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  1. I was wondering the same thing. I canceled our March 22 cruise at 11pm last night and I have received no indication of the cancellation. I did get the email of the new policy today.
  2. The Deluxe Beverage is still $61 for Oasis in March. It has not dropped below $60 for this cruise. I did grab Voom S&S 2 Devices for 17.99/day which has been the lowest I've seen for this cruise. I had it booked before Black Friday at 22.50/day. Also looks like excursions on Labadee were lower in price. I doubt if other ports will have any discounts.
  3. Sometimes it is hard to determine list price. I know I just received an email to bid but if you go to the website to view, the categories are sold out. Unless I'm missing another way to check for price.
  4. We received an offer to bid on our March Symphony cruise. The problem is that we have 2 connecting CPV rooms with linked reservations with kids in the other room. We only received the offer on 1 of the cabins. I wonder if they would ever let you bid on a pair? I guess not. So we passed.
  5. The deluxe drink package and the dinners can be cancelled. I can't remember if it is up to 3 days before sail date or up to the sail date. It is a credit to the credit card but you have to cancel yourself by phone or online. It is not automatic.
  6. Have you made it to the casino yet? I would loved to see pictures, but I know its frowned upon.
  7. Looking forward to the review. We are doing the same itinerary on the Symphony in March.
  8. There will be a problem with the cabin that sleeps 2. Even though there is a sofa, they will not book 3 people in a room that has a max capacity of 2. So the max capacity for the connecting rooms is 6. Unless you can talk someone into booking it with more.
  9. Thanks! I assume they are free? Did you have to get them from Guest Services or were they in your room?
  10. For us, Royal has always been the cruise line where it's always better to book 2 rooms instead of trying to find 1 larger room. This is due to their not so cheap 3rd and 4th person in a cabin pricing along with the jump in price for larger rooms. And if you can find connecting rooms, in some cases it's better than having a larger room.
  11. Has anyone verified that the bands are actually on the Symphony? This discussion was before she sailed.
  12. I would call Royal because the Harmony chip might be good on other Royal ships, if you plan to go on another Royal in the future.
  13. I have done FTTF. But once I added in the other cruise lines Premium Wi-Fi Plan (which is not as good as VOOM) the price was similar if not more. Without internet it's a much better deal.
  14. I agree, there are no sales. The best promotions are the KSF (don't happen often) and the WOW sales when they might offer OBC and reduced deposits.
  15. No. I have kids in the cabin with me on this sailing. It would have been great if I could have gotten a free soda package out of the deal, but I couldn't.
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