at all. My impression was that it would be way too big, mall-like, crowded, and bloated (we were in front of it as our ship was leaving Ft. Lauderdale, and it just looked like this bloated, lumbering ship behind us as we sailed out to say). Plus, I just overall prefer the Celebrity vibe and experience. But, I will say that I was pleasantly surprised wh
  4. I called my sister last night and told her she should cancel her Apex cruise leaving from Rome in May before final payment is due in a few days. She has some health concerns that could make her more vulnerable to the virus. If it turns out all is ok in May after all, I told her the prices will be far lower than the price she reserved and she can always rebook. But, every indication in the last week is that the situation will get worse rather better in the near to mid term in the cruise world, particularly with the expansion of the virus in Italy. When she called Celebrity to cancel
  5. Great blog and review, thank you! How much did you use your balcony? I've never done a trans-ocean cruise and am curious whether and how much people use their balconies and how the weather and sea conditions might impact that (e.g., for any meals, a glass of wine, reading, relaxing, etc.).
  6. I was just on the Constellation in August for a 10 day cruise from Vencie to Croatia and Greece. I had wondered about the ship, because it is older. But, I was very happy to find it was incredibly well-maintained and in excellent shape. I would not hesitate to go on it again, even if it were not retrofitted. In fact, I had my eye on those very 2 cruises you've been thinking about and would go on them in a heartbeat, except my kids have school then. The Suez Canal repositioning cruise for November is also extremely well-priced now. Plus, Celebrity is pulling out of the Mid-east
  7. Hi, Shink113 - I agree with all of the above. I was on the Constellation last month. I drove to Venice (from Tuscany in a rental car), but when we left to return home at the end of the cruise, we took a taxi. It was a fixed rate of 45 euros (about $50) and took less than 20 minutes. The Venice airport is small (by US standards, in my opinion) and would be easy and not intimidating to get a taxi. The fare should be the same. Just confirm before you get in the cab what the rate is. You'll save money over the Celebrity transfers and get to the ship faster. The convenience and speed might
  8. Hi, Monica - great review and thank you for writing it! I was on the Constellation last month for the Greek Isles cruise and am having withdrawal, lol. We really loved it (This is my review in case you're curious: I thought the Martini Bar was very crowded and noisy as well. Even when it wasn't, I thought the service was rather indifferent for some reason, so we only went there once or twice. We really liked Vlada who we spoke with many times, including during the Elite happy hour in the Reflections lounge, which we really enjoyed a lot. I am very curious abou
  9. I will chime and say definitely come in a few days early (or more) if you are able to before your cruise. It is an incredible city with a lot to see, and you are going at a great time. We spent 5 days/4 nights in Rome last month before a cruise that left from Venice. It was incredibly hot (which we could live with) and incredibly crowded to the point that the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and Colleseum were very unpleasant because they were so packed with people. Have a great time!
  10. Interesting how perspectives are different. I love Labadee and it is one of my favorite stops (for the beach, swimming, and overall experience) when I cruise and I actually look for trips that have it. I've never been a big fan of Key West and would be thrilled to have that switch! In any case, enjoy your cruise (the Equinox is one my favorite ships) and good luck with the weather!
  11. Thank for writing this great blog. A long transpacific or TA is on my bucket list, and this voyage has caught my eye before. I would love to have long, lazy days at sea where I could really enjoy the ship. What is the general age range of the passengers? And how rough are the seas? Thanks!
  12. I didn't think it was necessary at first, but am a believer and get it every time now. We have had to file 3 claims, each of which were paid: - our flight from NY to FLL were cancelled because of a bad snowstorm. Was able to find tickets leaving from a different NY airport that cost $1200 more so we didn't miss our cruise. The insurance covered the tickets. - our flight from San Juan back to New York was cancelled because of a blizzard in New York and we had to spend 2 nights/3 days in San Juan post-cruise before we could get a flight home (we didn't mind this at all
  13. Yes, the Saint John's in Mykonos was a really great day pass. I learned about it here on CruiseCritic, so I am always happy and grateful to come back and share info that worked out. I would definitely go there again and would want to stay there if we ever stayed overnight on Mykonos. We recommended it to friends going there next week on a different cruise line. Regarding Rhodes, it was the Old Town where the woman from my voyage fell. She looked to be in 75 and good shape, so I think everyone 70 and up should take extra caution when walking in similar types of places, in my opi
  14. A boat ride to Oia and a bus back to Fira sounds good if there aren't many ships in port. On our voyage, because there were so many ships in port, when the buses dropped people back in Fira, they dropped them into a long line situation. You will really enjoy the Connie. Let us know what it is like after the revitalization! I think it is great already, so I am sure it is going to be even better 🙂
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