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  1. Yes, I was supposed to go out on the 15th of March. I canceled the 11th because thats when the state department said not to cruise. They still said I couldn't get money back. I really want to cruise and would gladly take the FCC but I really think they might go bankrupt and we will never see the FCC. I hate to be doom and gloom and I hope that I am wrong.
  2. I had my travel agent call for me and they told her no I cant get a refund if I used the 48 hour peace of mind policy. They also informed her that I would only get 100% FCC not the 125 and 150% others are getting. Then to make all of this just great my agent said that dont be surprised if they file bankruptcy in the future and all the FCC will go away. Lets hope not!!!
  3. Same for me. I know just want my money back. I wrote an email to my travel agency because no one is conveniently answering phones!!!
  4. Well I guess we have decided to postpone our cruise. I'm really sad about it but we could not take a chance on being quarantined. You guys stay safe out there and if you decide to cruise just know that I wish you the very best of luck and hope you guys have a perfect vacation.😎🍹🍹
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