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  1. Following. Curious about WA to Florida. With the whole covid thing, the air included sounds interesting. Normally I book my own airfare for many reasons. 1. I enjoy it and 2. Sometimes we like to fly in earlier than normal to a port 3. SW sometimes is cheaper for us than booking with NCL. I am wondering how far in advance they fly you into the port?
  2. What if I book something with airfare? Can I remove the airfare prior to final payment? Anyone done this before?
  3. Do we get our $250 deposit back (whether it's cash or a cruise certificate) if we cancel before the 60 or 120 days? Or do we lose that amount upon cancellation?
  4. Prices went up since I checked on a cruise a couple of weeks ago. When to click the button..........
  5. Exactly! Set up a spreadsheet when narrowing down your choices and figure out the cost differences. That's what I started doing and NCL is always less money based on what items are important to me.
  6. My vote is for 11 days. We just did an 11 day and will never go back to a short 7 day especially if we have to fly somewhere to cruise.
  7. Blue Lagoon is an easy boat ride and is a good place to visit. I would definitely go back. I wasn't impressed with the meal though; basic buffet hamburger or hot dog. The only thing I enjoyed was the plantains. Pearl Island would have been my choice, bu our friends wanted to see dolphins so we choose Blue Lagoon. Would love to hear input regarding Blue vs Pearl.
  8. I know find that my dates and itinerary's take priority and the ship is just a bonus. I would rather be on a medium sized ship, but I am happy with whatever as long as the date and itinerary works!!!
  9. I have been on the Breakaway twice and Escape once. Both very similar in my opinion. I loved the 80's at H20 for the first two trips. Didn't get there the third trip. Howl at the Moon is a favorite and I really missed it when we went on the Jewel and they didn't have it! The Syd Norman's Pour House was fun too BUT it is just too small. Go at least a half hour before the event starts so 'maybe' you can get a seat. So many nights we had to skip it as there was no room. Loved all the shows on board including comedians and magicians. It's nice to see the restaurants follow the dress code. My husband was reminded to take his hat off in Savor/Taste. The only thing that really bothers me on the Breakaway is the lack of pool space. I have been on ships where the pool area is huge and the seating is all around it and sloped to lots of people can see the action and enjoy the sun. Oh and the Atrium area for game shows is way too small too. Never enough seats, so once again, go early! I don't ever recall seeing hot dog stands? I only noticed hot dogs in the buffet. And the bottom line is: A vacation is what you make it! Even if you miss a port or things don't go perfect, you are in charge of making your trip fun.
  10. If I were to bid and receive a Spa Balcony room with complimentary access to the Thermal Spa Suites, could I bring in a guest that is in a regular balcony room with me when I visit the thermal spa?
  11. No kids. We went with our young adult children and their wives/fiance/girlfriend and we were uncomfortable! We will go again on our next trip, but never with our kids again. LOL
  12. You can also check your bags at a nearby hotel and explore! We did that in New Orleans!
  13. We were there in Feb of 2018. I can't remember what day of the week. We just walked off the ship and had a taxi take us there. The water was beautiful. We got our day passes right at the door. The only thing I remember it including was a Star Bucks drink, chairs, use of the beach and restrooms/changing area. The places to sit were limited for day pass users and finding a chair in the shade was difficult at first. We sat in the wrong spot at first and we had to move. The security guy felt bad having to make us all move. We had someone in their 70's with us and the walking to find seats and not having shade right away was hard on her. The parts I loved the most was that there were no solicitors and the color of the water was so blue. The drawback was it was busy. That was my first trip to Nassau and I am glad we visited, but we will try another place in Nassau this next trip. No regrets, glad we went.
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